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Found 3 results

  1. As an owner of Savini Jason, one of the more common statements is the whole "pay to win" saltiness and how people will leave en-mass if you pick him. I think the best way to quell this would be to include another Jason that is available to everyone, wielding the same stat layout ( +shift, +Destruction, +weapon strength, -run, -water speed, -grip strength), and wielding a farm pitchfork. The suggestion therefore is Scarecrow Jason, a concept that was touched upon once long ago where Jason's spirit would inhabit a titular scarecrow and then do Jason things. It would make sense for it to be slow in water ,weak grip, unable to run, and using a pitchfork used to toss hay, the other aspects firmly tying into the supernatural aspect. Naturally, this is something of a pipeline idea. We obviously want the other Jasons in the game first, but this is a suggestion that the creators of the F13 game could possibly look into.
  2. Would you prefer if you couldn't have multiples of same counselor? I thought of a system that seems fair to allow you some selection choice without a 'first to join' scenario. Like private, you opt in for Jason. Instead of choosing one counselor, you rank 7 on a tier you'd prefer to be. Some algorithm randomly selects one who opted in for Jason. After that it goes down your tier of counselors until everyone is assigned one. Extreme example. Everyone wants to be Vanessa most? One is randomly chosen. Everyone wants to be Tiffany 2nd most? Process repeats. You're the only one who ranked the nerd 1? You are the nerd. This method has it's pros/cons and might only be suitable for private matches. Just a wish list idea this stage in development.
  3. We already know that jason part 2 has the pick axe, part 3 an axe, and part 7 a machete, And possibly the spear for part 6, which weapons will be attributed to Jason Part 8 and JGTH? And, in a future, Roy Burns, Jason Part 4, Jason x and uber jason? Can we change the weapon? Or do they agree with a unique weapon for each Jason? I think every Jason should bring a predetermined weapon, but we can change it as we unlock others, what do you think ?
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