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Found 6 results

  1. Most Counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game like Vanessa and other low strength Counselors Swing their Weapon Without Any Stamina loss, this also applies for other Counselors, this used to be a feature, they need to bring this feature back.
  2. I browsed through my achievements on Steam to see how close I was to perfecting this game, when I noticed something odd. I have done every single kill in the game multiple times, both online and offline, but the P.H.D. in Murder achievement progress says 50/56... What am I supposed to do about this? Do I just cycle through my kills for the next couple of days until I figure out which ones will get me to 56?
  3. On numerous occasions but not as common, when you are either running or walking, when you go over a rock, or something above ground level, the character will randomly squat almost like they have jumped out of second floor window, they will squat for around 2 seconds, this is particularly irritating when running from Jason as he keeps the same speed without having to bend his knees following a short fall. It usually happens when moving from a small ledge back to ground level, anything that is higher than a shoe box. Although in some cases this may seem realistic but this also occurs at times when bending your knees to such an extent and period of time isn't needed unless you seriously lack exercise. Which is why I feel this is a bug, as it seems a bit unusual
  4. This has been brought up separately in other threads but this needs to be its own thread for visibility and simplicity's sake. For whatever reason, whether it's I-frame based or how grab is coded, grab is literally grabbing people mid swing or at the moment Jason would be taking damage normally. Unfortunately, this issue is not only breaking immersion and basically creating some very very glitchy/wonky situations, it's also dumbing down the melee system artificially. As Jason, I have no reason to use the block system. If I can time a grab right I can just ignore their attempts at swinging at me. This seems to fly in the face of Jason even having a combat system as why bother using it and blocking when you can simply time a grab for when they'd "hit" you and avoid damage + get a grab at the same time? Overall whatever is causing it also seems to be causing cursory issues like 180 degree grabs. What I assume is happening is that there is a simple check created in an area the moment Jason presses the button. If someone is in that area, they are grabbed. This would explain the 180 degree grabs (when Jason makes a grab attempt but turns immediately, yet still grabs the person despite them being almost totally behind Jason by the time the animation for the grab is performed) and the "grab through melee" if its the case.
  5. I dont know if its an intentional thing cause Ive never had it happen before and Ive played probably about 50 hours or so, but we had 4 people in the car on Camp Crystal, by the map spawn, and as we were backing away from jason he ported behind us and suddenly the car FLIPPED. Everyone got tossed out and the car was on its side. Now the camera acted like it was suppose to happen, but we couldnt knock it back over. Just wondered if anyone else has had this happen. If its not intentional I kind of think it should be. It was hilarious and scary all at the same time.
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