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Found 39 results

  1. Do perks which increase a specific stat, such as Stealth, actually increase that stat if it's already at 10?
  2. So in the general discussion forum there is a post about what people think about a motorcycle escape. I think it is a great idea personally. I am also posting this here in the suggestion, well because that is what it is and I have extended ideas on the matter. I also link the original motorcycle post in the bottom. I have searched threads to see where this thought I have will go, maybe someone can place it for me or direct me. Here it is: Add the motorcycle escape, but also have different repairs for things. Like perhaps 3 motorcycle escapes but they require different parts or have different problems. Such as repair tire like they used to have in the game. Fix brake line (could use the wrench weapon but when taken to bike a mini-game pops up to repair). Fill Gas, Keys, Headlight, etc. There could be various options and then it wouldn't be ridiculously fast or easy to get out even if they each only had 2 repairs because you'd have to find the corresponding vehicle. Same goes with car escapes, I feel having different repairs could be fun and would stop people complaining about me putting battery/gas in 2 seat car when I found it there. Also along with different repairs, the different repair characters would be better at certain things. Not trying to be a person that judges, but Deb and Eric look like book smart people that don't typically work on cars so maybe they aren't as good at the mechanical repairs but are still great at electrical such as fuse, generator, battery and things like that. Then make AJ and Adam better at the mechanical repairs such as(if added) Tires, brakes, perhaps door or just anything that would feel more true to their characters. Just some thoughts and I think it'd be fun and they already had the tire thing in the game before so i don't think it'd be hard to put in. I know people will destroy this suggestion as they do most things on here. Again, if you know of a similar suggestion and this belongs somewhere else please let me know, I looked and couldn't find it. Here is the discussion in the General Discussion Forum:
  3. Strengths: +Defense +Stun Resistance +Weapon Damage Weaknesses: -Shift -Can't Run -Sense What do you people think?
  4. So today I got on the game today to see my thick skinned perk specifically had been altered. I could be wrong but I haven't seen an announcement anywhere for this, and I admit I'm not satisfied as it was completely unexpected. But more importantly my thick skinned was 43% and its been reduced to 18% now. I would just like to know if there is any news on this? I asked on twitter and I was told it was a bug they are looking into seemingly. Despite that, I find it very hard to believe. So is there any news? I'm not looking for an opinion of it being OP or something like that but genuine news as I don't know what's going on, I plan to stop playing this game if developers cant compensate with CP or be consistent. I spent lots of CP that I wouldn't have trying to get specific perks to fit a style and if that combo now becomes useless I would at least like CP to help me pick myself up in a new style. I definitely wont be sticking if this isn't resolved properly somehow or it happens again. I don't mind them having to balance things out if that's what they feel but take into consideration the game has far bigger issues and at least try to compensate players who wasted CP potentially when they could have bought fun Jason kills. Well I will come back, but I am incredibly dissatisfied to say the least. Once again on the twitter they seemed to have implied its an issue that they are looking into. So any news?
  5. I was giving some thoughts to how counselors and their stats work. Some stats seem to have almost no bearing on game play and it is kinda hard to assess the value of others. Here is my idea: Have each stat reflect a % bonus to certain things based on the score. For example: A maximum stat is 10. On a 100% max bonus scale divide 100/4 = 25%. A score of 10 translates into a 25% bonus to something tangible in-game (or a 2.5% bonus for each stat bump in score). Additionally, have 1/2 the % bonus apply to a second thing governed by the stat. Basically you'd have a high stat bonus and low stat bonus for each stat. Let us look at Kenny for a sec. He is mister balanced. Kenny would have a 12.5% primary bonus on stats, and a 6.25% bonus to secondary attributes governed by stats. So how would stats work? Baseline bonus + perk modifications. Each stat would grant a primary bonus to the counselor and a secondary bonus. Let us take Stealth: Stealth's primary bonus may be to reduce noise generation pings. The secondary bonus might be to grant a bonus to fear reduction when in a hiding place. Composure: Composure's primary bonus would be fear mitigation (reduction in the accumulation of fear). The secondary bonus might relate to overall Sense avoidance chance. Strength: Strength's primary bonus would be related breaking free of Jason's grab. The secondary bonus would increase melee stun chance. Stamina: Stamina's primary bonus would be to your stamina pool. The secondary bonus would be a regeneration bonus that kicks in when Jason is not around. Speed: Speed's primary bonus would be related to sprint top speed, The secondary bonus would relate to how fast doors can be barricaded, hiding spots entered or left, windows crawled through, etc. Luck: Luck grants better RNG chance to find items in drawers and not take damage by climbing through broken windows. Secondary bonus governs bonus to how long a melee weapon lasts before breaking. Repair: Primary bonus reflects the reduction in difficulty of a skill check. Secondary bonus reflects the chance that a missed skill check won't notify Jason. Under these guidelines, Kenny would have a average 12.5% primary bonus, and 6.25% secondary bonus without the use of Perks. No perk could make a bonus exceed 100%. Just kicking around some ideas to make stats more relevant in general. I do think they should all govern two aspects of gameplay (greater/lesser degrees).
