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Found 6 results

  1. So I know this might sound stupid but what if they made a NES map? The cabins are there, and could use a car to escape. It would just be not 8bit.
  2. http://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3489138/kane-hodder-dressing-nes-jason-savini-jason-upcoming-convention/ this is really cool.
  3. Won't it be cool if they rework Retro Jason? I mean he could be totally customizable from Jasons Strengths & Weaknesses selection, weapons & grab kills. This way, I think he'll feel more original!
  4. I saw something interesting today playing against someone using retro Jason on Xbox. I was in a house, Jason saw me and came over to the door. I had trapped it and was standing near a window. He broke through the door and and I climbed out the window (hearing the distinctive *clink* of the the bear trap and getting my 50xp for Trapper). Instantaneously as I cleared the window Jason grabbed me out the outside of the building. Dafuq? He walked into the trap and it credited me with the action, but it did nothing to stop him. Later in the same match I was spectating. Saw a counselor go in through that same door and they got caught in my trap. Apparently, it registered as triggered but didn't. Jason comes after that counselor. That counselor resets the trap. Jason grabs her and walks right through the trap. It "triggers" but doesn't snap shut on his foot. Jason kills the counselor. Is this a glitch anyone else has seen happen? Jason wasn't blocking or anything like that. He simply was unaffected by the traps.
  5. I saw someone in another thread related to map questions suggest that they add Crystal Lake from the old NES game to the list. I had been pondering about this myself and his post pushed me to create this thread, so shout outs to @Manny1985 for presenting the idea to the forums first. I would like to see how people think about adding this map to the game, and if they would like the layout. If it a lot of people like it, I will create an official thread in the Suggestion subforum for us. I think the layout is great for the game, roads and paths are already in place. It could maybe use some more trees around the whole map instead of just the two dedicated forest areas, but the caves should be included, and that is where Pamela's head and sweater should be, just as her head was in the old game. The lake could possibly be extended off to the right in order to create an exit for the boat, as there was a rowboat in the original game as well. It actually astounds me how similar the NES game is to this one, now that I think about it. They took inspiration I believe. They could probably recreate the original NES game using assets they already have, but that is another topic altogether. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Retro Crystal Lake as an official map, maybe even with it's classic music recreated?
  6. I shared a video for PS4, as me playing Retro Jason. However when I watched the video, it plays the Pt 3 music instead. Could this be resolved?
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