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Found 7 results

  1. Hi so this started 2 days ago but I can hear people in game chat and they can't hear me. But when I talk in game chat my Mic symbol lights up. It only happens on Friday were people cant hear me. All my other games work with game chat and my party chat works. I restarted my game many times. I also reinstalled my game to. I tried toggling my Mic in and off and still didn't work. I tried hard restarting my xbox and it doesn't work. Please fix this because it's frustrating.
  2. I cannot use xbox one game chat at all. I realize there is proximity chat, but even when I am right beside another player, they cannot hear me. I also cannot communicate in the lobby. I have checked settings, and tested equipment and tried on other games with no problem.
  3. My GameChat doesn't work at all, I've messaged Xbox support and they tried a few things and then they sent me here
  4. I bought this for Xbox one, and whenever I try to go in game chat to talk, I can almost never talk for some reason. Sometimes I'll hear other people, other times I'll just see their mics moving. But when I go to start a party, I can talk and hear people just fine. Is this a glitch, and is anyone else having this issue?
  5. The game does not detect my mic about 90% of the time, the symbol doesn't pop up when I talk. When it rarely randomly does, nobody can hear me. I switch to party chat and it works fine. So it's something within the game. I found a *temporary* fix by connecting my controller to my xbox by a cable. I was then given a pop up that said controller pair connection lost. But after that my mic was actually working in game chat. However that fix only lasted for a few games. Now I'm back to not being able to communicate. It must be something to do with the controller pairing, which doesn't make much sense. Hope it gets fixed. -playing on Xbox one, tried multiple controllers and headphones.
  6. This problem has been off and on for a little bit now. I've noticed that in the pre-game lobby AND during the game, My game-chat is NOT working. My Mic is registering my voice but nobody can hear me, except for my friends or those who are in my party. And, it isnt my settings or anything. I this a known issue?? It's getting very difficult to play, especially when new people want me to join their game and I cant help them out by talking. In case you were wondering, I play xbox.
  7. On Xbox there is no red dot to morph properly, I'm just sorta taking guesses at this point and failing hard. Also when the game first released I was able to talk in game chat but now I can't. I've tried everything. Uninstall, hard reset. All that good stuff. It's upsetting to the point where I can't communicate with anyone and I kicked from private matches because I died with keys on me lol and I can't have fun playing with Jason because I hear someone messing up the phone but I can't morph to crush their dreams. Please fix this. It's ruining my game experience.
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