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Found 94 results

  1. I don't have any problems with shift + grab, I find it fun to attempt to juke Jason out when he goes into shift and when I do get grabbed it's because I was out-skilled, then I see a dank kill animation which is rewarding to see even when you're dying. But anyways, when you're looking at Jason walking slowly toward you from a long ways away, and it's creepy as shit, and then he shift grabs you in 2 seconds it kind of kills that mood. Because as many would agree, it doesn't fit with the movies and from a gameplay perspective it's unfun. However, if you were only able to shift, as Jason, if counselors didn't have a line of sight to you, it would make it much different and more interactive for Jason and a counselor.
  2. I think something like rain or thunder storms should be added to the camps. Maybe it can occur randomly, the whole game, or the last 2-5 minutes.
  3. Respond all who want this DLC and one thing..about tommy if you can add in future when he is in boat to can "kill" put on jason chain like in movie is that posssible ?
  4. Everytime when people are not selected as Jason they leave the game, wich makes it very sad for the player that is Jason! And it happens all the time, once everybody left the game and i was the only guy left with Jason. You developers should put a cooldown system or something like that.. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR EVERYBODY IN THE GAME!
  5. There are some cool music from Crazy Lixx in your trailers. But actual game lacks it. So here is my suggestion: add play-of-the-match-like ending with Jason`s killing moves rehearsal and cover it with music.
  6. The game is great so far but there is one thing that becomes more and more apparent: When you die or escape early in a match, the resulting wait is very boring and makes dying a potentially frustrating experience (because you dread the long wait). It would be nice if there was something you could still do, apart from watching other players run around. Here are some suggestions: Be able to roll perks, change clothes, etc. Basically the Customize menu you can access from the main menu or in-between matches. Be able to see the status of the objectives, like you can see during the game Bet on the survivors: You can bet like 50-100CP on another player. If they survive, you get double the CP back. If they die, you don't get anything (hence a bet). Some kind of mini-game to pass the time Just something to make the wait less annoying/boring. ceno
  7. Hi there! Oftentimes when I'm host, there's negative and toxic players. Some of them are AFKS, and some of them are downright nasty. But all I can do is close the lobby and find another game, which we know takes a few minutes. So here's my suggestion - let hosts kick. If there needs to be a vote, sure. I understand the need to balance things out. But I'm so sick of having to deal with people in my lobby who are there only to insult me, cause problems in the game, sell locations to Jason, and just be negative towards our experiences in the game. Thoughts?
  8. Ok WHY is it not possible to switch seats when I am for example in the co-pilot seat of a car and the driver gets pulled out by Jason and then I drive away..... Also why is the button to actually start the Car the same as the button to enter and exit the car. So oft it happens that you get out again when you just want to start the car.... Switch that to another button, maybe R2.
  9. Loving every minute of this game as it is and the only suggestion I can think of after hours of play already is weather in a DLC/expansion. Going through these adventures at Camp Crystal Lake would only be more wild and terrifying with randomized weather. Really just rain, fog and thunderstorms would do the trick. Possible aspects of the weather pack: 1. Jason is not deterred by the storms, where as the lightning and thunder add more fear to the counselors, giving him even MORE of an edge. (because hellyeah, I'm all for super strong Jason. There is NO other way it should be) 2. Certain activities could be easier for the counselors such as hiding and a little sense buff during active weather. 3. More slipping and sliding for the counselors. It's slippery out there! Maybe boots found to offset this? 4. More chances for the phone to go out or the car to fail starting during a storm. People are only going to get better at escaping over time. SOMEthing will need to counteract that. Other than that, the game is perfect and there's lesser suggestions such as haircolors/styles and moar camps! Freaking LOVE this game!!!
  10. First of all, congrats to the team for the game. Things like this happen in online games. I'm sure that in the next few days things will be pretty steady. Another thing you should change in my opinion is that players should not be kicked from the game when the host leaves. This thing happens both in game and in the lobby before game start. You should consider making another player the host on such occasion and not just kick everyone out of the game and wait once more in the queue! That's really frustrating! Apart from these little things, the game rocks! Keep up the good work guys!
