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Found 94 results

  1. I was giving some thoughts to how counselors and their stats work. Some stats seem to have almost no bearing on game play and it is kinda hard to assess the value of others. Here is my idea: Have each stat reflect a % bonus to certain things based on the score. For example: A maximum stat is 10. On a 100% max bonus scale divide 100/4 = 25%. A score of 10 translates into a 25% bonus to something tangible in-game (or a 2.5% bonus for each stat bump in score). Additionally, have 1/2 the % bonus apply to a second thing governed by the stat. Basically you'd have a high stat bonus and low stat bonus for each stat. Let us look at Kenny for a sec. He is mister balanced. Kenny would have a 12.5% primary bonus on stats, and a 6.25% bonus to secondary attributes governed by stats. So how would stats work? Baseline bonus + perk modifications. Each stat would grant a primary bonus to the counselor and a secondary bonus. Let us take Stealth: Stealth's primary bonus may be to reduce noise generation pings. The secondary bonus might be to grant a bonus to fear reduction when in a hiding place. Composure: Composure's primary bonus would be fear mitigation (reduction in the accumulation of fear). The secondary bonus might relate to overall Sense avoidance chance. Strength: Strength's primary bonus would be related breaking free of Jason's grab. The secondary bonus would increase melee stun chance. Stamina: Stamina's primary bonus would be to your stamina pool. The secondary bonus would be a regeneration bonus that kicks in when Jason is not around. Speed: Speed's primary bonus would be related to sprint top speed, The secondary bonus would relate to how fast doors can be barricaded, hiding spots entered or left, windows crawled through, etc. Luck: Luck grants better RNG chance to find items in drawers and not take damage by climbing through broken windows. Secondary bonus governs bonus to how long a melee weapon lasts before breaking. Repair: Primary bonus reflects the reduction in difficulty of a skill check. Secondary bonus reflects the chance that a missed skill check won't notify Jason. Under these guidelines, Kenny would have a average 12.5% primary bonus, and 6.25% secondary bonus without the use of Perks. No perk could make a bonus exceed 100%. Just kicking around some ideas to make stats more relevant in general. I do think they should all govern two aspects of gameplay (greater/lesser degrees).
  2. Hi! So mostly every game I play once someone dies or is not Jason they just quit the match and that's always annoying to everyone in the game. So I thought that if people leave matches over and over again they could receive a penalty that wouldn't allow them to play for a certain amount of time. The time would increase every time they leave a game. Most games have this feature but it could help stop people from leaving when they don't get their way .
  3. Hello, After play for a while this is my lists of suggestions and bugs what i see. BUGS: 1. Only on "crystal lake" i dont see glitch on the roofs where some cheaters hide from Jason, and he cant do anything against them. Fix roofs glitches/exploits hidespots. 2. Game crash so often its so annoying. 3. Empty lobbys: quick match, then u alone in lobby. 4. One time our match even everybody killed and/or escaped cant over. Match over when all time reach 0 minutes. 5. Sometimes Jason even sound of killing someone done, je still keep walking with person in he's hand Thisis what i think most annoying what I personally see/find. SUGGESTIONS: 1. Please remove double lobby! Quick match, then we waiting people, then we see another lobby? Shy whats the point? Again whaiting? Match must start immediately after first main lobby after everybody ready, so we dont wasting time. 2. We need host migration option 3. We need penalty for betrayed maybe 10k or something serious, so people start really think if they planning to kill u. Also I think if people out map location or use some exploits also must receive huge penalty 4. From all Jasons what we have only two can run, only two (part 2 & 3), please in future dlc add Jason with who can RUN. 5. More BLONDS hairs counselors like in MOVIES! 6. For every dlc add achievements. For new maps, for single player, for play every new counselors, new Jason etc. 7. In my xbox live security online options I block sound, messages from everybody who not my friends. So i must dont hear anyone except my friends and dont SEE descriptions on the screen during gameplay coz they must MUTE automatically because my xbox system security. Friday 13th game only game so far I play not work properly with security of my xbox security settings. And last one maybe most important for me: Version for XBOX ONE X please in native 4k! Thats for now. Hope more quick xbox one receive updates in future;) THANK YOU FOR GREAT GAME:)
  4. I think that XB1, or I guess any platform, needs host migration. It happens too often where a host rage quits and no one gets XP because the game suddenly ends. It would be great to either have host migration or to have the XP already earned so far be rewarded upon match ending.
  5. I think that XB1, or I guess any platform, needs host migration. It happens too often where a host rage quits and no one gets XP because the game suddenly ends. It would be great to either have host migration or to have the XP already earned so far be rewarded upon match ending.
