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Found 4 results

  1. Ok so im max level on friday with over 360 hours played, not a single fucking tape. What matters makes it worse is that i have my spawn preference on counselor and i have recently started playing in public matches. That rumour of tapes only spawning on a friday is obviously false considering i have been in games with people finding tapes, (usually on a wednsday) one of my mates found a tape in the first draw he opened (it was a game of just me him and jason). Ive literially tried everything, turning on radios, sweater, mask different characters and still not a single tape and yet were expected to find 20. Any suggestions on how other people got them? Thx
  2. Finally was able to download the Clothing Pack DLC today- 19 days after launch. The options are pathetic and unimaginative. There are items that have little to no perceivable difference from other items. These are cheap reskins that were made with zero thought put into them. How come all female characters can wear Pamela's sweater but when it comes to clothing options the folks at Gun/illphonic can't figure out how to make it work? I call bullshit. How the fuck is this worth $9? I'm not going to tell the folks at Gun to be ashamed but if when they released this they didn't feel a least some shame then they may want to check their pulses. I'm pretty sure the folks at Gun are giving us the middle finger. What the fuck?
  3. So, most Jason players put their traps in important places, like infront of vehicles, doorways, any high flow area for councilors. Why can't they be deactivated? They're already hard enough to spot, so you should be able to deactivate them just like regular traps. Maybe make it so you have to be crouched for the option to appear. Seems like Jason gets all the fun. Just my opinion
  4. past 20 games in a row dead in first min cause jason shifts right onto me dont let jason teleport for three minutes to give people a chance
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