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Found 4 results

  1. I would like to see a feature added into the game to help prevent spectators from telling Jason where councilors are hiding. I think that a good solution to this is "eyes closed when hiding". This makes it to where spectators only see a black screen when viewing councilors who are hiding. No more "under the bed view" or "peep hole view" for already dead/escaped/newly added players, thus preventing an "ally" giving Jason clues like "Okay, you are in the right cabin. I can see you. They are hiding under the bed." This isn't a far fetched idea, as we see many Crystal Lake Councilors shut their eyes while hiding (and hoping to survive) in the films.
  2. Although it is a strategy, I think it needs tweaking a bit. After having many turtle matches due to people hiding in one spot the whole time (both playing as Jason and a fellow counselor), I think the solution is to always have the fear meter go up if you're hiding in the same spot for a certain amount of time. If your strategy is to hide the whole time, this will at least make them hide in a different spot once in a while. Hiding somewhere never prevented the counselors to be less afraid in the movies. I think this way, it would not only allow for the strategy to continue but would also encourage being engaged in a match more. Sure, hiding for the match is a good thing to do while eating pizza etc. but its not much fun for anyone else. Even spectating I really enjoy seeing the chase, close calls, the narrow escapes or even the escape fails. Just a thought.
  3. I've been found by a Jason while hiding inside a tent. No, not because he walked past me and heard me. He teleported right towards me from pretty much the other side of the map. Now, I can't tell if a traitor gave me away since I was the last man standing, but in general I found it inevitable to find hiding counselors as Jason. You can't even walk past their bed/closet without hearing a "HHRUUUGHH!!!!" that makes you think a rocket is starting right next to you. So, I'd not only regulate down their general noise inside hiding spots, but also give them bigger lungs OR a silent breathing mode creating few noise and using up your "hold breath" bar slower. If making them more silent is too much, do it that way: The longer Jason stands still next to their hideout, the louder he should hear them in there. This helps staying secret when he's just passing through. About markers: You should not be marked by sense while hiding outside a building (e.g. in a tent) unless Jason is in closer proximity (5 metred?), no matter your fear level in order to actually allow for it to be a viable escape tactic - since there is almost no escape from an undistracted Jason as of right now. (Yet remember that he can see you getting into those spots, depending on the situation) The "Please don't see me"s and other variants, though, are just fine since they're meant to give you away.
  4. Playing as counselors is very strategic, but they lack common sense in terms of trying to avoid Jason. For example, I was playing as AJ and was being lurked on by Jason. I swiftly went into a dresser and hid there, and as soon as she saw Jason she said "Oh jesus!" and Jason heard me. AJ has decent composure and stealth, yet she made it painfully obvious where she was hiding as soon as she entered the dresser. Or another example, I can be hiding in the second floor of the higgins house in the far left corner, and my counselor does not have sight of Jason the slightest. As soon as Jason enters the house, the counselor screams and alerts Jason of their whereabouts. It's like the counselor has x-ray vision and see's Jason even if the player doesn't. I don't know if that is a bug, or a mechanic of the game... but it is very annoying when you're trying to be sneaky and the counselor screams into an empty room to something that they can't even physically see.
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