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Found 2 results

  1. I've seen it brought up a lot and I'm curious if the team has actually said anything about if the upcoming engine upgrade will help in fixing the weapon hitboxes, and hopefully fix the entirety of windows period. The Jason 7 buff is a nice change too even if I think he should have +morph instead of +sense now because three traps and no run coupled with his soon to be neutral shift and morph just make him a weaker Jason 3. This came to mind again while thinking about the hitboxes because even Jason 7 has wonky hitboxes which is just another thing that hinders him as of now. Though it's an issue with every Jason especially 6 whose longer weapon reach doesn't seem that long at all.
  2. I have noticed that whenever two players melee or activate any type of attacking animation, their hitbox is gone until that animation is completed. As an example: If a counciler shoots Jason with a shotgun during the animation of him swinging his machete, he will not get stunned or take damage. The shot will simply pass through him. This allow applies to councilers as well. Let's say I'm Jason and a counciler goes to swing at me with a frying pan. If i swing my machete at them at the same time, neither of us will be harmed or even stunned by the attacks. Same applies to counciler vs counciler attacks (which also i have noticed sometimes when attacking a counciler [Let's say for self-defence or for fun in Private Matches] some hits wont register in general.) Is this a bug or is this supposed to be the way it is?
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