  11. I've been found by a Jason while hiding inside a tent. No, not because he walked past me and heard me. He teleported right towards me from pretty much the other side of the map. Now, I can't tell if a traitor gave me away since I was the last man standing, but in general I found it inevitable to find hiding counselors as Jason. You can't even walk past their bed/closet without hearing a "HHRUUUGHH!!!!" that makes you think a rocket is starting right next to you. So, I'd not only regulate down their general noise inside hiding spots, but also give them bigger lungs OR a silent breathing mode creating few noise and using up your "hold breath" bar slower. If making them more silent is too much, do it that way: The longer Jason stands still next to their hideout, the louder he should hear them in there. This helps staying secret when he's just passing through. About markers: You should not be marked by sense while hiding outside a building (e.g. in a tent) unless Jason is in closer proximity (5 metred?), no matter your fear level in order to actually allow for it to be a viable escape tactic - since there is almost no escape from an undistracted Jason as of right now. (Yet remember that he can see you getting into those spots, depending on the situation) The "Please don't see me"s and other variants, though, are just fine since they're meant to give you away.
  12. it looks kinda lame when Jason Morphs around the map or shifts, he just vanishes or appears with no animation whatsoever, would be much cooler and much better looking if there was some sort of smoke cloud or something so its not just "PLOP hes there".... first thing that came to my mind that would work (at least for me) was Nightcrawler from the X-Men Movies. his teleporting visualization is pretty spot on i think
  13. Hey, I find matchmaking laking at the moment, played twice already and twice was in group with russians only and I don't understand their language at all. That totally kills the game, since you can't communicate with other players. I think you should add option to select preffered language and match people with the same preferences, otherwise people won't be able to communicate which is important for this kind of game.
  14. Okay I'm not going to lie here. After the beta, I came across the Halloween DLC for Dead by daylight. Having not played this game yet, and seeing Michael Myers in a game, made me feel like a little boy the night before Christmas. Now one thing, I want to see this game steer clear and be it's own game and not something like DbD.... But... Michael has a really cool mechanic which I think adding a spin on would be awesome to see in this game. What I'm talking about is the fear radius. The beta had the classic music play and gradually get louder the closer Jason got. I think think needs to be re-worked a little. Maybe changing the radius size depending on what different Jason you chose? Michael in DbD was scary as shit cause you don't know at times when he's there watching, building his evil within by stalking. It would be good to see some kind of mechanic where Jason needs to watch his victims to perhaps get stronger? Or get his abilities faster? Or even have a play with the cooldowns on his abilities. The music simply playing when he's near acts as no element of surprise. Please take this into consideration devs Thank you Shane
  15. I've been meaning to write up this post since the day the beta ended, though due to christmas and then school i really haven't had the time. Now luckily i saved a few things here and there regarding videos so i could refresh my memory and not come across as having my head completely up my ass. Anyways i had a few thoughts about the beta. Overall impressions from the get-go was from "get this on two platforms" to "i'll stick to steam kthx" and while there are bits and pieces of things that i'd like changed, most of it has been posted at some point around here, so i'l just stick to my "main" points and maybe incorporate some sub-points in there where applicable. SO without further ado, here's my list of shit that i hope gets changed before release (or else)™ JASON The basis of jason is very clear to everyone that are even halfway aware of the franchise. He's coming for you and he's going to kill you, that much is certain. If you escape it's just postponing the inevitable. However, in a game sense, the "postponing" part should be the escape part, not necessarily the in-game part unless there are certain criteria met (out of stamina, caught in the wild unaware etc). Now, jason has several things that can aid him in the quest for dead teens, but there are still things that should be overhauled in order to provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Sense Overview The idea of sense is solid,but as a game mechanic it completely breaks everything from the get-go. Not only was it on a low cooldown (i know this will be changed in the full game, but still) but it gave you the opportunity to see literally everything within a certain radius. And it was HUGE. The thrill of the hunt wasn't even present, because there was no "hunt". You just saw them. Part of the hunt in my opinion is finding your prey, not just seeing it there. Also from a gameplay perspective, there will be a huge majority that'll just stick around in an area they assume someone will be, pop sense, and if nothing move around a bit and pop sense again until prey is found, like a flight radar. Also, the aspect of