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Found 2 results

  1. Oh my god... my heart is beating fast and my hands are shaking as I'm typing this. I'm so livid but so happy and proud of my self. At first the match started out as any other game, people making jokes and goofing around. I usually take my surviving really seriously, and I love being Chad in his pink polo and green jacket around his neck with his pink loafer dress shoes on, lol. I felt like it started like fate, when I grabbed the keys and everything just went down hill. My screen name is LovelyŠÉ¶Tyler. I played how I played of course, not really going by the trail and crossing through the forest areas of each map, I feel easier not to get detected. I start with a map always cause of my map perk, I saw a lot of people huddled together in one cabin not to far from packanack lodge. Like maybe 6, so almost everyone. An all hell breaks loose and Jason starts to break down the doors and people are running and distracting him. I bounce to the lodge STRAIGHT AWAY. These people weren't really afraid of him, their plan seemed to FIGHT HIM and not in the way where you can kill Jason just using MELEE ATTACKS. I was livid as soon as they bring Jason's ass to the big lodge like OH MY GOD! An they were still just fighting him but I gotta say through this whole match not many of them died when I was doing what I had to do to escape. One of the GOOD repairers fixed the phone through the heat of the mess, I'm yelling to ppl on mic, "we need to find the phone!". "Someone who is a good repairer fix the phone while I'm standing here near the phone!". I did that multiple times, EVERYONE was at the lodge running from Jason, it was a MESS! I was next to the phone in one of the upstair rooms, I try to check and see whats wrong. People are being slaughtered. Some are breaking free with the help of others from Jasons tight ass grip he has. Someone did repair the phone and I was calling the police but it was taking to DAMN LONG and Jason cut the phone before I even got done. I ran out of the room with the phone and came back in from seeing Jason putting a trap in front of the phone. Through all this I had the battery with me, and the keys...guess what was beside the phone when I turned the camera? GAS!!! So I planned my own escape, I believe it was the 4 seater I fixed. I ended up FIXING THE WHOLE DAMN CAR while people ran around! I didn't feel like they were distracting Jason for me as a plan to help me I think they had their OWN agenda in this match. As the last person was getting killed near me in the lodge, I started the engine and booked it. I forgot to look at my map like I always do to get a quick reference on where the exits would be and which one is closer to take. From the lodge where I drove the car I felt like I should of took a right but I took a left and went down this long road ahead of me. My hands are shaking my heart is pounding, but me wanting to SURVIVE is very strong within me. I felt like, "The shit these people put me through!" and saying I am surviving! Jason appeared in front of me from the left I took a sharp right around him in the narrow road hoping I won't hit this tree and I crossed into the tunnel, leading me to survive and be the last person who could escape. The Jason was the one with the spear so I'm guessing part 8, people were saying, he wasn't a good Jason. So did the guy think so too. Really!? He is hell of good to kill all you and have one person live. Better take that credit. Besides that, I went off on everyone on mic showing my lividness and shouting at them, telling them how I had a purpose and how I tried everything to survive. How I wanted to work together to call the police as plan a to fixing the car that was MY personal plan for plan b! I know this is a game but for others it's like a real experience. I think I know how the character feels from the friday the 13th movies who survived. I wanted to share this and see what people think and get out of my story. I know some people feel super focused and goal oriented on surviving just like me and not just goof around. This was all in quick play again, so anyone can act how they want, so just don't catch an attitude when I leave your ass in the dust in certain matches you wanna goof around in and think you can be a troll and JUST survive, haha. Doesn't work like that really.
  2. I think there should be some sort of adrenaline in the game that compliments the stamina system. Think about this: you're running from Jason and you run out of stamina. You are dead right? wrong! You could have a reserve tank called Adrenaline that lets you sprint past your stamina gauge. The difference in stamina vs. Adrenaline. Adrenaline should only be available when chase music is active. A person only uses their body's adrenaline when they are in danger and the body reacts by escaping using any means. No matter the tiredness of the person, the adrenaline allows them to sprint. What should occur is a screen similar to having tons of fear. No hud, no map, and dimmed screen. Adrenaline cannot be regained and should only be used in a situation that has the player literally running for their life. No one would just stop running because they are tired if a madman is literally inches behind them holding a weapon. Furthermore, make adrenaline purple and place it above the radar. This would give the player that one last gas of escape that could ultimately lead them to victory. Thoughts?
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