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Found 3 results

  1. Hey humans, i came here to share a funny event with u guys related to the game. I was playing with this guy, brazilian like me, and during the match he was accused of using Savini DLL. I remember him from the launch day, and at the time he kept asking me how i got my Savini, so clearly he never knew about the Savini Sales from kickstarter. Anyway, in response to the accusations he said to visit his profile on Steam, which would have a printscreen that proves that his Savinis is original. Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look, and this was the print: The funniest part is, if u look closely: I warned him about the detail in the corner of his desktop, so he'll probably delet it at any time. ?
  2. Took a break from the game and came back to it being more unplayable and laughable than ever. Here’s what happened in my grand homecoming match back to the game. As Jason, I turned off the power, trapped the phone three times, and trapped the box for people to call Tommy. Three of the four people I killed had pocket knives of course so I had to double kill those three, even tho I snatched them easily with strategy and shift+grab skill In the time it took to re-chase down and kill Vanessa and Chad of course, somewhere the remaining three counselors called Tommy and repaired the phone and called the cops. It’s getting to be where nothing Jason can do strategically can hinder the cops or Tommy being called. If people have the right perks they can kamikaze traps and end of unharmed. So instead of having three measly counselors to pick off—there should have only been one possible pocket knife remaining— yet three people were able to disarm/avoid three traps and end up unscathed. What an ideal and perfect scenario for these players. How the stars align every match these days for counselors! It’s always the best-case scenario. Four pocket knives found, plus Tommy’s and a buffet of health sprays So now I have to deal with Tommy who immediately comes after me and takes my mask off in ONE hit with a machete where otherwise I was hit only once previously with a wrench. Meanwhile across town... someone grabs the sweater so I know what’s going down. The remaining people were obviously communicating en masse in party chat while the rest of us in the lobby heard nothing. This irritation is another issue Anyway, so I morph to Deborah in the sweater who somehow has stamina for days and weeks and agility to avoid my grab like never before AND a pocket knife. Again, she has all the right perks and magically 4/5 people I pick up had pocket knives. So by the time I catch back up with her the remaining three are coming up ready to kill Jason. I morph away and they start hunting me. Jason is a complete joke now. Was I supposed to just stand there waiting for her to use the sweater and then kill me? No, I morphed away and the game instantly went from ridiculously unbalanced to an embarrassing joke. This is but a taste. So basically, when people with only a little knowledge of the game plays as the counselors together, all they have to do is utilize the built-in game mechanics to survive against incredible odds and nearly kill Jason. A skilled, high-level Jason who’s been playing for over a year on the other hand using his mechanics potentially struggles to kill counselors in a group or even individually if they have pocket knives or certain perks. Pocket knives make it so Jason has to re-catch counselors multiple times, and the over-availability of health sprays allows multiple targets to be blugened yet heal themselves sometimes twice or more if they have the right perks. How is this Friday the 13th again? Because if there’s a game based on the franchise this is not it. Counselors should have to outsmart Jason for a CHANCE to survive. Jason should not have to retreat to his shack and write about bullying on his Tumblr because every counselor he tried to kill conveniently had a pocket knife when he picked them up and health spray when he hacked at them. The original and ideal structure of this game—if it is supposed to be Friday the 13th— is that Jason is expected to kill all but one or two counselors. Those who survive do so by outsmarting and being resourceful and survive against the odds. Now, the game is the complete opposite: counselors are easily able to survive and only by their own misfortune do they die (getting spawn killed or by making multiple noises when repairing). Only by luck and absolute domination does Jason kill all the counselors (high level Jason vs newbs and bad players) Now we have the keys and gas in the same cabin and the battery next door. The fuse is in the first drawer in same house as the fuse box which someone spawned in. So again, how is this Friday the 13th? The player as Jason has to be up against a lobby of new players or mentally impaired players/little kids to get more than 4 or 5 kills. If the players are high level and/or skilled Jason is outmatched before it begins. That’s fucked up and incredibly foolish. I’ve given this game infinite chances at this point but it’s somewhere only gotten worse. How did the devs manage that? Well, they did. And before you even try it, no I didn’t search for a similar topic, no I don’t give a fuck about the rules, and yes I deleted the game from my system, never to be played again. I took a break from the game and came back but now I deleted the game. My brother also took his copy back to Target and got a store credit to buy another game. It’s not just me, there’s an entire movement of people who’ve had the game this whole year and are done with it. The empty promises, the lies about dedicated servers, the manipulative nerfing to appease new physical copy purchasers, the silence about game-compromising glitches. I’m done and the game is through. Over.
  3. Apart from every connection issue possible, the spawning mechanic has become egregious, and the amount of glitches has become insufferable. Counselors stuck underground, stuck in cars, stuck in the boat, stuck inside a window. Jason suddenly cant grab or attack, car parts won’t activate, weapons disappear. WTF is wrong with this game man??? I’ve submitted multiple reports and nothing happens. I can only guess that the amount of bugs being reported is astronomical. I’m trying to understand how it can deteriorate so lateafter a patch. This game finds a way. Match after match where new people enter the lobby and get to be Jason while others wait HOURS to be a Jason and when we finally do he glitches, the host quits, or the cops are somehow called within the first 30 seconds, REALLY??? How is a game possibly fun for anyone if the cops are called within moments of spawning? In no realm should the cops even be able to be called within the first 5 minutes. What gives? All this issues and this game is finally unplayable. Bottom line, it’s just not fun, and games are supposed to be fun, cut and dry. What is going to be done? Does anyone care?
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