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Found 3 results

  1. Helo everyone!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a Belgian who is way too hyped for this game and can't wait untill it releases although, I have respect for the developers their hard work and therefore shall have patience, because our patience shall be rewarded with this wonderful game. -WaffleAfflux
  3. so uh, i just Wanted to Introduce myself to the Friday 13th Community. (I'm sorry in advance, i always had a problem to determine when i use large or lower case letters) i don't even know how to begin, I'm 20 years old, i'm From Germany, and i can't really call myself a horror fan since i suffer from Nyctophobia (Fear of darkness) and i'm a bit ashamed to admit I've never even saw one of the Friday movies, that doesn't stop me from Liking the franchise and buying the game, i went as Jason last Halloween, and boy i got quite the story to tell. am i One of the Backers? sadly no, i'd wish i was however, i neither have a credit card or a Paypal account, so i can't pay, if i could however, i would, that's for sure. in the meantime, i get myself in the Jason mood by dressing my videogame characters up to look like Jason. now to my Halloween story, not that fancy, i dressed up as Jason, a simple white Hockey-mask, a plastic machete, dark shoes, pants, and shirt, and a pale-brown leather jacket. and off i went to the streets of my village, and walked straight to my local park, Which can be quite spooky at night, after i was (ironically enough) at the Parks Lake, i came across a group of teenagers, some walked a lot faster after they saw me, other said some crap like "Yeah, i also have a knife" i didn't care and walked straight at them, and Boy did they run and scream. i followed them a little bit before i walked straight into the woods when nobody looked, i bet they asked themselves where i went, some time later i wanted to go home, i came across another group of teenagers and they turned around the moment they saw and walked over the nearest bridge, the thing was, i also wanted to take that bridge, so i followed them too. when they saw me walking across it someone yelled "He's Coming!" and i believe they entered the next Bus they could catch to get away from me. (just in case, that bridge connected to a local bus station, so there were more than enough buses to take) once i was almost home, i came across a group of little kids going trick or treating, when, yet again, they saw me, one of the kids yelled "It's a Bad man!" and they all Ran away, one even lost her Phone. i was walking down the (from my perspective) left sidewalk, they all tried to sneak past me the right sidewalk, i slowly turned my head to their direction, and they Ran again. Guess i managed to Proof that Jason is Still Scary. and i didn't even need to scream or Jumpscare people, i simply kept quiet and walked up to people my holding my machete menacingly.
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