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Found 2 results

  1. i love this game, dont get me wrong, but theres something not right in it. Jason its not scary because theres no hiding factor in the game at the moment and fight back its the only option. in a game like this, fight back should be the hardest option not the easiest. So i would really appreciate if sense gets completly reworked in a way that jason can no longer pinpoint where you are but just gets a tip of where you could be. i think jason its not a threat if hes chasing you, but only when hes shifting, so i would love to see a jason that can actually outrun counselors without needing teleports, replace shift with a sprint rush instead. and if you think that this will make chasing a car impossible i mean the car its supposed to be impossible to chase :\ you should focus on objective control instead. as a counselor i think that too much bullying and fighting back ruins the experience, from the jason prospective you just find someone with sense and try to grab him with your extremly embarrassing grab hitbox before he hits you and you get stunned for 20 seconds, is it fun? no. i tried in a private match to toggle off the music and jason couldnt use sense, that was intense and funny as fuck! :D and also the fear system its cancer, if you are being chased by jason you cant enjoy it because your screen colors start becoming purple its not funny its annoying, try to watch being chased by jason at 0 fear and then try to being chased at 100 fear, you cant even see a color, how am i supposed to feel scary if i cant see colors? its not enjoyable. jason should be a chaser, not a teleporting snail, Gun rework your chasing, sense and fear system because its trash, comment your ideas below if you like!
  2. Is there any way we can have the player name display bigger? It is so hard to read the player’s name even when they are standing right in front of me. If they are speaking, it’s easier to tell since I can look at the scoreboard. But it is so tough trying to squint my eyes to see who is who. Just me or....?
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