  6. I've recently LOVED Friday the 13th since I'm such a big horror fan. Especially Friday the 13th. I just love gaming, and I love immersion. So I've been thinking.. Could it be a possibility for a First Person Option? I understand for us console users don't have enough buttons for a change of camera, but I figure perhaps in Options, there could be a "camera settings" tab for the change of Third Person and First Person. I really love immersion, and to step into the eyes as a psychopathic serial killer, or one of the victims would be quite interesting. Also featuring Jason's Grab Kills and Environment Kills in First Person would add a whole new look. I mean, I just feel it would be a nice option for people who love feeling immersive, rather then Third Person all the time. Ya Know?
  7. I tried searching for what I'm about to post, and couldn't find anything specific. This suggestion might remedy Issues players are having, I.E. shift-stalk-grab-kills/jason spamming grabs/players NOT playing the game the way It was Intended. Make the Pocket knife a weapon you can pick up, like a baseball bat, wrench, etc. When Jason grabs you, you still get the Instant break free-lose pocket knife result the only difference-It will eliminate the reliance on pocketknifes/hoarding. Now, to balance gameplay.... Make all weapons have a 'help-you-break-away' feature. Example, If your character Is healthy and equips a skillet before Jason grabs, your chances of breaking free(composure) should drastically Increase-and of course Jason's ability to perform a GrabKill should decrease-because the skillet can 'stun' Jason (also It's smaller, realistically you would be able to use It better in extreme close proximity). Another example, If your character Is wounded while holding a baseball bat, and Jason grabs you, the reverse, You will have a harder time breaking free/Jason will have an easier time preforming a GrabKill. The smaller the weapon the easier It Is to break free/harder It Is to fight and vice-versa the bigger the weapon the easier It is to fight/harder to break free. Balance will come from players.....using teamwork ??? I don't think this will alter combat In a negative sense. IMO, it will eliminate pocket knife hoarders, force people to play correctly, and lastly make people 'get gud' combat wise.
  8. This game is really good and ,much fun overall but there is alot of glitch spots on this game. First of all the glitch to get on top of the packanack lodge By going into combat stance tune crouching behind the door on the second floor to the very left where a window is where the balcony is at then continue to crouch until you get out of the door, It is really annoying primarily because of this glitch, there is 2 on Higgins involving the 2 storied place, the one being by the chair of the left of the second floor haven also in combat stance then crouching on the chair you would proceed into a room where Jason is unable to get you in unless you by the walls of the room, another one is to the very right of the room next to the bookshelf go into combat stance again and proceed to crouch the you could glitch through the wall and I assume you can move behind the bookshelf I dont know because I didnt see the person who was in it get in it in the first place he just showed me how to get in the wall. Apart from thst the game is really good and fun one of my suggestions and since I dont want this to be very long I was wondering if by chance you couled add more Councilers especially the poor guy that died in the cut scene, if by chance able to change weapons for Jason, a perk rarity chance where you can roll a perk and the chances of getting said perk would increase for example 600 for uncommon 800 for rare and 1000 for epic and 500 for common and poor, and Jason's father to be in this game. And this is my first post on this website I hope the developers could read this and fix the glitches and would by chance implement the suggestions I mentioned that would be good
  9. So in Jason takes Manhattan, Jason scares off a group of punks by turning and raising his mask towards them. What if Jason can raise his mask temporarily, and anyone who sees him suffers a fear penalty, like seeing a body? (Only if you stare directly at him.) While his mask his up, he could suffer more stun penalty, (Easier to stun, or more time) And would have to stop and put it back down. It would use the Q slot, like the sweater.
  10. All of this Packanack Lodge roof climbing sure ruins the game a lot. Two games in a row I noticed a bunch of people running on the main house roof the entire game. One thing that I thought of, and could reduce roof glitches, is adding ladders on both Packanack and Higgins Haven stages. I am sure that this has been mentioned before on different threads but as I can see it, this is a step in the right direction. Both counselors and Jason should be able to climb ladders, and Jason could even use shift on ladders too.
  11. Hey , people what do you think about a mode that jason fight military forces like part 9 and Jason X.
  12. As someone that sets up completely different perks on all of my counselors and also playing random counselors i would like to have the perk icons present on the side of the screen and a breakdown of the active perk effects on either a pause menu or the map screen so i can better play to my counselors perks i set up instead of memorizing all my builds.
  13. Hi All. I love this game. Having tons of fun playing. But sometimes after you die it can be a little dull watching the other survivors. Especially if they're just hiding under a bed. How about allowing the spectators to do a little more while they're waiting? Perhaps they can roll perks or change clothes. (But prevent the changes from going into effect until next game so that if they return as Tommy Jarvis they can't change their perks mid game.) Or maybe you can add a mini game? Or some sort of CP Betting system? Where the remaining survivors can bet the experience they earned in the round on who will live, who will die and how and when and where? Ka-Pow!
