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Found 1 result

  1. I've been giving this some thought and I think the shift ability may need a tune up. It's hard to say having not played but I have watched more than a few beta videos. It seems like he gets stuck on a lot of world objects while shifting. I'm assuming this is because they stop drawing the model but he's still actually there leaving this giant hit box to collide with everything in its path. And he can't shift over simple things like fences or the car which could be an issue. I have a few possible options to throw out here: Smaller spherical hitbox Give him a smaller or spherical or both hit box that if positioned a few feet off of ground so he can roll around objects. This would allow him to roll around trees over fences and even over the car. I mention the car because I purposed a scenario where vehicles could be used to block off buildings keeping Jason from being able to get in. This would fix that in some instances. If the hit box was small enough and positioned at about window height he would be able to shift through ground floor windows. This might be cool because he can't climb through windows and the ability is limited enough to prevent over use. This would solve all the issues I brought up with the car earlier I think. Freeroam This would be the same as above but would allow Jason to move up and down freely while shifting rather than just rolling over the terrain. This would give him the ability to shift through upstairs windows. These options would allow for a smoother shift without getting stuck on environmental objects. It also adds a new strategy to the game. Do I leave the window open? I haven't worked out all the details but I would say that Jason would not be able to shift through a broken window, only opened windows. And the freeroam could be used to get on top of buildings this could be a problem but I don't see it really being one. If anything Jason jumping down from the roof would be scary as s***. These could affect the shift grab but you would just need to become more practiced in it. If there's anything I overlooked or you have anything to add or see any problems I'm always up for a good discussion.
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