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Found 2 results

  1. A severe break in gameplay has been found and exploited by people who'd prefer to cheat rather than play. Some folks have found that by holding a one handed weapon and hitting "combat stance" in combination with sprint (or tapping combat stance repeatedly) the councellor will make the very slow steps of the combat stance, but move FASTER than Jason's Shift, without any penalty to stamina loss. Videos are near impossible to find lest people be outed as cheaters, but it makes them virtually impossible to catch or damage as even when they are at death's door and "holding their arm", they can still just "hover" away at mach speeds. Be wary if you find someone doing this, write down their steam name and, if possible, record them doing it and report it here ASAP. It's NO fun as even the throwing knives can't hit them since they twitch all over the place. I was even using the Savini jason, the one with super speed/regen Shift and I wasted 7 minutes trying to catch/hit the last counselor to no avail. That's not fun.
  2. So I was just in a game playing as jason and i ran into a player that was using an exploit to glitch his way onto a cabin roof. I searched the entire cabin for him until time ran out and another player told me that the following player used said exploit. Also in the game i noticed a lot of the players had pocket knives, and usually high amount of them in fact. I'm not sure if this is because of hacking or if i was just unlucky, but I felt i should point it out. I included the player that was using the exploit in case the devs want to anything to punish the player because, to be blunt, f**k that guy :/ my steam account DxDiag.txt
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