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Found 28 results

  1. Hi guys i've created this topic to report all the most important issues , glitch/exploit that players encountered during gameplay 1. The famous closet glitch that allow counselors to be immune to any damage plus jason can't seek and destroy you. 2. Next one is the bridge glitch that prevent Jason to grab you or touching you. 3. The rock glitch on Higgins Haven i've seen some people use it yesterday. 4. On Packanack some players managed to get out of map 5. Here the newly glitch on packanack. Everyone i suggest you all to report your issues Glitch/exploit here.
  2. I think there should be a reporting system for trolls. As a counselor, I have been killed by another counselor with a shotgun for no reason. In order to prevent abuse of the reporting system, there should be a check to see if the accused player killed any counselors, where Jason was when they killed a counselor (sometimes when you shoot Jason with the shotgun, you can accidentally kill other counselors), and all reports should be reviewed by either staff or a system similar to Counter Strike's "Overwatch" system. I feel this is a much-needed feature that the game currently lacks.
  3. I tested with few of my friends and find sense ability is too strong, and it might be not intended. Problem : Jason's Sense ability can track counselor who has 0 fear. (they are already marked as red at the beginning of the match) Reason why it might be a bug : In this article shown below, Jason's Sense ability is intended to find counselors with high fear. ( http://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/How_To_Play_Guide_For_Friday_the_13th:_The_Game ) The cooldown time of Sense is very short (15 seconds i guess ?), so he can check across the map by doing "morph - sense - shift - sense" (note that you are being highlighted no matter how scared your character is). And the only way to avoid being detected is hiding in the closet or under the bed.This is kinda too much op ability, and should not be intended. Pardon my poor English. I love this game, so please fix this before everyone has gone due to the broken game balance.
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