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Found 1 result

  1. >.< I know this has been said a million times but you have to do something now it is way too easy for Jason to win by animation locking with his grab. Literally the Jasons who do this piss me the heck off Q_Q its becoming so boring honestly when he teleport shift right clicks and goes on to the next person literally that is my main problem I have stated this before! The game is un-enjoyable when Jason swoops in picks you up executes you and moves on to the next target. Now I know a lot of people are Jason fan girls and will say there is nothing wrong with infinite grabs.... but hello there is the only hope for survival is a pocket knife also is it fair that Jason can get hit by a bat and get knocked out but stop a car and pull someone out a window with little to nothing phasing him these issues need to be fixed , I have noticed mostly jerks play Jason or trolls just to abuse the set you guys gave to him yes you still can survive , yes you still have a chance, but in reality he can shift right click animation ignore and execute and I believe this is a major issue I know Jason is a hulking monster but getting hit by a car should knock him down at least including if the car breaks down and his grab should have a cool down timer or counselors be wounded before he can use it. This is literally all I ask it is the most annoying thing in the game as proven by game play and facts Q_Q please do something please....
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