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Found 4 results

  1. I get that the devs probably don't want to deal with the likely hassles of Jason getting stuck inside objects after executing a kill up against an object, like a tree or a car or a wall, etc. I also think obviously they want you to be able to see the kills. The problem is this is the reason why you see so much choke/decapatation spam kills. Cuz they require the least amount of room and the least amount of time before stunathon. I play without those two kills on all my Jasons, but its quite clear most of the other kills require too much room IMO. Scenario from last night... Lame Packanack Small. That lame car down by the water. Every single time I wanted to execute a grab kill on a mostly army of lame ass Vanessas. Between the car and the trees and uneven surface and the obvious stun. I literally could not execute ANY of my grab kills as Part 7. Doesn't matter if you do a circle or move away from counselors, if your surrounded or near objects, you can't execute the kills you want. I couldn't count how many times I could've had easy kills if it weren't for not enough space. Now don't get me wrong, I got 6/8 after one person left everybody behind with the 4 seater and they failed to kill me or call the cops, so why complain? When you are unable to execute kills based on space, its frustratingly stupid. Especially when you evade some stuns giving you the window to execute kills and you can't and by that time...surprise stun/counselor free. I wish the devs would make grab kills less space sensitive. I should be able to execute a kill up against a tree or car or surrounded by counselors. Figure out a way to prevent any potential issues of clipping/getting stuck in objects and make kills less space sensitive. Especially since Swift Attacker/Medic/Thick Skin spammers make non Weapon Strength Jasons meleeing through crowds of counselors a really pointless ideal to kill with. Even with less pocket knives, you still have things like space working against Jason. On top of the melee detection of course. Makes me worry how much space will be needed for any sort of multi kill. The devs will probably be like 'see...the multi kill you wanted!' but then the players will realize you need a football field worth of space to perform it.
  2. Instead of being able to chain grab counselors, or spam grab. Maybe make a cool down on the grab it self? or even the kills, and make them go for environmental kills more often. I know that may seem dumb, but I find it really boring when you get the people who just spam choke people. Especially right at the start of the game and there is really no way to escape without a pocket knife. So a couple ways to improve the grab could be; - Cool down on grab - Need to hit a certain point of rage (like half full bar) to use the grab kills - Need to do a certain amount of environmental kills to use a grab kill I just think it would make the game more interesting and last a bit longer. People will say "No that would make it to hard" But I've had games where I've only used environmental kills and no grab kills. Just gives the counselors a chance to actually enjoy the game rather than just get asphyxiated every game.
  3. Would it be possible in the current build of the game (with some tweaks and adjustments) to add the option for Jason to have more kills to select during a match? I believe in theory it could work if during a grab, Jason held L1 (or the equivalent on whichever platform) to bring up four more kills to use (just like when activating an ability when not holding a counselor).
  4. I am unable to purchase the Jaw Rip grab kill. I have plenty of CP, but each time I try to purchase I get the error "An error has occurred with your purchase." I did a quick search and didn't see anyone else reporting an issue with this so I thought I'd speak up. I have closed and restarted the game and even rebooted my console and still get the same result. Anyone else getting this?
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