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Found 4 results

  1. ? I like this game , but, one little toggle Right or Left gets your ass stuck on a rock or worst case -->my last match: me and a poor old newb drowned by Jason. Please, we know the dedication to making it likely that (just like the movies) at best, 2 counselors survive with some stabs and limps, BUT, ironically the rare chance (unless you play 8-10hrs per bloated sitting/gaming) you get to a boat or car undetected then try to escape out of that map,.... Maybe your the last counselor who fought his way past Jason's volleys,, well the last thing you want is movie like STUPIDITY - purposely programmed into the mechanics of the BOAT or car. GUN ! We know "movie teens" in horror movies "twenty somethings" from that genre FILM? are engineered for spectator gawk fetishes.... But my god, we're gamers not sloppy steerers?... Horrible! Siskel and Ebert gave some of the movies of Friday the 13th franchise low depressing scores because of how depressing it was that--> Killer kills, 1 survivor out of a dozen or more. That was a paraphrase. What value is that to a gamer? Whether a player plays to escape, beat up Jason, BOTH , drive around, walk around in a sort of surreal experience that 10% resembles some of these movie recollections (not that it has to come close to movie experience or that you designers are doing a bad job aesthetically -- contrary GREAT JOB AESTHETICALLY!!?). The blueprint and tropes of stupid driver in horror flick is pretty degrading to gamers, not to the movie goer which I am both of these consumers! Well, the feeling one gets from being engulfed by one of their weekly entertainment values by barely escaping or teamworking is good, not great or sub par, it's just good, after a gym workout or work temperatures of 100 degrees where I live; what value does it hold to loose over and over then get the boat and die, due to some patch which made the worst gaming driving or boating experience WORSE?! That's where I start thinking of how valueless it becomes HEARING Siskel and Ebert's criticisms and repeated words depressing, depressing. The people are playing to have fun - generally. They play to be in a "fantasy world" walking around beating up Jason, escaping by run/boat/ car, to be within a few feet from Jason's own breath. And yes, "some of them want to be abused" some play to be the closest to a serial inhuman killer with "magic" powers of appearing out of nowhere (just like the movies) great, it is after all 8 counselors taking up space on a given map within a time frame of 19min and 30 or 45 seconds. Just please fix this boat and car steering. Not that getting stuck unable to interact with any friggin' items and fixtures isn't right out frustrating or inexcusable as well.
  2. Real Cargo Truck Driving 3d Real Cargo Truck Driving 3D lets you be a real truck driver!! Featuring real cargo truck with lots of other options, this truck simulator is an exciting driving experience that will make you feel like driving real cargo truck. Travel across country, starting from Europe, incredible Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Paris and more in Real Truck Driving Simulator 3D!! Play this game truck simulator, get money, unlock new trucks and upgrades, explore the trucking world! Challenge your friends and family online multiplayer mode, show off your customized cargo truck driver !! Become the King of The Trucks by playing Real Cargo Truck Driving 3D!Real Cargo Truck is the most addictive truck driving simulator game with amusing game play.In this game you will prove your driving simulation skills by driving different kind of Real Cargo Truck from one place to another place successfully. You will also enjoy excellent scenery of the trucks. You have responsibility to drive truck carefully different and grand cargo truck on the highway road with full of cargo trucks, and drop on the target places. Lot of others vehicles (Car, truck, oil tankers and pickup van) can also run on the road so prove that you are experienced and official cargo truck driver, complete your mission without damaging or destroying the cargo or cargo truck. Download links https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FF6b9tOUCaaNke0_jdYlBt4H2N4XneAqlcmHPILcXDEmhBPef1fJqyAIjshdhR78Xg=h900-rw https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/VomGRqTwjcWLAbP5rgpxg_YjqT9b1z53O-mMH4whkC85f3Tn8AB5k8_rZDGUYMMDyQ=h900-rw https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/CApCNkZpz0ZsgGTN2lqvaAZncKJhTdYqsUn_2cxHBiiaLnZUxKrUkZhVsdGc4mCHOKI=h900-rw
  3. I do not play Jason very well against experienced, teamwork-focused groups of counselors, which obviously will just take practice which will be easier once single-player mode allows everyone to play as Jason as many times as they want to practice shift grabbing and other techniques, but I ran into a problem the other day that I couldn't figure out how to solve. If the counselors get the car up and running and you morph in front of it but they get going in reverse before you can hit the car, how do you stop it? If you morph behind them they can just go forward, then morph is recovering while they book it to the exit. If you don't, they can drive to the exit in reverse. Suggestions please? PSN: TreeburnerCT
  4. Every year, 3 out of 8 counselor deaths are caused by intoxication, inebriation or otherwise dumbassery behind the wheel of a vehicle. A collision with a tree, fence or undead serial killer can be fatal - not just to the driver but to all their passengers. And that pain and loss is felt by the entire community. Listen to this heartbreaking testimonial. We were five feet from the @#$%ing exit and you hit the side?! I bet the only thing you can't hit is the toilet! Jesus Christ! Please do your part to help reduce this immense tragedy. If you feel even a little bit inebriated, intoxicated...or are otherwise passed by Jason on the SATs...don't try to drive. Give a fellow counselor the keys. And have a safe camping experience.
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