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Found 1 result

  1. One of the most irritating aspects of stopping a car escape is the fact that a full car will have kids coming out strapped like a scene out of the Warriors. swinging and fighting and stunlocking Jason, often making an intercept pointless. I understand good teamwork, but with thick skin active (even post nerf), and a variety of stuns coming at once, the "fear" factor of the car escape is practically gone. I recommend making the effects of being in a car wreck more realistic. When a counselor suffers a crash, they should take damage, scaling high to low based on the speed the car is going. If a driver is going top speed and comes to an immediate stop, the damage should reflect the consequences of a wreck. This would make a car escape as suspenseful as a boat escape and would help balance the encounter of 1 v 4 when everyone gets out. Crashing a car should have consequences outside of "ok, restart the car, please" ....ok, flame on.
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