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Found 4 results

  1. hello, My name is ConnectTheKings and I run a discord with quite a few Friday players and fans. I host a "hardcore mode" lobby every weekend from 7:00PM to 10:00PM EST. We are a PC platform based community. We take hardcore seriously and try and immerse ourselves as best as possible. If you are interested in playing, just go ahead and click the discord link below! https://discord.gg/T2jnNqM Here are the basic rules and regulations: (for more information see our special tab in the discord) Rules: Gamma is 1.75 or as close as you can get to it. Music is to be TURNED COMPLETELY OFF! If you want you can cover the minimap for extra immersion. Tommy and jenny are the only people who can guard for repairs. only one pocket knife per counselor MAX. You may use any perks on any counselor. If you fail to follow the rules and regulations you will be subject to a review and subsequent vote to ban/kick. COUNSELOR REPAIRS: Phone Box: Lachappa & Deborah Power: La Chappa & Deborah Kenny & Adam Cars battery: Tommy & Adam & Fox & Mitchell Cars Gas: Anyone JASON HUNT MECHANICS: hero girls: Jenny, AJ, Victoria. (one person per game) The person playing as the hero girl and tommy must first get together and then convince EVERY COUNSELOR alive to fight jason with them. If a single counselor decides it's too dangerous, the hunt is a no go, period. Jason's mask MUST be in the hero girls hands to start the hunt. JUKES & COUNSELOR GAMEPLAY: Counselors may only communicate using in game walkies and in game audio. Counselors may only call in tommy jarvis if they have encountered jason. Sprint and jukes: you may sprint for up to one quarter of your stamina bar. If you are Buggzy or Vanessa you may sprint for up to half of your stamina bar. But afterwards you must FULLY RECOVER before sprinting again. No epic juking (no daisy chain stuns or "VCR" Jukes) {Proper Juking guideline can be found in the discord } once you decide to enter OR leave a cabin it is a permanent choice. (no window looping) Furniture loops are allowed a max of two times. Act as Humanly as possible, obviously this is not RP so don't overdue the shit. JASON GAMEPLAY: Gameplay should be way more relaxed, be creative with kills. USE STALK OFTEN. jump scare as much as possible. set your own match clock so you can keep track of the time. gamma can be as high as you need. Traps may only be placed on phone box and on power boxes. cars are to remain untouched. you may trap the driver side door if the car battery is repaired but the counselors have failed to leave yet. See you in the discord, and I can't wait to meet the real hardcore fans out there!
  2. Hey all, I've been a player since day 1. Thoroughly enjoyed the game. However I'm now at the point where Jason doesn't scare me when he appears, there isn't that fear that something I've just done will mean he may see/hear me. Because I find myself constantly checking my map and I know theres a window on a house just on my right that I can run to.. etc I've seen similar ideas, as much respect as I have to Gun Media etc let's keep it basic, the guys are obviously working on some more content, so huge changes to game modes may be a bit much of an ask? And things do take a long time to release. These are simple and possibly easier to roll out? I basically find myself involuntarily map watching, so I keep my eye on the map knowing that if I 'head in this direction' I'll eventually reach that house, sometimes without looking at the game itself until I'm pretty much there. This forest may look creepy and dark, but I'm not even paying attention really "just follow that road on the map" These, to me, seem like all very basic HUD edits and disables etc, so surely should be pretty easy to implement? It's pretty much a 'hardcore' version. NO HUD MAP : What I envisioned is that what would it bring to the game if there was no HUD map enabled at all? Yes, you could say 'Chris just don't look at the fucking map then!' but as easy as that is to say, you just can't help but look, because it's there. I think it will bring back that excitement and fear that I first felt when I started playing the game, thinking is Jason near? Will he find me? Nope, because I can see on my map that hes on the complete opposite end smashing someone elses head in.. I thought what if you had to rely on wondering around in the dark not knowing where you were heading apart from using certain areas as a reference.. is that a house in the distance? Yes, head over there! (you get my point). Gotta get through these woods though, it's dark, he could be anywhere... It would also be pretty relieving to bump into another counsellor, it may give people much more of an incentive to stick together because we pretty much don't know where anyone else is. Will reduce Jason gang banging which is seriously annoying (but also fun?!) as it will be harder to find eachother. NO JASON VICINITY MUSIC / PERMANENT STALK I believe you can disable this for yourself in the menu, but it's just not the same if it's not happening for everyone. I think it would be awesome if you had no idea if he was close he was, and you're in a building and all of a sudden he appears at the window, then walks off and you have no idea what window he's gone to next! Maybe just the ki ki ki ma ma ma if he's quite close. That might be cool. NO HUD MAP FOR JASON It might be a bit too overkill if Jason has a map and counsellors don't. Not sure on this one? These are literally a couple of very simple changes but I think they could have a drastic effect on the game in a new mode, bringing back a bit more excitement to it. Shoot me down if you want, but I'm just a fan with some ideas. Just thought these would be pretty cool without the guys having to do 'too much work' on implementing it as its all already there..
  3. Hey everyone, Just petitioning people to share their Steam name with me so that perhaps we can get a private match happening. I prefer an immersive style of play - ground rules = NO costumes or emotes, and Jason can't shift. Respond with your name if this takes your fancy and I'll add you. P
  4. With either of the following features - No music when Jason is nearby (It kills the surprise IMO) - You aren't able to see who's still alive or not. Clueless if anyone is there to help you - No/Smaller mini map (unless you obtain a real map) I think these would add to the suspense This would also add variety to the game which is key to keeping players coming up (I posted this on the friday subreddit before I realize the game had an official forum)
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