  14. Right now I feel like the male counselors (not including Tommy of course) have very little role to play in things. Their only role is being able to do DAMAGE to Jason in a kill attempt. Vanessa is a better fedex/distraction/runner than Chad OR Buggzy, even Tiffany is better because she's quieter and has more stam. Deb is a better mechanic than Adam or Lechappa, heck even AJ is better as a fixer than a biker dude that you'd think would be a grease monkey. and obviously virtually all of the females are better at stealth (with the exception of Vanessa) On top of this a female counselor is required for a Jason kill, you don't need any male counselors just 1 female counselor can die and come back as Tommy for the role. You see entire lobbies of AJ's, maybe a Vanessa, maybe a Deb. Male counselors need something , with strength not being that important for stunning, it just doesen't work out well. I thought about maybe a driving skill, like Adam would be the best driver, improving speed and handling of the car, but of course that'll be called sexist if the males are better at a particular role than females. So what do you do? How do you break up the all female meta?
  15. I'm thinking the new -1000XP penalty for teamkilling might be too high. Mind you, in an ideal-world that doesn't contain people intentionally trolling and griefing, it would be fine. I am, however worried about people running in front of cars to try to block them to force them to be let in, or get mowed down to "harm" the driver who "deserted them" that sort of thing, or accidental kills via traps. I'm thinking of something like the following: This could be implemented "per match" but it would be better implemented as a per-account setup, if possible. I would start the first kill penalty at -250xp, the next at -500xp, the third at -1,000xp. Ideally, if it were account-based, this would "burn off" at a rate of something like 30 minutes, an hour or two hours (variable depending on dev needs, or possibly even by the number of teamkills in a period (say 24 hours). It stays at 1,000xp for every additional TK that happens while you're at that high burn level, and it resets and/or raises your duration before it "burns off". After enough time passes it "burns down" one level. After more time passes with no TK, it "burns down" another level, etc. until you're back to 250 for your first. You could also of course start at -100xp, then -250xp, etc. The specifics of the numbers, burn off times, etc. are of course left up to variability or needs. Thoughts?
  16. My suggestion is that the player has the ability to choose when to use the walkie-talkie. Perhaps a button could be mapped that would switch the player from the local in-game chat, to the walkie-talkie chat. Three reasons why i believe this should exist: 1) If players arent playing the objective and are just having fun, making jokes, and being loud on voice chat. This play style is totally fine with me, but it would be nice to choose if I want to listen to it through the walkie-talkie for the remainder of my game. 2) Sometimes it can be very overwhelming when you pick up the walkie-talkie and 6 other people are all screaming and you cant hear the game itself. There are a lot of audio cues in this game and sometimes the chat audio overpowers them. 3) My last and most important reason for the purposed change to the walkie-talkie system deals with the proximity chat function of the game. It can be very confusing when you have a walkie-talkie and the player you've teamed up with does not. Trying to stratigize with someone locally and not confuse the person across the map on their walkie-talkie (or vice versa) can confusing and frusterating. Furthermore it can be difficult to hear the person your working with locally if people on the walkie-talkie chat are being loud. Also, while this is a co-operative game, sometimes its in the best intrest of players to work in smaller groups of two. For example, the boat. If ive been working with another player to get the boat parts, I dont want to have to broadcast to the other players that we have the parts and are about to leave. They rush the boat and we all die lol. Overall i think my biggest argument for the change to the walkie-talkie system is strategy.
  17. I agree with jason not being over powered and would hate to see a sustem innplace to further empower counselors. It is not just thematically appropriate but encourages unique the unique gameplay i hav found so refreshing. So all the preamble out of the way. Counselors should be rewarded for gameplay that may lead to their demise but ultimately helps the team. In my experience on of the most valuable teammates is one that can kite jason continuously. Having a slow accumulation of experience for constantly kiting jason would be a great reward. However i acknowledge this could be abused. Especially in private matches. It isnt a perfect idea but one that could be flushed out.
  18. Let's face it! When you're injured you're dead if you don't have medical spray, and your teammates kind of feel helpless. But what if they add a holding hands mechanic? lol. Think of it. You're not injured but your friend is, you grab his/her's hand and there speed increases, but yours decreases. You guys will run at the same speed.