escaping jason is completely bumfucked thanks to sense. As soon as i pop sense, a big red light will let me know exactly which cabin they are in. now you might say that the fact that i don't know WHERE makes it balanced, but the cabins themselves aren't big by any stretch of the imagination. Take for instance the higgins haven cabin. Once you go inside from the terrace, you have immediate vision of all 3 rooms on the ground floor. You also have time to check all the rooms, and since counselors aren't the smartest of the bunch they often leave the door open,so you know if someone has been there already. If the ground floor turns out to be empty, there's only one way to go. And that's 2 rooms and a closet. Does this take a bit of time? sure. But the payoff is that you immediately find someone. Even if you don't, you'll at worst have sense to see them running away and get an idea of where they're going, but more often than not, they'll jump out the window because the closet is useless (more on that later) So overall, sense is just absurdly broken. I know this isn't trying to be a super competitive MLG game, but there's a balance that needs to be upheld. Proposed changes First off, the sense needs to be rehauled. It still needs to lead to counselors, but it should by no means pinpoint their exact location. My first proposed change is this: Instead of sense lighting up where the counselors are, make it highlight a tracked path. See image for example There can either be footprints of a scent type thing going on, but either way it'll change the dynamic without messing with the trigger, namely fear. A strong fear will have a long lasting scent you can follow, or deeper footprints (when stressed you put more weight into steps for example...could be science i dunno), while a stealthy char will at best leave smaller, less discernable prints. It'll force the jason player to pay attention to his surroundings more. Maybe even have color coding for who you're chasing, so that eventually you'll be able to pick your target. At first the footprints will all have the same color, but as you attack and "learn" your prey, they will get a separate color so you can pick up the chase whenever you decide to do so. It has several uses if you spot a chad from a long distance with a shotgun, you can decide to not engage yet, or maybe take him out first. It makes the game more about stalking and killing, but hopefully there's some feedback on this post as well. Alternate solution if the above doesn't work out, how about instead of the lights and stuff, there's a ring on the map you can check? The higher the fear, the smaller the ring. You still have to FIND the counselor, but the area gets restricted. Sense will have a bigger mini map pop up so you can assure yourself you're inside that ring. It'll be a bit more intrusive HUD wise, but the payoff is a greater sense of hunting, which wins out for me personally. obviously. Either way, as the way things are right now, sense will be a game ruiner. It's just not fun to play with or against. Chase When spotted, you start running. Or trying to hide. Either way the problems that ocurr when this chase starts are numerous. You're basically on a doom timer. This is a good thing. The more the chase lasts, the more you as a human get tired and unable to think clearly. That much is fine. However, when jason can teleport right up to you, grab you and kill you in less than 3 seconds despite having ample distance, there is something wrong. Now, i never saw anything claiming that the grab/instant kill was intentional or not, but i REALLY hope it's not a thing that's going to stay there. Also, the music just kills any ambush opportunity. I was hiding by the barn in higgin's and the jason creeped up on me. The music was a dead, instant giveaway. While it sucks to die, it also took away the potential to be encouraged and applaud the fact that a jason snuck up on you. It's literally impossible when you decide to roll it like metal gear solid. it NEEDS to change in order to be useful. good music or not, the fact that it shows up when jason sees you instead of when the counselor knows he's there is wrong, wrong, WRONG. The Grab So jason got his hands on you, and there are now 3 things that can happen. You stab him with a pocket knife, you wiggle out or you get rekt. When jason has you, i was under the impression that you were given a brief moment to struggle and get away, but due to the previous (hopefully) bug, you just get fucked right there on the ground. Now this is a two pronged problem. For one, it just destroys any fun when you know that you die immediately when jason grabs you if you don't have a pocket knife. But the worst part is, jason won't get to use all the amazing enviromental kills that the devs themselves hyped up. I don't care about seeing them in an empty sandbox against an NPC counselor, the real thrill comes from pulling off that sick kill against a real, live opponent and maybe hearing the whining through the headset. Also the macros will be real if the "mash to survive" is still implemented by release. There is NOTHING stopping me from having a script tied to my "n" button and just hold it in for the maximum possible presses at any given moment to escape as soon as i can. exhaustion doesn't even come into it, it's just another button. Like opening a door. So what i propose instead is something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ-DIVYu7-0 (Just watch the first 30 seconds, that's