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Found 1 result

  1. This is a list of characters, skins, I think would make this game great especially since this game is fun enough that I feel other slashers are missing out not being here, I may talk about game-mechanics in my first post, it will only be light though as I am busy at the moment, and I wish to talk more about it in a 2nd or 3rd post, or so on. *First off, I feel a great new Jason should be "Stanley Decker, the Chainsaw Maniac" He is a frighting Jason knockoff from Lucasarts Entertainment / Konami game called "ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS!!!" What he brings to the table is that he will cut the table in half, along with anything else, nearly instantly with a chain saw, and I feel his gameplay should reflect that. He gets no rage, and his detection abilities are reduced, while the Consular abilities to detect him is increased via the Chain Saw, His hits are one hit KOs, no doors, including barricades, can take damage from the Chainsaw, its a couple seconded ko against any destroable object, His exclusive weapon fatalities should obviously be horrifying gory LOL Oh and the music that plays when he is in eye sight of a consular is this, heck maybe make a dlc level based on this hedge maze! The two new Consualrs you would get are these two, Zeke and Julie, I have no idea what there attributes would be. Next I think it would be ultra sweet to have the "Valentine Killer" from "My Bloody Valentine" He can fight a lot like Jason pt 2, with one major Difference, and I commend the people that made this movie, because most the popular slashers don't do what the Valentine Killer does, if he loses his Pix axe, or if someone Runs to far ahead of him, he just uses a Gun. He has a Colt Trooper pistol instead of the throwing knives, its a type of 357 Magnum with a six round capacity. So he, Tom J. Hanniger aka the Valentine Killer, starts with the 357 Magnum with all six rounds, he has zero way to get more ammo, it should be able to 1-2 hit ko anyone in the game, and if fired at cars and boats it forces the person to have to restart the Car, while the boat is perma gone. He should have noway to travel in water, and if he does, he is exactly like a consular. Maybe he should have the ability to kill the police if someone summons them to escape, but only if he uses 2-6 rounds from his pistol. One exclusive Fatality for him should be his most signature kills, he uses a pick axe to pick out his enemies heart, and then he puts it in a heart shaped chocolate box, even better if the box says " <3 Gun" on it lol Consular s should be based on the two survivors of the latest movie. Maybe add body armor as an item, along with miner masks (removes holding breath requirements when hiding) also maybe add coll mine smear features option to existing consulars. Next I think we should have "FREDDY KRUGER" These two shared a movie or two after all... And some comics! I think he should have a harder time getting through obsitcals, BUT, instead of having the Stalker ability, I think he should have Nightmare Mode, in it, if they are in it, they are in a fake Reality that may or may not have a bunch of fake Freddie's, and theres a chance that thought the character maybe running through building and what not, that they are really just running into a tree, ether way, what I am trying to say is that what they are seeing and experiencing, including going into buildings, is not real and they are vulnerable to attack. Also he should have an alternate skin and music based on his nes puke appearance lol Speaking of Multiple appearances in other stories... EVIL DEAD We should get "Possessed Ash," the three series have intertwined, Freddies gloves in Evil Dead 2, The Necronomican was in a Jason movie, and in Freddy vs Jason, they supposedly enter the Evil Dead cabin at the end of the movie. They also had a crossover comic from dynamite comics with Ash finally defeating them, there was a movie planed but Bruce Campbell only agreed to be in it if Ash could permanently kill Freddy and Jason, which in my opinion should happen as the original constitutes will not really ever be visited again. He should have a longer morph time, with sound effects like in scenes from the movie similar too the morph time Also allow him to harm and kill people in morph, and even damage vehicles, to off set this, make him slow and weak when not in morph. OH AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD THE EVIL DEAD CABIN AND SURROUNDING AREAS, SINCE THE EVIL DEAD GAMES ARE CANON, USE "HAIL TO THE KINGS" MAP AS A BASE OF HOW THE ADD-ON SHOULD BE. The in this we need a special camp consular, it will be the professors daughter, she shouldn't be much different than other consular except for one major difference, she will summon ASH Cookies for anyone that saw Freddy Krugers glove over the door in the scenes. Just like the other character that can be summoned into the game to kill Jason, Ash can be summoned into the game to kill any monster the characters are playing as. His Chainsaw should work just like how I think it would work if Jason had it, in my list of ideas, and Ash should have a much more powerful Shotgun, that has two shots, but is also much more closer range. Just like the players playing as Jason or so on, he should have the ability to have like 4 different fatalities he can preform, mostly with his Chainsaw, but also with the shotgun and maybe using the Necronomicon. Heres videos for ideas for fatailites. I regret that I must go, and so there will be another post.
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