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Found 8 results

  1. During finishing a round of Friday The 13th, and spectating other players. I have observed a new glitch. A player would have a melee weapon (the one they used specifically was a baseball bat). Each time the players would swing it would glitch them and transport them to another part of the map. I see this as un-fair and it drags the game out for a extended amount of time, after everyone’s dead and they are still glitching. The gamer tags of the players participating are listed below. Thank you. @WreckedDreams- @WreckedHeart-
  2. Read the title, i probably wont use just wanna know,
  3. Okay, there's something that has bothered me a lot in the last few days. So i'll vent a little with u guys I'm one of the players who legitimately own Jason Savini, like most of u guys i made the donation trough Kickstarter. It turns out that, in the last few days i'm feeling uncomfortable playing as Savini. When i enter in a lobby, people call me Hacker or try to discourage me playing as Savini saying that he is OP and only noobs choose him. There's any way that i can prove that i'm not a Hacker? Other than sending them a printscreen of my purchase? Is that really necessary? Regarding the "OP", it wouldn't be better to let Savini visible to everyone, so they have the possibility to analyze that Savini isn't strong as it seems? Another thing, are those toxic and ignorance reactions liable to punishment? I mean, are those enough reasons for report anyone? Sorry about this guys, i'm just taking off a weight of my shoulders And i would like to know if anyone else goes trough this and how to deal with it.
  4. So I just accidentally came across a cloning glitch... I have no idea how it ended up happening, but thought I should post so the devs could fix it before it gets abused. (I couldn't find anything when I searched cloning, glitch, or hack, so I assume this is the first time it's being mentioned) I was playing as Deborah and I got the battery and repaired the car. I noticed that Deborah still looked as if she was carrying the battery, but it was invisible. So I grabbed a weapon and it spawned a new battery. I laughed and repaired the other car for fun 'cause I figured it'd be a one time thing. Anyways, I found the gas and the same thing happened. Not sure how or why this happened.
  5. So I was playing with guy as Jason and he could infinitely run and break fence on the way. Please do something with this Heres you guys can be the judge. Hope u guys not meet this kinda player in any match
  6. Facebook Group Join Below and follow the link provided to keep in touch with us. Friday the 13th: The Game Exploiting Exploiters. CLICK HERE WE BASICALLY HAVE VIDEOS,PHOTOS AND ALL KINDS IF EVIDENCE OF PLAYERS ABUSING THE SYSTEM AND WE USE THEM TO PUT YOU ON BLAST SO OTHER PLAYERS ARE AWARE. Thanks for reading and remember to follow for all things F13th and ElmStreetGame REMEMBER Freddy is coming to next Gen's!
  7. Hello guys, I just saw a person playing as tommy jarvis straight away in a new game (even in lobby his character is jarvis). Please ban him. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5W3MfdFZxVjNG9PY2Ryb21XLTg And to anyone who read this, please post it to the steam forum as well, to make the devs fix the exploit quicker and also ban the exploit user sooner. (I can't post any new topic there because "steam level 0" ???) Thanks
  8. Hi all, just had a public match where i encountered a hacker who flew around in the map and was able to pick up a machete. Everyone else were dead, leaving Jason and this counselor as we had to wait for the match to end
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