plenty) Now, the system in this particular game (dragon ball budokai 3) is a guess the button, but with a twist. To be more accurate, it works like this: Attacker has to win 3 rounds of this "minigame". Defender only needs to win 1. Attacker presses "square" to attack Defender anticipates square as well, and gets free and even counters. alternatively: Attacker presses square Defender guesses circle Attacker wins and starts hurting defender, building up to the ultimate. Repeats up to 2 more times. Also, keep in mind that once the attacker chooses a button (square) and wins with it, he can no longer choose the square as an attack. So there's now even higher odds for the defender to get away. Now, in the game, the damage the defender gets is calculated by how many times he loses this minigame. If the defender guesses the right button immediately, he takes NO damage, and counters the attacker, leaving the ATTACKER with less health (and wasted his energy required to pull off the move) If the defender guesses right the second time, they both reset. The defender gets away, nobody takes damage (but attacker still wasted ki) If the defender guesses right the third and final time, he takes a LITTLE bit of damage, but gets away and the fighters reset to a neutral stance. I feel like this could be modified in a few ways (make it a shorter process for one) to help friday the 13th becoming better in regards to the grab system. Using the system in the video it'd work something like this: Jason grabs counselor "minigame" starts Jason selects M1 Counselor guesses M2 repeat x2 times and jason now has "free reign" for a little bit to actually pick an execution instead of doing the same 4 ground executions over and over. Now this by itself solves the macro problem, because you can't just mash rock and think it helps you more than once, AT MOST if you're lucky. Now obviously this won't work if you straight out ripped the system from dragonball and implemented it in friday the 13th. You can't expect both of them to just stand there and have a minigame going on oblivious to the rest of the game, so the counselor would need to "trigger" the start of the minigame. Maybe with a smaller bar that you can fill, and then it starts off. If you win, you move on to the next "level" of it, if you lose, you have to fill it up again, with a bigger penalty the more jason wins. It also let's grab be a risk instead of the sure kill it is now (barring counselor interference). Converted into an example, it'd be something like this: Jason grabs counselor Counselor has to mash to fill up a small bar Jason gets a prompt to select his "attack" Counselor selects a counter button If counselor doesn't select the same as jason, he gets choked a bit harder, and has a bigger bar to fill up, or a small penalty before he can start struggling properly again. Repeats until esacpe or death. As for counselor benefits to escaping (other than being alive a bit longer) the counselor should be outright rewarded for being able to escape quickly in my opinion. So again following the system in the video: Defender gets it right in 1 try - Escapes and stuns jason, lowers fear momentarily and gives a boost of stamina (fills up alot, lasts longer for x amount of seconds) Defender gets it right on 2 - Escapes, minor stun to jason, small recovery for fear, minor recovery for stamina (adrenaline burst) Defender gets it right on 3 - Jason drops counselor, but is hurt in the process, now has 1 point of damage to him, no otherwise recovery and stamina bar takes a hit for x amount of minutes (can only fill up to say 80% maybe) Jason on the other hand: Attacker gets 1 - Counselor gets penalty to fill the bar in order to try again from the beginning Attacker gets 2 - Counselor gets a bigger penalty, has to start from the beginning Attacker gets 3 - Counselor almost passed out, requires help from others to escape This system would allow counselors to get a second chance at life, but also allows a jason player to (if lucky) be able to actually treat them like animals for a bit, and would allow a person to carry some guy from outside the higgins house to inside to stuff them in the fireplace if they want to, while stll preventing him from carrying them from one end of the map to another. Now obviously what i suggested above is just that, a suggestion. The third attack for jason is a potential for griefing if pulled off against the last remaining survivor, just being carried around for eternity unable to do anything. It's just spitballing. Maybe the third attack, when left to the last survivor, just gives a very big penalty instead for example. Or it changes depending on the character grabbed. Survivors I have less to say about the survivors, but i'll try to keep it shorter than jason, if nothing else because i've written a wall already (thanks for reading so far!) Stamina The stamina usage system as it is, is...flawed. Using stamina for running, sure. However i don't think it's fair to spend that much stamina for jogging alone. I get that it's realistic, but there comes a point where realism clashes with fun gameplay, and it's not always good. ARMA 3 is a good military sim, but even that has leeway with realism to provide fun gameplay. What i propose instead is to allow survivors more options regarding how to spend their stamina, namely what they can do when chased by jason (or do otherwise if they want to for some reason) Things like: Running through a door and slamming it shut behind