  19. First of all lets gather all our ideas in one topic please.... easier overview for @Wes @randygbk and all of us too Ok so the first idea I had was adding different times of Day to the maps. Playing at dawn or dusk or at noon adds a whole new feeling to the already existing maps. Second good idea i saw on here was by @FamouZ who suggested to add RAIN to the maps. This is a GREAT IDEA! maybe even adding slight gameplay alterations with this. For example. the car could be harder to steer as it slides around on the mud, Players /(both jason and Counselors) could be slower or it is harder to stand up after jumping through a window or when Jason gets knocked down. you know Deep Mud is sticky But I go one further even: add SNOW. early on backers agreed that a Winter map would be damn cool, blood on snow looks amazing, footsteps could be visible etc. Counselors could even be forced to frequently visit the Campfires as their Body tempretatur could drop which slightly raises their Fear-Level. Which leads me to second nice idea i came across on these boards: its is from @fourkillmaster and it is HELLSCAPE versions of maps. Here is his original idea: MORE MAPS: What this game DESPERATELY needs in my opinion is more maps. It was early on mentioned that Jason Takes Manhatten (Subways / sewer system, SHIP, Time Square) and Jason X (spacecraft) could be options for later down the line and that would be damn cool.
  20. I would love to see a dialogue wheel. I find the game most fun swapping the controller with my girlfriend. Most times i dont have a headset on. I feel like a dialogue wheel with options, like how battlefield has, would be an excellent way to participate when i dont have a headset, my dogs are being loud, their is a language barrier, or the people i am playing with are just off putting. being able to have a character convey over walkie about which items i have, something i found, or jasons location could go a long way toward team play with those of us that can be shy in online voice chat. noy yo mention how some guys are just not cool to female gamers. The button layout is currently a bit clunky but i feel a button could be freed up to allow a contextual dialogue prompt selection.
  21. I think that parts should respawn back in the game if somebody Takes a vehicle in has a part with them say for instance you have two sets of keys u take the car (get off safely hopefully) but now the others can’t use the car cause you made it out and now there stuck to die lol cause the part doesn’t come back Or even if somebody lags out or just leaves with a part sad to say I’ve been on both sides of this lol
  22. Hello I think that different there should be different clothes variety instead of just changing the color like different clothes from other counselor’s or just new ones and I also think There should be a leaderboard
  23. Hey guiss just a fast idea for tommy jarvis maby he can have a ability to give counselors hope ps: maby ther can be a new tommy jarvis killing jason that is from Friday The 13Th Part VI : Jason Lives y know. That one on the boat and tommy nearly dies
  24. Just a few simpler ideas to add flavor to what's already in the game. Trying to think of stuff that would be easy to implement while adding diversity to the matches. I'll just get right to it. 1. Rare/ Unusual Items: These would not be in every round and would be additional to what we have. Might not or even likely to not show up at all and no more than 1 or 2 in a match possible. Small item possibilities: (please share your ideas!) A single shotgun shell that allows a player with a gun to shoot twice. An area effect health pack A hockey mask reproducing the sweater effect for males. A wrench to improve repair Flippers for quick/silent swimming Gloves for better weapon strikes. A lighter to set fire to gasoline (I realize this one's not among the "simple" changes) Random Weapons: These could have the exact same power as the other weapons already implemented, but there for flavor. An oar by the beach A chef's knife in the kitchen A dagger with the same properties as a pocketknife A grenade (firecracker stun but maybe area of effect damage to players?) Pitchfork PLEASE That damn rake in the barn. Hockey Stick off the wall. (too funny not to implement) 2. Flavor-audio for the counselors / Scream Bring back the voice actors to add some personality touches to the counselors we know that could be used in-game. Also a serious scream for the ladies and Chad.that would be heard round the camp. Just hearing them have different responses to finding bodies or fighting/running from Jason would be refreshing as well. Nothing too crazy here. We don't want people spamming these in-game if it was player controlled. Perhaps they could be limited to a one-use per round thing somehow? 3. Hair color options for the Counselors: Hair styles would be great, but that would be further mapping/etc. Just having different colors to choose from adds to the variation we see with the clothes. Other Random Ideas: Alcohol: A 6-pack of beer to share. Have too many and get the fuzzy screen effect for the round. Good luck! Randomized colors in the camp lighting, illuminating the areas in eerie glows. (maybe too much for a simple change) Would be great for varied streams! A jump scare cat! Just one, and not always there, but really sets off that fear. Please put him in a closet/outhouse/barn. More random environment kills for Mr. Voorhees. That game table. The piano. The archery targets. The showers. That freaky rocking horse. Fun with Kitchen Appliances. Heck - the phone box would make a wonderful death scene. Through windshield of driving car. Some maps are begging for a cave. Alright. Enough for now. Back to camp!
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