  6. I think it would be a good idea to have a "Stats" tab to view in your progression. You could see your stats with both the counselors (each one) and jason. For counselors it would say how many escapes and which escapes they are, e.g. car escapes: 3, police escapes: 2, and so on. You could see how many times you killed jason, repaired a vehicle, called the police, and even betrayed your teammates (team killed). Anything worth keeping track of. As Jason you could see your kills and to make it more fun you could see which counselors you killed to see who you kill the most. You could track it with each playable Jason or total kills. You could see how many times you've played as Jason and whatever else you think of. I know badges might keep track of some things I listed but I think a separate stats tab would be an easier and better way to show your stats.
  7. So what does everyone think NES Jason stats will be? There's two I can think of. The most likely will be part 3's stats. Given that he's a reskin of part 3 with the same weapon and kills, its reasonable to assume he'll have the same stats. The other possibility I see is Savini's stats. There have been threads on here asking for a new Jason with his stats, and with this Jason being free i'd see a good opportunity for it here. Plus it would stop all that "pay to win" bullshit. I don't see this Jason having a completely new set of stats. It's been less than a month from release and they wouldn't of had time to test specifics strengths and weaknesses to see how well they are balanced. So what does everyone think it's gonna be?
  8. So I was told by the support team to bring this here. Unlike, the other post about Jason's grab ability, I think the shift grab is an important part of the game but should be used more as a counter for Jason against faster characters that can cover more ground. Currently it's just another disadvantage for the slower characters in the game. That's because composure is currently a useless stat. When I play as Jason I see Jenny light up like a Christmas tree right off the bat just as easily as anyone else. Also, before the patch on Xbox, I could break free with her almost once a match w/o a pocket knife. Since the patch I haven't been able to do it once. On the flip side, this mitigates having grip strength as a strength or weakness for Jason as well. On top of that, they reduced the number of pocket knives spawning each round, and we already have to burn them to counter traps. If that wasn't enough, we are all button mashing our fingers till they bleed with nothing to show for it. I already hate when games make me do this, but dying every time regardless, even with a 10 compsure and in the very early game, compounds that frustration. This feature should be replaced by a very fast minigame similar to kickoffs and field goals in Madden. Just a bar with a redzone inside of it, the size of which is determined by the counselor's composure/fear level + Jason's grip strength. Perhaps stamina and injury could be included in the formula as well. This minigame should range from very simple to nearly impossible based on this formula. I know I'm not the only one that hates button mashing. If I play a quickmatch with a bunch of low level players, I'll usually see a decent amount of Jennys because they haven't unlocked other characters yet and haven't realized how useless composure is. If I am in a private match with a bunch of regulars it's rare anyone above lvl 20 is using her. That's because they have no incentive to. Compare that with AJ. Almost every private lobby will have 2-3 of her. Why? Because she is equal to or better than Jenny in every category that matters. The only stats she gives up to Jenny are composure and luck. Jenny can't run, she can't fix things, she can't fight, and eben though she should be able to hide, she can't do that either. On top of that, she ties Eric for being the slowest character in the game, making it super easy to shift grab her. Isn't she supposed to represent the girl that survive? She should be a pain in the ass for Jason to kill then. Let that be her specialty. If the shift grab is a counter to faster characters, slower and more composed characters should have a counter to that, which would be easier break aways early in the game. Jason could counter with hack and slash method, the player could counter with the perks that give her two uses of med spray, start with a medspray, and thick skin. This would force Jason to be more strategic about how and when to go in for the kill. Having to really work hard to drive that fear up first. Before anyone predictably mentions that "Jason is supposed to be op" please take notice that I did not advocate changing Jason at all. I know the dev's philosophy regarding that too, and agree with it. This issue is about balancing counselor with counselor so thay players have an incentive to play each character. I hope I've explained that well.
