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Found 4 results

  1. Proposed new improvements to RAGE: During Rage, Jason now receives diminishing stun immunity against all weapons except Shotguns. What this means: When Jason has Rage, each time he is stunned by a melee weapon, firecracker, bear tap, or a flare gun, his stun timer is permanently reduced by 1% for the rest of the match. This stacks and means that if you were stunned ten times during rage, you now have a 10% timer decrease on your next stun. Shotguns are not affected by this and always stun for the same amount of time no matter what. During Rage, Jason now heavily damages the car when he performs the "E" action prompt. What this means: When Jason has Rage active, he can damage the car far greater than he normally would when performing the "E" action prompt smash. After this happens, a counselor will have to perform a small QTE repair in the front of the car before it will be able to start again with the keys. During Rage, pocket knives are now weaker. What this means: Once Jason has his Rage active, a counselor who stabs him with a pocket knife will only render Jason stunned for half of the time period that it would normally stun him. During Rage, fear is now amplified. What this means: While in Rage mode, Jason now amplifies the level of fear around him much greater than he normally would. Counselors get scared easier and their fear increases faster the longer they are near Jason. The max level of fear when the counselor has a dark screen will not go away until they get away from the vicinity of Jason. Additionally, there are two new ways for Jason to acquire Rage: Jason now instantly enters Rage Mode if cops are successfully called. Jason now instantly enters Rage Mode if he is demasked.
  2. With all the craziness going on, there's been a lot of possible new changes to how counselors work stat wise. I've created this thread with the intentions of trying to make the community aware of what seems to be the biggest of them all, but I'm hoping to eventually track down solid information. For now, here's a listing of both confirmed as well as unconfirmed changes. I will also list how these changes might've affected the counselors specifically, but keep in mind this is NOT a tier list. It's just a way for me to give people a way to possibly come up with new strategies, and become more aware of what they need to possibly expect in the near future: 1. Composure might've been buffed. As of late people have been noticed there's been some differences in how composure works, but nothing was mentioned in the patch notes so it's unknown if it's a hidden buff or an unintended change (or a possible future buff that slipped in on accident). I haven't been able to number crunch, but I've heard that high composure counselors reduce fear faster than before. How this could be a major buff is whether or not it takes a high composure counselor less than a minute to regain their bravery compared to sometimes well over two minutes. That can sometimes be more than enough time for someone like Jenny to hide from Jason once more if he gets bored of chasing her (or something happens that prompts him to ignore the high composure counselor for the time being). Also, while also not yet proven, it's believed that counselors can break out of Jason's grab more easily than before if they have high composure (composure as well as strength are the two stats calculated when breaking out of Jason's grasp, considering the counselor isn't critically injured). This will need some testing as well since this could make the +grip strength bonus for Jason more viable than before if he doesn't intend to use Choke as well as Head Punch on a repeated basis. It's also unknown how strength might affect breaking free in its current state. If both Strength as well as Composure were equally buffed to break out quicker, fighters like Buggzy as well as Adam have both received considerable buffs. 2. Traps are more deadly. One of the things we know for sure from the patch notes is that traps deal the same amount of damage to all counselors now. This is a nerf for Jenny, Chad, and Vanessa because all three of them had six+ luck, and were therefore able to tank two traps before reaching critical damage. Tommy is one I haven't had the chance to encounter yet, but I'm assuming he's in the same boat unless some has found out otherwise. 3. Rain might ramp up counselor fear. Not proven yet, and getting the numbers crunched might be tricky, but keep a close eye on your counselor while out in the rain; it might be a secret Jason buff as well as an immersion improvement for the game. I've heard that supposedly the rain makes it trickier to hear Jason's theme music as well, but it could just depend on your TV/monitor as well. Still...this could be an interesting change for the game if it ends up being true. After all, if rain does make people panic more quickly, they'll want to hide inside houses more often, meaning Jason will have to do more careful Sense checks. Counselors occupying hiding spots could become a bigger thing, like for instance counselors hiding in outhouses outside when they get caught in the rain to avoid building up fear. This could easily make games last longer since people occupying hiding spots inside a house will not make a house glow red when Jason uses Sense normally. He will have to be in Rage mode to detect this. Personally...I wonder if this could end up being more of a counselor buff than a Jason buff IF rain does in fact affect fear at this point, but we'll have to see. 4. The Baseball Bat might have permanently weakened durability. This one I'm not so sure on since this was a pre-existing issue with the previous patch (weapon durability was bugged at the time). So far, it seems as if high luck counselors can roughly swing the baseball bat twice before it breaks, whereas everyone else it breaks possibly on the first hit. Since the baseball bat is a weapon with a guaranteed stun if it successfully hit Jason, it has always been a powerful weapon for characters like Jenny as well as Chad. But now, it seems like it's becoming more of a quality over quantity weapon: you're using it because you want to really make sure you stun Jason, even if doesn't last very long. Technically a nerf if this is true, but perhaps one that was long overdue. Chad being able to swing a baseball five times before it broke was considerably powerful. Edit: From what I've seen, there's been incredibly mixed reports on the baseball bat's durability. At this point, it's very possible that Luck simply has a pure RNG factor to it. Some people have stated they've seen Chad as well as Jenny being able to use it four times before breaking, while others mention less. Anyone else will have the bat break on them quickly. It's probably just best to assume that the bat will not last very long even if you use a high luck counselor. Anything else guys? I won't be able to play much for now until the weekend but I'll be keeping an eye to see what meta changes we could see in the near future.
  3. I presented an idea for counselor perks revison. Here is another idea to give Jason some power ups: Sharpening Stone = Visiting this location will allow Jason to sharpen his weapon giving him weapon damage+ buff for 3 minutes. Wood Working Bench = Visiting this spot will allow Jason to upgrade the handle of the weapons giving weapon speed+ for 3 minutes Mother's Altar = visiting this spot at his house will give him Mother's blessing buff allowing Jason to recover from stuns faster for 3 minutes. The duration of the buff can be change to best fit the game, it was just a value I entered to illustrate the idea. Let me know what you think. Cheers!
  4. My suggestion is that certain articles of clothing be made purchaseable with cp just as perks(counselor) and kills(jason) are... nothing too crazy, but small percentage buff on what perks already offer. Stackable, I'm thinking something like this. My level headed perk is 11% sense avoidance -3% noise generating penalty. I would spend cp on both a hat or shirt that increases my sense avoidance chance, and shoes that take away the noise penalty. Catching what I'm laying down?
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