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Found 2 results

  1. This post is mainly Developer targeted, only reply for change suggestions. So I was thinking so as to shutdown the groups of 5-6 counselors stunning jason and running the timer .. why not give Jason "Beast Mode" a speed and grab boost (running speed , grab speed & recovery after missing grab) for each individual counselor that is within X range , that would prevent people from being close to each other. If that doesn't sounds like a good idea... add "Anxiety" pretty much counselors get anxious of being near jason and they run slower and fighting back is pretty much risky since they have little efficiency of hitting him (or stunning him)(I know that when near Jason counselors run slower but thats when they are alone). Now a also nice touch from Steam User: Krystalmouse (https://steamcommunity.com/id/krystalmouse) He thought of an effect called "Frozen in Fear" what is does is that pretty when a counselor is near Jason for more than 20-30 (length can be adjusted) he will freeze in fear meaning that they cant hit (fight back) Jason for 10-20 seconds (again length can be adjusted). After the effect has worn off the counselor is Immune to the effect for 20 seconds and has 10 seconds to get out the dedicated range (considered that he hasn't gotten out the dedicated range resulting to the effect getting activated once again). If the counselour hits Jason during his Immunity to the effects (while within range)he gets rewarded an extra amount of XP, "Bravery". Ranged weapons will only give 50% of "Bravery" XP. The effect doesn't affect the player that has worn the sweater while telling Jason to relax and sit down (whatever it is called...). Note that Tommy Jarvis is completely immune to any of these effects So there you go devs in my opinion both would work either together or seperate. Even together if made less effective would be nice , comment what you think below or suggest anything similar
  2. Hello, i want to ask why you guys ruined the animations? You know walking animations or anything like this was soooooo smooth before! Or like water particles also get ruined, and many other visuals has broken. Also even weapon droping! like in beta. You downgrade it for some reason, and im sad about it. I'd like to see it back. Also would be cool if you add settings such as FoV slider. From your fan, bitsy, not a real surprice tho.
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