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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, In the summer of 2020, the official servers were hacked in the game. The servers were hacked due to hackers who blocked player profiles on the servers using programs. Unfortunately, me and my teammates got hit by hackers and were blocked from the game too. We cannot log into our F13 accounts. When we enter the game, we click "connect", the connection is in progress and we get the error "Database login failure". We wrote wherever we could, but we always heard "we're investigating it". We also created a topic on the forum, where we got the same answers as then "we're investigating". It will soon be a year from the moment when we cannot log into our accounts. So far, we have not received any help. @mattshotcha I don't understand, is it so difficult for your team to check our accounts and solve the problem? We are tired of your silence about this!
  2. Greetings! First of all, we were all upset after hearing the latest patch news, but there are some things left to talk about. (This issue is a problem experienced only by pc gamers, but I would appreciate it if you read it anyway.) Most people have heard that hackers have removed the perks and skills of others. This first happened on March 19, 2020 and I am one of the first to experience it. We have submitted this issue to the JKB many times as a report, but the issue still exists. Hackers somehow managed to infiltrate the server. When I write this to you, they are removing my friend's perks. Ok, this is not about this situation. To us (to reporters) hackers have denied access to the game (after the patch in July). When we enter the game and we are connected to the account, we get a "Database login failure" error. We have already sent tickets to JKB many times, but nothing happened after 4 months since our accounts were hacked. I attached the video with proofs of the "Database login failure" error. Also, soon my friends (reporters) will also attach their videos here about the Database login failure error. We found out how they did it, but we'll never share it. That's why we are so sure that our accounts have been hacked and that only the reporters have been hacked. Please take this problem seriously and I ask you to solve it. Best Regards, Abadon. Video:
  3. During finishing a round of Friday The 13th, and spectating other players. I have observed a new glitch. A player would have a melee weapon (the one they used specifically was a baseball bat). Each time the players would swing it would glitch them and transport them to another part of the map. I see this as un-fair and it drags the game out for a extended amount of time, after everyone’s dead and they are still glitching. The gamer tags of the players participating are listed below. Thank you. @WreckedDreams- @WreckedHeart-
  4. If this "Macro Key Hackers" don't be fixed with this new patch, Salt Mines will be my home. If i grab someone, and this person escapes instantly, my quit will be instantaneous as well, and i just don't care Only today, I played 5 games against these hackers, after a while I gave up and closed the game. Has anyone else been dealing with these hackers too? Is this frequent?
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