you (creates a loud sound, still have to lock and barricade it manually) rummaging through desks faster (again, makes sound because you do it in a hurry) make the skill ring move faster (sound...alot of it) and more! The point is that you spend a chunk of stamina to do things faster, and the cost is less stamina and the heightened worry that jason is on to you due to the noise you make as a result. It's a risk vs reward. Do you do it slow and steady, or do you hurry the fuck up and risk jason finding you quicker, but now with less stamina? Also there should be a snack you can eat to increase stamina regeneration for a while. Just sayin'. Put some red bull in the camp i dunno. Repairing The phone needs more steps before it's fixed, or it needs decoy phones that are ruined. That's it. Any object you need to interact with to escape should either have decoys, or have more steps than 2. It just funnels the game into particular things, ignoring everything else but calling the cops, calling TommyJarvis and only caring about the car if someone else stumbled upon the pieces they need while finding the phone. It wasn't necessarily the case in the beta, but there's nothing preventing this from being the meta at release and for a long time, and by then people will get sick of it and leave. It's a multiplayer game and repetition is to be expected, but when you have all these choices to get out of there, why should there be a funnel like this? Hiding Hiding, just like in dead by daylight is useless. At BEST it buys you seconds. I say seconds because if you hide inside a closet, and jason shows up to rip apart every other closet and bed in the cabin, you're not further away from him. It's just, again, postponing the inevitable. I did not see a single juke created by utilizing the closets or beds while playing the beta, and sure players aren't good yet, but that's still a dynamic that worries me when hiding will actually be more prone to giving you away. I couldn't think of a single time where hiding would give me any advantage, since as soon as i left the closet, jason would at best see me popping out the window anyways, while he was busy ripping out the beds looking for me. I was tempted to try the second story closet by the window at higgins once, but because i knew it was nothing but a deathtrap, it's just wasted potential. It's the exact same issue dead by daylight has with the hiding spots. Most of the issues stem from the fact that you breathe like a dragon when hiding. ANd i get that fear is supposed to make you more stressed and give off more sound, but as it is right now it's nothing but a death trap. might as well hide inside an iron maiden and wait for jason to close it on you (haunting ground anyone?) I have no proposed fixes for this as i feel completely removing sound when entering or leaving or even staying inside it will solve anything, but i hope the devs will come up with something that works better than this, 'cause right now i don't see many people using it aside from streamers because "lolimhidingXD" (because that's funny for some reason) Finding survivors I'll be touching more on the map in general shortly, but one thing that bothers me constantly is the fact that every survivor is always aware of every other survivor. The walkietalkie is a great item until you look at the map for 3 seconds and then it basically doesn't matter because even though you cant hear them, there's nothing stopping you from just walking up to the dot at the map. The change i propose for this is simple. Make it so that every character, including jason, pop up as an icon on the map once close enough to be within hearing distance, but don't let the player know who it is. It creates tension, it creates a risk where you might want to interact with another survivor, but you don't know if you're walking straight into jason (see; map tagging) Again using higgins as an example, imagine going into the first floor, seeing some doors open already, and proceeding to search a bit at the first floor since some things are unopened and then hearing the creaks of foosteps upstairs. You can call out on the mic, but the other played can be a mute (jason or another player without a mic), So you have to decide to you run away and check from a distance or do you approach and risk suddenly being ambushed by jason? I'll put more into tagging underneath, but a safety measure to help not walking into jason all the time would be being able to tag who it is for x amount of time, so you'll know on the map until they either walk too far away or too much time passes without seeing them in person. Also you'll have another advantage in knowing that groups of 3 are most likely counselors. Probably. Or there's two of them dying and they need help. Common issues Now, i THINK i've covered atleast a LITTLE that's not been mentioned 1000 times already (stamina i'm sure has been a big thing, and sense, but hopefully not in the exact same way) There are still some general issues that plague both sides. The map Now, the map is a thing everyone has within their mind from what i gathered, it's not a physical object the counselors or jason carry with them. That's to be expected. The issue i have with it is how everyone knows where the cars are, and how jason automatically knows where everything is. Now this is mostly fine for jason, but for gameplays sake he should not be aware of where the functioning phone is. Jason is a good killer, and very creative at it, but is