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Found 2 results

  1. I've noticed that those few doors that don't have barricades but just a simple lock on the door knob tend to be not worth locking. Such as the ones at Packanack lodge. He can break those doors down in one swing. Basically the same amount of time it takes for him to simply open it. What do you think? Just close it and run or take the time to lock it?
  2. I just had a thought. So you can lock the doors, right? And a symbol appears when you're near them that tells you that they're locked. Very useful for counselors so they don't check a cabin that's already been searched. However, why can Jason see that symbol when he approaches a new door? How about a tweak where Jason can only see the Door Locked symbol if he tries to open it once. Not only would that buy some valuable seconds for a counselor to escape, but it would help counselors trying to hide by not letting Jason know what room they've decided to hide in. At least not at first. Or, if there needs to be some balancing on it, nobody knows a door is locked unless they try it first. Would also be quite a frightening thing for a counselor trying to escape into a cabin only to find it's been locked by someone else. Just throwing that out there. Thoughts?
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