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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to see a feature added into the game to help prevent spectators from telling Jason where councilors are hiding. I think that a good solution to this is "eyes closed when hiding". This makes it to where spectators only see a black screen when viewing councilors who are hiding. No more "under the bed view" or "peep hole view" for already dead/escaped/newly added players, thus preventing an "ally" giving Jason clues like "Okay, you are in the right cabin. I can see you. They are hiding under the bed." This isn't a far fetched idea, as we see many Crystal Lake Councilors shut their eyes while hiding (and hoping to survive) in the films.
  2. Do I need to start submitting names and screen caps of people helping Jason, also Jasons that are colluding with counselors in public matches? If I stay in a public lobby for at least two matches I can spot friends who leave their buddys to the end or walk right past them to chase other counselors. I've also seen Jason letting the same counselor hit him with multiple weapons while he just stands there. Another tell is the fact that there's no communication in game chat but clear communication in party chat. It's getting to be where meticulously coordinated private matches are the only way to enjoy the game. It's still taking upwards of 8-10 minutes to get s game going to see friends messing around while everyone else has to sit and watch. I'm getting really sick of seeing Jason walk past and do circles around counselor's and come after me. What can we do about this?
  3. Call me out for generalizing if you want. I dont mind you doing it because I hate when others do it too. But I'm nevertheless gonna make this post because I'm so unfathomly sick and tired of these russian hackers and teamed up scummy players that ghost the ENTIRE couselor team, afk with parts for the boat or car, whilst telling the Jason player if someone comes near the vehicles. And if it ain't that, its teamkilling or otherwise sabotage. Does this happen with players of other nationality too? Of course. But its like every single god damn match when russians are present. I dont want to get into a debate about the cultural cheating aspect of Russians themselves. Thats a psychological discussion of which isn't appropriate here. What I'll say is this. I dont want this game to be turned into a CS GO Rush B Cyka Blyat fest of of scumbag players that dont care about anything but to troll and waste players time. Please... region lock Russia. We have no ban system. We have no kick system. We have absolutely NOTHING to prevent this kind of scumbag behavior. I've checked several accounts so far. One being Commander Dolan. Check him out yourself and his friend with a russian name that I cannot type. They got multiple vac bans, yet dont give a remote damn. Does this mean all russians are like this? Nope. Of course not. But in gaming its no secret after the laugh factory that is CS GO or Dota have been hit hard by their presence. My post doesn't contain any statistical facts. Only my experience over the years, and now in this game as well. I am sick and tired of russians that cheat, scam and exploit. And its like its a joke to them. All I have is my experience. Most russians I play with violate the rules one way or the other. All is takes is a simple name search on Steam and boom. You realize the jason russian is teamed up with the 2 counselors that just beat the living shit outta you to slow you down. Or even more annoying, smiling at you as jason tore your head off, just as you arrived with the gas for the boat, seeing the russian friend was holding the propeler, waving as I got murdered. I care about this game. I dont want it to turn into some hacker haven, russian fest where nobody takes anything serious. That nation has a problem with cheating in its very culture. Be it sports, gaming, Hell even the olympics. Final words: This is a rant. I dont expect a region lock to ever happen, but I can hope at least. Share your thoughts. Let me know if this happened to you too.
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