  9. On PS4, the badge that tracks the uses of first aid sprays on yourself is allocating the uses towards the Public Health badge (use a first aid spray on a fellow counselor) instead of the one used for healing yourself. Therefore the trophy to get 100 heals on yourself is impossible to obtain.
  10. After some extended play and experience with and against Jason, I think there are some values that could do for some adjusting. I will provide reasons both in-universe and for gameplay purposes. I've made sure that all stats are of equivalent exchange, i.e. the number of "+Stalk, +Shift, etc." is the same as the original launch stats, they have only been exchanged between Jasons. For example there are currently 3 Jasons with +Shift Cooldown, so these stats will only have 3 Jasons with +Shift Cooldown, and the same applies for other stats. The striked Stats are ones I have changed. ---------------------------------- J2 Strengths Can Run Traps Morph Stalk J2 Weaknesses Shift Grip Strength Defense Water Speed 1. Gameplay Perspective: Currently Jason Part 2 can dominate a map with the combination of his high mobility and trap count. The other negatives don't stop me from killing all counselors before the 15 minute mark. Part 2 has a very high "map presence" because he can be anywhere quickly and trap all the important locations with traps to spare. Personally I hardly use Stalk with Part 2 because I can run everyone down quickly. Part 2's running ability and traps give him enough map presence and mobility, so improving his Stalk would lead to smart tactics to outwit counselors that think Jason is not near. 2. Film Perspective: Part 2 was before Jason started getting very supernatural. He was a feral man with exceptional knowledge of the area, so he knew all the shortcuts to cut people off. In many scenes of Part 2 Jason would hide and jump out at the last second to get someone. He got the cop with a hammer to the head from behind, he hid inside Packanack when he fought Paul, then when Ginny locked herself in the bathroom he snuck around to the window to grab at her. He later stood on a chair and waited for Ginny to come out from under the bed, and hid around the car before stabbing at her from the top with the pitchfork. +Stalk is more appropriate to Part 2 Jason. ---------------------------------- J3 Strengths Can Run Weapon Strength Sense Cooldown Grip Strength J3 Weaknesses Stun Resistance Sense Length Stalk Shift 1. Gameplay Perspective: Dealing heavy damage to counselors should be a late-game unlock. Having a plus and minus to Sense makes it more of a situational power than a click and forget one. 2. Film Perspective: While Jason is strong in Part 3, he's not so strong as to plow through people as easily as his zombie counterpart. He was quite sneaky in part 3, hiding in the barn and snooping around the house for most of the film. ---------------------------------- J6 Strengths Throwing Knives Sense Length Stun Resistance Shift J6 Weaknesses Can't Run Defense Traps Morph Stalk 1. Gameplay perspective: Part 6 has "map presence" in the form of +Shift and +Throwing Knives already. He can move around quickly and can hit from a distance, so limiting his "utility" by Swapping the -Traps from Part 7 with -Defense is more appropriate. Additionally, bumping Part 6's physical defense makes him more intimidating without making him "cheap." When my friends play J6 I never see them use Stalk on him, so it's not a big loss to the character. 2. Film perspective: Higher defense is more accurate to Jason Lives. In that film he was shot and struck a lot and was not phased. In the opening scene he was hit with a shovel and it broke on him like it was plastic. Later the Sheriff shot Jason 3 times with a shotgun and once in the head with a magnum and Jason kept coming, thus +Stun Resistance. When Jason was chasing people he didn't often disappear or hide, he came after them straight on, so I think -Stalk is appropriate. ---------------------------------- J7 Strengths Water Speed Sense Cooldown Sense Length Grip Strength J7 Weaknesses Can't Run Traps Defense Shift 1. Gameplay perspective: Improving Jason 7's map presence by allowing him the "standard" amount of traps will help Jason 7 control the map when combined with his Water Speed and Standard Morph, Shift, and Stalk abilities. Balancing this equation is the -Defense. Jason 7 will become better at controlling the map but must take care when in combat. 2. Film perspective: In Part 7 Jason was knocked over by household objects. Tina threw a couch and a house plant at him, and struck him in the face with a light fixture. Each one knocked him on his back. He also seemed to always know where everyone is. I never saw him lose track of anyone. ---------------------------------- J8 Strengths Water Speed Destruction Stalk Morph J8 Weaknesses Can't Run Sense Length Grip Strength Traps 1. Gameplay Perspective: With low land mobility, +Morph gives more "map presence" to Part 8 to better control the map. -Traps lowers "utility" to counter the high mobility. 