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Found 10 results

  1. So I've been trying to think of ways to coerce counselors into using a pocket knife on Jason's traps as opposed to just running their face into them with surplus of med sprays. As an assistant to this, have a fairly substantial exp gain when doing so the first one in a match, being around 100 or even 150, based on the rarity of knives and number of potential traps. This would not only be an incentive to more thoughtfully disable traps, but also give a nice pat-on-the-back to those who naturally do so.
  2. Well we'll, for a start Jason can now grab people up hills and across rooms again, can catch up to normal jogging people now if he's a runner. These aren't to bad apart from the hill thing, I used to deal with that when Jason could grab even further. Most houses, draws and campsites are a big time waste/sync now as they are mostly empty 4 cabins 23 draws 1 radio 3 maps 1 first aid spray in a bathroom. Lots of nice views but just plain open spaces now there's no things spawning in camps hardly. You only reduced weapons to make it harder for Tommy to find an axe\machete for the kill now, clever without saying it. The new map is nice but as said with the lack of items its just boring and empty now. Finally all tonight there's been people helping Jason on ps4 a LOT 2 grabbed and wasted the sweater right away, some helping so Jason pops up on us now, which is no longer great because of the lack of defence items. If this is the new Meta your going to lose a lot of counselor players which is 7 people per round rather than 1 now meaning your going to have 7 people leaving rather than 1. You'll now only get hardcore veteran people left playing after awhile now meaning you'll get Jason's crying out again when they can't kill again you may as well totally remove all items at that point. Find a midway ground between what you had before and now else you'll lose more and I don't want this game to die
  3. Hey all! I didn't see this in previous posts but I may have missed it so apologies if it's a previously discussed topic. So, is it possible for a future patch down the line that regardless of the host quitting you don't lose your kills/repairs/points etc as it's beyond frustrating trying to grind towards the trophies and badges for the host to just quit and you're back to square one. I'm a fairly competent Jason averaging about four to five kills each turn and the amount of times I've lost those kills due to the host quitting is infuriating. Perhaps even a punishment for quitters like Gears of War used to have once upon a time? (In GoW2 I think...) Thoughts?
  4. So I've run into an interesting situation. I got this game on two platforms; PC and PS4. I even got the Savini on both copies. However, I've not begun paying for online on PS4 and don't want to. As a result, the only Jasons unlocked to me are Part 3 and Savini. I am now realizing that I'll forever be stuck with only these two Jasons on my PS4 if experience isn't given. I'm curious, does anyone else feel the mode should give exp? It'd be a nice way (if time consuming) for players who get the game after the servers close to be able to unlock the other Jasons.
  5. Sorry if this is a repost. Did a search and found nothing about this. The past 2 nights, have been playing on pS4 and have not gained any XP. Had players in the lobby saying the same. Getting CP though.
  6. I made a small suggestion previously on the tails of suggesting that the Double Experience event be delayed until a more stable version of the game is available, that experience and CP earned from in-game actions should be immediately earned, not earned upon return to the game lobby. In a game today, I earned the Boat Repair badge, but instead of returning to the game lobby, the connection to host was lost. I checked my progression and found that, instead of having been attributed the badge, I was still at 11/13. This same failure to observe is also laughably evident when you look at my badges for counselor kills (less than 50 tracked in-game) or doors destroyed (less than 50 tracked in-game), while both of these stats are shown as above 200 via Xbox stat-tracking via the achievements hub. It's not enough to estimate the number of crashes I've experienced, but it does show that I've done a hell of a lot more than I'm credited as having done. My suggestion, then, is that experience and CP be immediately attributed as it is earned, with modifiers being applied at the end of the match. SO, if I pick up a weapon, barricade a door, set a trap, and grab a battery, I should get CP for all of these things even if the game crashes within a minute or two. Experience for offense, defense, fixer, and survivor should be applied immediately, and time bonus should be applied upon death or escape (and again, separately, for TJ time). This way, only the end-match bonus experience is held hostage by whatever may cause a game to crash. That said, I was brought to a revelation when I asked a friend to join me for a game via Xbox gameshare. I explained the process of setting up characters beforehand, finding games via LFG, timing lobby joins, and informing him that, in my experience: players joining, players leaving, players spawning as Jason, spawning as Tommy Jarvis, Jason using Morph, counselors escaping, dying, or ending a match at the post-game score screen or the return to lobby could all result in a game crash. He opted not to play at all, saying, "This is ridiculous." And all of a sudden, I was inclined to agree. Really taking a step back and looking at all the hoops I have to jump through to play, it's a massive time-sink. Everyone has different experiences, though. I hope yours have been better. Really looking forward to this game existing in a state that allows for quickplay to be viable on Xbox, and a time when an hour of dancing for 15 minutes of reward isn't the status quo.
  7. Rage quitting as host should be met with a match making ban of at least 15 mins. This game asks people to stay through matches after dying. No problem with that but if a host gets impatient the entire room shouldn't lose all their xp. Sorry but having a great run and dying then waiting 10 mins for the game to end only to lose my xp because a host rudely leaves is extremely frustrating.
  8. I agree with jason not being over powered and would hate to see a sustem innplace to further empower counselors. It is not just thematically appropriate but encourages unique the unique gameplay i hav found so refreshing. So all the preamble out of the way. Counselors should be rewarded for gameplay that may lead to their demise but ultimately helps the team. In my experience on of the most valuable teammates is one that can kite jason continuously. Having a slow accumulation of experience for constantly kiting jason would be a great reward. However i acknowledge this could be abused. Especially in private matches. It isnt a perfect idea but one that could be flushed out.
  9. Hey guys, I think a more fleshed out experience bar would be pretty cool. If it displayed how much exp progress you need until your next level and maybe even info on how much cp you will get/have would be a lot more useful than what we have now.
  10. So why are yall forcing us to watch a game for possibly 15 minutes or more that we are not apart of? I get deaths are gonna happen and people should semi try and enjoy how the rest of the game plays out, but other would rather actually get in and play another round. Punishing players by removing match exp from finishing just does not make sense in any form. We bought this game to play it, not basically be twitch viewers for that time. And also please remove the ability for jason to see cars and phone right off the bat. If you spawn in on top of a point that has both, about a 90% chance jason is gonna port in on top of you and at that point your pretty much dead regardless of their skill levels.
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