he really that smart to recall exactly which phone he fucked up just enough that it'd need fixing? adding the decoy phones would certainly give a seasoned killer atleast a little room for doubt? The cars have a similar reason. Within the game world, all 8 counselors couldn't possibly have driven around at the same time all day. Somebody could have moved the car, they don't all line up and drive behind eachother until one car is parked, then drive back just to make certain nobody goes off in less groups? Jason should be able to see a relevant object and tag it, or burn it into his memory if you will, on the map. So he still has to find the car and boat like everyone else. Static objects like power boxes and phones are on the map from the get-go, but he still won't know which phone works, so he has to go between them to find the right phone, then tag it with vision and from there it'll have a different color than the rest so you'll know it's the phone to look out for. The counselors however have their own separate maps, but can still tag them, either permamently or for a while based on a stat. This provides more options when cooperating. Maybe map remembering is basedon intelligence. A high intelligence character that has a car tagged will remember it for 10 minutes (admit it, you went into the kitchen and forgot why you were there atleast once, short term memory DOES happen) while chad is more busy worrying where the girls are at than where the car is parked, so he only remembers it for a minute at a time. Now they can refresh this for eachother constantly, so a chad can come up to an a.j, refresh his memory by interacting for a moment, and if a.j is running low on "time" for the tag, she can ask chad about it and then have a sort of symbiosis like that. If time runs out for both, best find someone that knows or recall where the car is yourself. unless it moved. Jason still has the advantage in these scenarios, after all he will remember it for the rest of the match, while the cooperation aspect between counselors are strenghtened. If they stick together because of memory, that's a win, since it naturally discourages running off on your own and dying in a random campsite. Music Touched briefly on earlier. The timing for when what music hits needs to be changed. Jason spotting someone should not be the prompt for starting chase music, it should be with the counselors locking on to him visually. The stealth aspect is completely lost as it is, but when the fucking violins pop off like an m16 everytime jason looks in the general direction of a fart, it just mocks it. The stalking nature of what jason is dissappears and is permamently ruined. Once the realization sets in that you CANNOT ambush someone properly because of music, then everything else falters. Hearing the crackling from the fireplace, the slow paced steps as you search a cabin, the soft creaks as you check for supplies just ruined because Niccolo Paganini rose from the grave, took 8 hits of speed and played until his fingers caught fire. All because jason was on the same continent. Phew, that was a handful to write. If you read it to the end, well done! thanks! I might update this later as i come up with something else but for right now i think i'll be heading off. Again, thanks for reading and i hope to recieve some constructive feedback on my..feedback. Also i posted it here under general feedback since the beta players were not under NDA, and i'd like to reach as big a crowd i can in the forum, but if it's wrong, give me a heads up.
  16. When you find the phone and you got to repair it, you got to do the minigame of pressing right or left, well, what about this: You should play 3 of this minigames, one more difficult than the last one, so that would take more time and will be fun to see Tiffany trying to not fail (lololololololololololololol)
  17. I personally wasn't part of the beta for long, just four hours on the last day. I did however, follow the game through multiple Twitch streams for a week and have quite a few things I'd like to see changed, added, or altered in some way. What I noticed most was that players who came from the game Dead by Daylight automatically assumed the character with the highest speed and stamina, Vanessa, was the best. The game needs more clarity on what every stat does, how they're useful, and their flaws. That way everyone knows how to adapt their own strategy and play style. Speed, Intelligence, and Stamina are the most obvious ones so people immediately stuck to them like glue. For example, what exactly is "Luck" doing to other stats, is it giving small checks once in a while to raise them by a small amount once in a while? Something else? This is what I'd first like to see changed. Some sort of place that explains everything well, or descriptions that are much less vague while not being wordy. There are many places that don't seem to make sense as actual barriers for Jason, though make sense in a 'game'. An example of what I mean are fences. Jason should be able to chop down a fence just like a door or wall (one/two attacks should do it), making it no longer an obstruction to his killing spree and removing some possibility for cheesy 'infinites' that people like to do. When a counselor dives through an open window that isn't broken, make there either be a chance or it be definite that the window will close, making it so they cannot immediately jump out of it or climb out of it again without either first reopening