2. Film Perspective: Jason famously teleported in Part 8 frequently. He also tagged along on the ship where there were no means to make snares or traps. Being in Manhattan with so much stimulus might have messed with his sensing ability too. ---------------------------------- Part 9: J9 Strengths Shift Stun Resistance Weapon Strength Stalk J9 Weaknesses Can't Run Less Hit Points Traps Morph 1. Gameplay Perspective: As was said before, dealing high damage should be in the late game, not early. J9 now deals more damage but has less health at the same time. Without a buff to Stun resistance, J9 needs to learn to block. The +Shift offsets the -Morph in that J9 is more of a linear chase killer now. 2. Film Perspective: Jason was vicious in part 9. He tore through people like paper. As for -Morph, Jason chased after the protagonists without suddenly appearing out of nowhere too often. ---------------------------------- If I messed up the count of the +/-, let me know. I don't have time to check right now but these are some thoughts that have crossed my mind in my time playing.
  11. I apologize if you consider this a "duplicate topic" but I figure with the new Jason stat information recently released I could post my own new Ideas. Here are my ideas for the remaining DLC killers that could be added and their stats. Part IV: The Final Chapter Weapon: Meat Cleaver +Can Run +Water Speed +Sense Cooldown (Part 7 Jason is the only other Jason with a sense cooldown) -Morph -Defense -Traps (I figured -Destruction would be too annoying so I replaced it with -Traps) Part V: Roy Burns Weapon: Curved Machete(AKA Panga Machete) or Meat Cleaver +Stalk Duration +Sense Duration +Morph -Can't Run -Less Hit Points -Stun Resistance Jason X Weapon: Future Machete +More Hit Points +Weapon Strength +Stun Resistance -Can't Run -Defense (Has more hit points than other Jasons but has a harder time blocking attacks in combat.) -Sense Cooldown Uber Jason Weapon: Upgraded Machete +Defense +Grip Strength +Destruction -Can't Run -Water Speed -Traps Let me know your thoughts. EDIT: I have considered the possibility of Pamela Voorhees being added to the game in the future. While I don't think it is going to happen, I will create what I think her stats should be to give the devs something to think about. Here we go: Pamela Voorhees Weapon: Hunting Knife +Can Sprint: High stamina, but no stamina loss from running. Can toggle walk/run/sprint like counselors can. +Bow and Arrow: Starts with a bow with 4-8 arrows that do more damage than throwing knives and have a longer range. +Former Counselor: This one's a big description. Pamela was a former cook for Camp Crystal Lake. She sabotaged attempts to re-open the camp for years. She has kept some souvenirs from her employment at the camp. She has a keychain with all the keys to the cabins on it. Instead of chopping a door down, she takes a few seconds to try keys on the door until she finds the right one. This takes less time than Jason chopping down a door. If a door is barred from the other side, once Pamela unlocks the door, she opens the door slightly slides her hunting knife through the gap and lifts the bar up. Pamela can also climb through windows, but she takes damage from broken windows the same as counselors, so the player must decide if climbing through a broken window is worth chasing a counselor. Additionally, while Pamela cannot interact with vehicle components and cannot pick up counselor items like keys, health packs, etc., she can drive a vehicle after it has been repaired and started by counselors("Oh hi. What are you doing out in this mess?") for potentially duping counselors with false hope of rescue by other counselors, or for vehicular homicide. Mrs. Voorhees can also pick up all the same weapons that counselors can. While she cannot walk through walls like Jason, she can still chop down walls and doors if she finds an axe or machete. Regardless of what she picks up, she always carries her hunting knife on her belt and cannot lose it. The grab kills would either be contextual to what weapon Pamela was carrying at the time or would always be the hunting knife. -Mortal: Pamela has the fewest hit points of any killer and can die much more easily than others. She still has far more hit points than counselors and her attack speed is as fast as any Jason. -Grip Strength -Rage: Pamela cannot break through walls and doors with her own body like Jason. Pamela must find a machete or axe to cut down doors and walls. She does get a boost to all of her other ability cooldowns though. Just for fun, here's my take on the original boogyman. Michael Myers +Destruction (Chopped down a door in Halloween H20 pretty quickly.) +Grip Strength (Can crush skulls in Halloween 4, 6, and 8.) +Stalk Cooldown (Unlike every Jason with a +Stalk, which is a longer stalk duration, I give Michael something different. His stalk is the average duration, but he can use it more often.) -Can't Run (Obviously) -Defense (He gets hit all the time and doesn't ever really block anything in the movies.) -Stun Resistance (When Michael goes down, he's usually down for a while.)
