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Found 4 results

  1. I always thought of this idea since I first played the game. How about make it harder for the counselors to escape using cars. Jason places a bear trap at the camp exits or on the road any where, when the counselor runs over the trap, the car tire will be deflated/ripped permanently until it's replaced with a spare tire. The time it will take to replace the tire depends on the counselor's repair level. This won't work for counselor traps because no one wants trolls in this game or any game. I'm trying to suggest more and better team work to the game because this is the type of game for team work. I know people might be thinking that some Jason players will place traps in front and the back of the cars so it will be impossible to move the car around, but that's where stunning Jason, sacrificing with sprays and pocket knives come in handy. Plus this was also seen in the single player challenges trailer. The tire will be similar to this when it's deflated/ripped: replacing the car tire will look like the single player challenges one but it will be in multiplayer mode as well:
  2. I get Jason has to plant them and they are 'hidden' but surely if you notice them you should be able to throw a stick into them or set them off without getting caught. For me, I have the med spray and use a med spray twice perks so I don't normally mind but it's always so annoying seeing apart 2 Jason picked knowing the fuse box is gonna have up to four traps placed at it. When I say annoying, I'm going off my partner, friends, and not so much myself because of my perks. It's hardly game breaking and not a major issue compare to others but thoughts?
  3. In the recent XB1 patch I noticed an apparent change to counselor bear traps that was missing from the patch notes. You can no longer place them directly in front of doors. When I attempt to, it drops them a good distance from the door. I do not like this change. Now i have to place traps in hallways or somewhere else thats a choke point. But guess what? Counselors love to not look where their feetsies are going and if they are already injured i'm out a match of XP. I do not like this change. I would prefer it to be the way it was before, and counselors being killed by a trap should not count as a betrayal.
  4. Dropped like 5 bear traps at the fuse box 2 die to try to fix it so increase the spread of drop
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