it or simply taking damage for breaking the glass. I don't think I've seen a horror movie where someone continues to jump in and out of the same window repeatedly. The ability for counselors to hold their breath while in water, ducking underneath and hiding from Jason's normal eyesight. It would add a bit more safety and strategy for counselors, and more reason to go into water other than to escape Jason because he's "not the water Jason". If The Police are called early in a match, and no one runs to them within 5 minutes of their arrival, they will leave. This would force counselors who missed their chance at freedom from Jason's wrath to find an alternative route. Additionally, because of this change, The Police would be able to be called a second time if they already have left. The second time would not have a time limit before they leave. They've got more important things to do than be pranked by some kids claiming to have seen a mythical camp murderer. Now for real suggestions that aren't just basic gameplay changes. Creative changes. I'd like to see in the "Grab kills" selection for Jason the ability to also choose your held weapon, and unlock new ones for that Jason variation through points. By doing this, you add a little bit more variety to each match in the same way Survivors getting different clothes will bring. Additionally I'd like to see weapon grab kills that are unlocked on one weapon, unlocked on every Jason that has that weapon. Jason X. I would LOVE to see Jason X at some point in this game's life time. Whether it be DLC later or simply put into the final product this following year, I want to see Space Jason in action. The ability to go in without a preselected weapon as Jason and improvise with what's around you. From the weapons in the camp, to the nearby Stop Sign. Jason's pretty good at killing people with everything. A personal goal for every Counselor. Completing the goal would grant extra experience whether they survive or not. Think of it like a quest. Say you play as a more intelligent counselor, your goal could possibly be something along the lines of "Repair three power boxes by the end of the match." Nothing too difficult, but something that you'd need to go out of your way to complete. This could go even beyond just singular counselors and be as simple as a daily quest system. It'd add a little more challenge to the already difficult life of a counselor, as well as give people a reason to get on each day and play for a bit. Could even affect Jason as well. A Jason variant that relies on stealth rather than speed. One that does lots of damage and has mostly close quarters grab kills, but is slow and doesn't immediately reveal his presence to counselors who happen to be near him until it's just a little too late. That's all I've got for now, but I'll be keeping up to date on the game and it's development. Had I known about this during the Kickstarter, I would have happily helped out back then.
  18. So, Friday the 13th, we love it, obviously if we didn't we wouldn't be here. But one of the things that I was considering the other day while hyping this game up to a friend of mine, is the topic of Sex in the context of F13. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, those things are totally important to the franchise. Just as much as the slaughter our favorite maniac dishes out, but there's some considerations that I'm just a bit concerned about, especially in the sex aspect. Now we know Sex will be part of the game, devs have said it's an option before [likely to provide buffs to the players who engaged in it, and as a call to action for Jason]. But how deep does this go? Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking about how porntastic things will be, because obviously it won't be super graphic [we ARE still shooting for an M rating, not AO.] but in 2016/2017 [even in a game taking place in the 80's] I'm curious about representation, primarily of the GLBT variety. Now I'm not asking for trans characters, since Trans was kinda...well not exactly very common in the 80's[at least not in representation]... but let's be real, at the very least the GLB part of GLBT was still pretty much rockin even back then. And while we don't really see it in any of the films, I was curious if the devs had even considered Same Sex sexual encounters. I'd assume, for the event to trigger in the first place, to players would have to be in the same cabin or near the same object, and essentially queue into the action, meaning it would have to be consensual for both players [a button prompt: Press X to agree to sex.] which would set the animation into motion. Since that's likely how it's set up, I'm wondering if the devs considered allowing two male, or two female characters to interact through this prompt. Now I know for some this is a bit of a controversial topic. And homosexuality tends to be the butt of some horror jokes [just look at A Nightmare on Elm St. 2.] But in 2016/2017, in an age where we have same sex romance options in various games like Mass Effect and Skyrim and the like. Are we going to keep on that bleeding edge, or are we going to revert entirely to the 80's level of no overt representation [which would personally, be a shame, since it would likely take two consenting players to even start the option.] I'd just like the community, and developer's thoughts on this, if possible. On another note... has anything been discussed about recreational drug use in game?