  12. Since we still can't post in the other subforum I figured I'd make a thread to discuss the new Jason stat reveal from Wes in it. Here's the link and I'm still unsure on what the hitpoint stat is for.
  13. It has come to my concern that two of the counselors are very similar in their stats and style of play. As shown by their stats on the "Counselors Stats (Near Final)" by wes. I love all the counselors, they are all very unique and I would hate for one to be picked over another simply because one is "better" than the other, rather, one should be picked over the other due to style of play. Which is why I am concerned for Eric Lachappa. Many people have noted that Eric and Deborah's stats are blatantly similar and that the only major difference is that Eric is slightly slower than Deborah. I quote two popular youtubers: "My personal recommendation for those who want to play the bookish girl: Just hang out with ol' Eric Lachappa because you don't always have to be the fastest player to survive you just have to be faster than Lachappa when Jason's around" -CharminEXSoft Gaming "I wonder what's gonna make him stand out, you know what I mean, like, he's slower than Deborah meaning he can get away less faster. I mean the 1 strength boost or 2 strength boost that he has over Deborah... I- I don't really see him being played a lot, I gotta be honest with you, I think Deborah is the better pick all around... So I'm going to go ahead and say that Deborah is a better choice." -Skilled Apple I'm not saying that these two people are "the all-knowing sages of stat balancing" but what I am saying is that I'm not the only one who has seen this problem and my concerns are shared and valid. (Btw they're both pretty cool so you can watch some of their stuff if you want) The stats for comparison's sake are Stat Eric Lachappa Deborah Kim Composure 4 5 Luck 5 3 Intelligence 10 10 Speed 3 4 Stamina 2 3 Stealth 8 9 Strength 3 1 Basically, the difference is that Eric's 2 extra points in strength are Deborah's 2 points in speed and stamina (shown by the red numbers) Eric's 2 points in luck are from the 1 less in composure and stealth when compared to Deborah. (Shown by the blue numbers) That's it. 4 points moved around in an uninfluential way. There is hardly any difference between the two. At least not anything drastic enough to make them feel unique. I am a fan of the intelligence characters, I played mostly as Deborah when I unlocked her during the beta, I really don't want people to feel as if Eric is subpar or that Deborah is subpar. Neither should be above the other. I hope that others agree with me as well. Something should be done and this is the best way to make it known. Adam's stats were balanced due to a character issue. His stats were not on par with his personality, this is fine and I'm overjoyed to see the way that the team balanced him. It was a tactful and swift resolve. I'm hoping that something similar will be done for this issue. Not simply because I'm unhappy about it, rather it is an important balancing issue between two characters that are so similar that one seems dilatory due to their overbearing resemblance. I've made good points, brought in direct quotes of others who agree with me, and been civil all the way through. This issue merits some sort of attention. If you agree or disagree feel free to discuss, after all that is the point of a forum. If you can think of a way to balance them out then also feel free to share. I'll be following this topic closely since I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of this issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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