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Found 6 results

  1. Can we possibly see exp added for part runners? I like playing as Tiffany or Chad and take parts to the objectives but then the high repair characters get the Exp for doing the repair. Can we get part runner experience where if you drop a part at the correct objective e.g. drop the fuse within 15 feet of the fuse box or dropping gas 15 feet from the car or the boat then you get 25xp or something like that? It would make it worth while for the high stealth low repair characters to actually bother taking the parts to the locations as now with Tiffany you’re better just hiding out until someone does something then piggy backing on others hard work, it would surely make these characters make more effort to deliver the parts if they find them.
  2. hey man are you cool? (is he cool?) everyone smokes right? there should b weed in like 4 outta 20 cabins, that might sharpen ur senses an make ur minimap larger or more detailed for a short time or totally freak you out and make ya think the boogey man is right behind you! side effects may include forgetting where the keys were... either way u can say ya only did it as a camp counselor in college for the exp ;] flirt emoji?... they screw like rabbits! 2 players can choose to bang in an empty cabin for 30 seconds (cause cmon chump...look at that butt, you aint foolin no one.) hella exp bonus, but that 5 stroke joke can be heard all the way across the map. they are all sluts and horndogs, so ya gotta give em points for trying lol exp for flirting and rejecting thru emotes have no fear, beer is here! but its gonna make ya dizzy enough to trip and fall if ya run...might end up passing out and snoring until jason shows up and you pass away!
  3. Hey all! I didn't see this in previous posts but I may have missed it so apologies if it's a previously discussed topic. So, is it possible for a future patch down the line that regardless of the host quitting you don't lose your kills/repairs/points etc as it's beyond frustrating trying to grind towards the trophies and badges for the host to just quit and you're back to square one. I'm a fairly competent Jason averaging about four to five kills each turn and the amount of times I've lost those kills due to the host quitting is infuriating. Perhaps even a punishment for quitters like Gears of War used to have once upon a time? (In GoW2 I think...) Thoughts?
  4. Those damn ragequits. I've seen hundreds of people doing them. My friend ragequits. Hell, even his mother probably would if she was playing the game! There are those just jumping from lobby to lobby, hoping to become Jason and leaving when they're not. And there are those who leave when Jason has them down to kill, sometimes even in the killing animation. Those not only take some fun away from the Jason's gameplay, but they also steal his EXP and kill numbers. The solution to this issue, though, could be really simple. (I should be hired for inventing clickbait titles somewhere.) No, what are you thinking? It's most definitely not a leaver penalty. Penalties like those are always bad since they can only punish you for your PC crashing or game freezing, but not prevent that from happening. What I was thinking of as the best solution could be described as a "stayer bonus". Basically, all that is is Jason receiving 150 EXP (the maximum amount he can get for a kill) and a kill for his kill count as soon as any counselor leaves the match. This means ragequitters may still flee, games may still crash - but it does not affect Jason negatively any more, rather gifting him what he would have had to work for if people stayed in. You might want to think about counselors getting some extra EXP when losing numbers to quitting players, but to spare Jason from leaver madness was one of the more important steps towards a game of maximum enjoyability.
  5. So I think there's a bug for people that can't play Jason where you can't change his abilities. My main account hasn't worked until today and when I play I don't get exp. But my reason for posting is cause I think the reason I also cannot play Jason is something connected with saving profile data. When im in the main menu trying to pick one of the two starting perks for Jason, my game gets stuck saving profile data. I can't do anything unless I get a party invite. Or close the app. I have played about 15 games in total on my main, and my preference is Jason, but have never played him. I'm just posting this hoping I can shed some light on my specific situation. Btw I'm on PS4 and I love your game. Keep it up guys, a lot of people are staying patient for you!!!
  6. I was wondering. Would it not be nice with some RPG moments in Friday The 13th: The Game? Experience points that unlocks new skills, weapons and other fun stuff. It would be super if both Jason and the counselors would gain some new abilities the further you play the game. (If this type of topic already excists, please delete this topic.)
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