  19. I don't like it. Allow me to explain why. Let me start from the beginning. Yesterday, I tuned into the E3 Friday the 13th stream. The game-play we got was great, and although I would have personally preferred something much less scripted, you guys used in game footage, rather than coming to E3 with just another CGI trailer like some other companies(on a quick side note, I understand why it was so heavily scripted, you wanted to show off the features of your game play with no confusion. I'm just stating my preference). I really appreciate that; showing how your game plays is the best way to sell a game to me. What was even better was that you didn't attempt to appear "cinematic" like some trailers, with all sorts of cut shots of the game mashed together at camera angles you'd never see during normal game-play. You showed PURE game-play, cutting the bull shit out of the way and just showing us how your game will play. I've wanted to know how the game would play for a long time, and you delivered, thank you. What I saw was great, a big map to traverse, many unique ways to kill counselors readily available, and Jason being able to teleport around the map to find his prey faster than if he casually walked all around the camp is a great idea. It would have been nice to see more survivor related stuff, like weapons, other pick ups, objectives for them to complete, etc, but you showed a great deal of the game. Again, thank you. I can't wait for future trailers or game-play that show off more in-game features! There is only one thing in particular that I can say I wholly disliked. The short range teleport. The long range one to get around the map is fine, but this other one that can be used during chases? I feel like it's going to take away from the game's immersion. The fear of a chase, as he slowly gains on you while running through the forest, barely able to see in the dark of the night, tripping over rocks, with only the moonlight to guide you that's leaking through the densely covered sky above, all of that good stuff. I can't help but think that teleporting belongs to some super natural monster(Slender comes to mind), not a big, terrifying, but still human killer like Jason. He walks faster than the counselors by a hefty amount in some other footage I've noticed, so once they are out of stamina, they're screwed. I really feel that this teleport will take away from the immersion of the game, as well as ruin some potential long, tension building chase scenarios. I've seen this argument a lot when it comes to defending the teleport ability. People say that it seems like he teleports around in the movies, how else would he be able to get to certain places or keep up with people running from him while walking? I can't see why seemingly teleporting off screen in the movies justifies full on teleporting during chases in the game. Imagine this. You look back while running from Jason, and you see he is a good distance behind you, so you stop sprinting and walk for just a moment to try and regain your breath. You look back two seconds later, and then he is right behind you. After a quick jump-scare and a quicker death, the player is left frustrated with how much ground he suddenly gained. The player couldn't predict that. Many people have also been questioning how over powered Jason looks, and I have to agree. He is meant to have a big edge on the counselors, but it may be a bit overboard from what I've seen. I realize it will be balanced and changed likely in the future, but I feel it will be an uphill battle of trying to get it so the ability is not overpowered or underpowered. In short, my main gripe with the ability is it will take away from the immersion, cause frustration for counselors, be hard to balance, and take away from the dynamic of the chase. A potential solution to the immersion breaking some have suggested goes as follows, "If Jason is seen by any counselor, just prevent the use of his teleport ability. This way the counselor could look back while running to prevent Jason from gaining any ground, while also putting themselves at risk of running into something, tripping, or running into a trap. A risk and reward scenario for them to weigh out in each moment." The problem with this is Jason will try to press the button to teleport to speed up his moving around the map, only for it to fail. He will immediately deduce that someone sees him, and now your cover is blown. With the long range map crossing teleport, this won't be a problem, since it will likely be on a longer cool-down. The short range teleport will likely be on a shorter cool-down, and will probably lose its highlight on the hud when it is unusable when seen. That, or it will just flat out not work, which still tells Jason that someone sees him. I would like to suggest another ability to take its places that serves a similar purpose, without breaking the immersion. Two actually. The first would be a lunge attack that can either hurt the counselor, or finish off a hurt counselor if they're close enough when the lunge connects, with a cool animation of the machete going straight through their chest/back, before letting them slowly slide off the machete and onto the ground. Missing the lunge would slow down Jason just a tad for a moment, but it would give you the reward of an attack with extra range if you hit it. The second ability would be a much more basic one, just a burst of speed on an ability. Jason would still be walking, just faster. This ability would have to be gated by a longish cool-down if it makes him faster than the counselors while they sprint for the duration, as well as making its own sound blip for the survivors to see in a much smaller radius around them if Jason spams it willy nilly to get around faster. Maybe the burst of speed can be fear based, gating it by having a counselor already be extremely scared before he can use it. These are just my two suggestions, but I'm sure there are other abilities that could close gaps on counselors that could fit with Jason's theme better. Thank you for reading, and I hope you consider my suggestion. Counter points to convince me over are welcome. After-all, maybe the lack of information currently on the specifics of the ability, or the fact we're still in early alpha, and thus, lacking the polish at the moment to make it work and look right is the issue! Let me know what you guys think! P.S. A 2 in 1 suggestion for you, how about making it so Jason can only use the long range map teleport while in the woods or shadow, into only woods or shadow? That way he can't just spawn in the middle of one of the more open areas. It would be just like the movies, you never see how he gets from place to place, but he seems to just show up from nowhere.
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