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Found 7 results

  1. I'm tired of having cheaters get to stay and I would have to leave because of them. The rooms often take forever to find and join. I think they should have kick, ban, and report options because it's ridiculous with how many jerks and cheaters are in the game. And make the connections better.
  2. So I came up with a solution on Jason helpers and I hope that someone can really bring it to the game. After constantly playing matches with Jason helpers I see how frustrating it can be for players. Well, you know when you press start in a game and it gives you an option to leave the game or mess with your settings? Well there should be an option labeled Players. When you click on this option it brings up the list of players the are currently in the same game as you. When you click on a players name it should give you an option to see their profile, mute them, or vote to kick them from the lobby. In order to kick a person from the game you would need at least 5 votes to kick them, that's more then half of the players in the lobby. If in a party, it does not effect the whole party but the people that were presumed cheating. Of course this wouldn't work if you join a lobby and there is a party of say six people but if all them people are cheating it's just safe to say that you are better of leaving, that lobby wasn't good for you in the first place. P.s. ~ The reason i added to mute a player is because you are not given that option as you are playing only before you start playing.
  3. Okay, I know people suggested this a ton, but is there any possible way that they'll add a vote-to-kick option in the lobby menu? I'm just asking this because of the Team Killing fix, now it's just filled with players trapping others in doorways, and it's highly annoying. The reason I say Lobby menu, instead of Mid-Game is well, it wouldn't be fair for the last guy who's hiding to be vote kicked, or people vote kicking Jason just to end the game and get "Easy XP." I just believe that a vote kick option would be best for the Lobby Menu, just so it balances the kicking system, and helps the community kick out toxic people, it's just that people are basically paying $40.00 for this game, and it's hard to enjoy with people like these who just troll, or exploits things in the game, such as exploiting the team killing fix to block doorways. If anyone get's any news of if this will ever be a thing, then please. Thanks!
  4. I don't want to sound like a cry baby or anything, but it gets really annoying when one person decides to ruins the fun of f13 by trolling you. When i say trolling i mean using glitches, shooting other conselours, and people who just being obnoxious. It would be nice to have the ablitity to kick other people out of your lobby if you are the host
  5. Just wondering, to all who have hosted private sessions have you ever had a glitcher in your game and how did you deal with it? In private matches as you are the host and there are no dedicated servers do you just quit and host a new game or let it ride out and kick glitcher at end of match? Would you sacrifice all yours and your teams xp to get rid of the glitcher or watch Jason get seriously annoyed for the next 15 minutes whilst you twiddle your thumbs.
  6. As most of you may have experienced, there have been a fair few people who decide to become inactive in the game you're currently in. One way to avoid this from clogging up time in game is to implement a feature where we can vote to kick player who have ONLY been idle for more than 2 minutes. This does not include that of hiding, this is of intentional AFC (away from controller) It would be a great addition to the games features since it will allow players to continue with their games a it out waiting an additional 10 or so minutes on a player who is not even there.
  7. So, I've been in a few matches of random people who've been eager to kill their teammates. Though, we can't do much about it other than leaving the game, and perhaps finding another game. But, do we really want to sit and wait for 10 minutes to find a match? Have the developers figured something out? Or even thought about this being an issue?
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