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Found 6 results

  1. I've noticed that people are still able to glitch on top of the Packanack Lodge. I only play the PS4 version so I don't know about Xbox One or the Steam version. Anyways, I've been seeing people glitch on top of the roof of the lodge or glitching onto the balcony of the Jarvis residence. I was in a Jason match earlier and this Mitch was standing right next to the window that's in front of the balcony. I grabbed him, he had a pocket knife and glitched through the wall. I couldn't get him with very many throwing knives cause he would try to avoid him. He basically ruined the match and just wasted time, all because he didn't want to play the game like he should've by trying to escape and helping the other counselors. It was very annoying to say the least and it's completely unfair to Jason and even other counselors who don't want to deal with time wasters. I would've left sooner in that match but I wanted to see if I could get him. I was unsuccessful but these wall glitches really need to be fixed. I hope it was unintentional for the guy but it was still annoying nonetheless. Next time it happens, I'm just leaving right off the bat because I'm not dealing with people who think it's clever to break the game to avoid getting killed rather than use actual skill. On another note, I was playing with my friend last night on Packanack and he was Jason. We were in a public match and there were probably about 2 or 3 people trying to glitch themselves on top of the roof, so I had to help kill them even though I don't ever help Jason unless people are ruining the game for others. Like I get it, glitches are cool sometimes and even fun to experiment with, but shouldn't be used in public matches like this. This game needs more patching but that may take a while. I'm fine with waiting. So the next time sometime tries glitching through the wall in Jarvis Residence, I'll just slash them to death.
  2. I usually write these kind of posts in existing threads, but they're longer than most and probably go over people's heads a bit. Which is understandable, so hopefully making this its own thread will get some more discussion going. I really just want to see what people think, so I hope you guys take the time to read it and share your thoughts. Current Approach I don't think the current approach being taken towards game-breaking problems is enough. I feel it doesn't focus on the causes of the problems, but rather the effects. Because for every exploit that's fixed, and for every player that's banned, a new one will show up. And the process requires constant effort on the devs' behalf and ours, which isn't ideal or realistic. The TOS isn't enough to keep offending players at bay, and you have no idea how many of them there could be. This is something you have to realise and consider whether it is worth keeping the game the way it is, in return for also keeping the reasons for its decline. Real solutions need to be designed into the game, so that it can better maintain balance on its own without absolute need for supervision. So with that said, I'm talking about map glitching in this post. I also have ideas on team killing, players working with Jason and other issues, but I'll see how this goes first. Solution to Map Glitching Change the win conditions so that you cannot win by timeout. Counselors must escape the map, or kill Jason, to survive. My thinking is that making this one change will contribute to stopping this problem and a few others, and encourage a more legitimate playing style. As a side note, this would actually be truer to the movies if you think about it, which makes sense for a game that draws so heavily from them. It would also up the tension and bring some fear back to the game, which is now largely lost due to high-level counselors easily taking advantage of Jason. But I digress. Map Glitching is a direct result of the game allowing you to win by simply staying alive. Because if Jason can't access where you are, that is a guaranteed win. Which is the reason why players were motivated to glitch in the first place, and why they will continue to hunt for new areas and new methods of glitching post-patches. Players could still do it temporarily for other purposes, but at some point they must get out in the open, and whether or not they run into Jason, if they don't escape then it counts as a kill for him. Additionally, this would also discourage tactics such as looping exploits, hiding the entire match, blocking entrances off with cars, whatever else people are doing or will think of in the future. While it's not against the rules, it's definitely not playing as intended either. Things like these continue to cause frustration and disband lobbies as a result. Such tactics would now take away the time for you to work towards an escape, rather than enable you to win by stalling for time. It would also encourage more players to work together to complete objectives, which would be mandatory to win. Of course if the cops are called, everyone can just sneak out. And that's okay, because you're still actively playing as intended and you can still fail. But just as you should not be able to hide anywhere Jason can't access, you should also not be able to infinitely loop around Jason, or do nothing at all and still have a chance at winning (even if it's small). Questions Q: What does it matter if someone glitches and waits till timeout, or till their buddies have finished completing an objective? A: It matters. Jason will always have a chance, because counselors will always need to escape the map at some point or take him on. It's not a complete solution, but it's a strong step in the right direction. It's not just about punishing the glitcher, but alleviating the frustration of the Jason player, because they could now walk away knowing the glitcher is just delaying the inevitable. For griefers, their main purpose is to get a reaction out of other players, so minimizing the impact of their actions would be taking away a lot from them. Q: But can't this also punish normal players who were simply unlucky? A: Of course I have considered that. Sometimes you do just end up in a bad situation, with no weapons, no items, you're the last one left and and Jason is on your tail. So with that in mind, perhaps this solution could include some upgrades for the counselors to lessen the blow, or some form of increasing their chances. But I think that's a topic for another post. The core idea here is to get everyone playing legitimately, not just subtracting people from the player base. Q: Why would other solutions, such as death in out-of-bounds map areas, not be enough? A: This is something I have read about before and might even be implemented. But again, it is fixing one effect of the cause, and I don't believe it can account for all instances of it in one swift move. This game is not exempt from the issue that all others face, which is a portion of the player base always looking for new methods to cheat, and sharing it for all others to use. And like other games, the probability is high that players will find another way. In this case, another way to abuse the condition of survival by timeout. That is the overarching problem. But take that condition away, and they cannot abuse it in any form. Conclusion Sometimes real solutions require bold changes. I think this could be a simple and elegant start to one, and it's justifiable considering what the game has and will continue to go through if the causes of its problems remain unchecked. Players can and usually do find ways to break the game's environment, but not its conditions of winning. I'll be the first to say there might be things I haven't considered, but there's only so much I can think of in the moment. I know people are passionate about the game, and I'm open to criticism. All I ask is you keep it constructive. Thanks for reading.
  3. So I've noticed that despite this games faults the biggest thing that ruins the game is trolls and cheaters. I apreciate all the work that has been put into this game and honest even with the goofy glitchest this game is original and awesome.....atleast until people come and ruin it....but I have a solution....Vote kick and or public rooms. Now i realize that this is mainly a console issue as im sure pc has this already via steam. This really doesn't take much explanation if you added a vote kick we could systematic remove these people ruining the game. Also I don't know why games all of a sudden rely on match making...what ever happen to public hosting? Then you could just give the host the power to kick and it's done. This is the most simple and easy way to eliminate these issues with exploiting and people who just want to troll people or team up. Thank you for your hard work.
  4. There is a glitch ingame in the Pacanack Lodge, where a player can go to a room and crouch enough times where he can go through the walls of the room on to the roof of the lodge. I love this game but this glitch makes it hard to kill them if I were to play as Jason
  5. Everyone in the lobby was having a great time, Jason was having fun and laughing along while killing people. Then this glitcher came along named Bigjohn359. He was the last one left in the game and he literally waited the entire match out which irritated everyone in the lobby with headsets on. Please do something about this, it really does ruin the game and people like this who do glitches in a game that is designed purely for fun should be removed.
  6. When playing as Jason, I was doing the norm, trying to kill everyone. When trying to find the last counselor, I used my sense abilty to locates where he was. The Packanack lodge was highlighted red so I searched the house throughly. But then I heard something coming from on top of the house. I saw the last counselor standing on top of the roof. I tried jilling him with throwing knives but failed. His PSN name was 'nickjohnsono'.
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