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Found 7 results

  1. Something I'd love to be able to do is close doors when I am Jason to allow better chance for those Stalk mode jumpscares. Open doors can be a sign you've been there as Jason, being able to close them could allow you to cover your tracks better and remain undiscovered. Having a counselor open a bathroom door to find you standing there would be an amazing jumpscare opportunity!
  2. I've noticed that those few doors that don't have barricades but just a simple lock on the door knob tend to be not worth locking. Such as the ones at Packanack lodge. He can break those doors down in one swing. Basically the same amount of time it takes for him to simply open it. What do you think? Just close it and run or take the time to lock it?
  3. Seriously this is bad. Jason has to hack at a door rather than opening it when there is a door knob and/or he has access to the bar on the door? This make Jason clunky to play. One of the many other gripes that are not on point. I mean come on!
  4. So this could maybe give councilors advantages or disadvanteges. Simply some doors are locked and you have to crawl through a window which may be open already. I mean, why would you even leave your door unlocked in the first place? Also, if your running away from Jason, and the only way out is through a room, it could leave you trapped and try to juke Jason.
  5. Mods forgive me if there already is a topic like this out there but I didn't see anything while using the search tool. My suggestion is that Jason should be able to barricade doors himself. He did put the cross bar on for the barn in part 3. So why not in game? Imagine being a counselor and you hear the cross bar go down inside a cabin. You go around the corner and there's the big ol' revenant himself. I think it would make chase sequences a lot more tense Maybe it could only be for some Jasons like the human ones The decomposing corpse ones don't really seem to give too much thought into that kind of thing. Thoughts? Comments? Questions?
  6. Perhaps it's just me, but I find when I'm Jason an taking my axe to the fortified door it can take five to six LONG hits and to go through all that for the counsellor to just jump out the window and run away or even see the waiting flare gun/shotgun/melee attack/bear trap waiting is just underwhelming. Granted you can normally catch up and catch them or put traps down at the windows but I would love it (from the POV of Jason & the Counsellor) if Jason had more power and a surprise appearance ability. Like he can go invisible (an in the interest of fairness be unable to attack) then suddenly appear and smash the door in with two to three hits, causing panic and excitement. To me, Jason can't really be to OP. Thoughts?
  7. Apologies if this has already been brought up. A seemingly minor glitch but it keeps happening. Basically, I can't always barricade a door. The game thinks I have done it but actually the barricade / bar doesn't go down, and won't accept further tries. Only way to fix it is to open and shut the door again, then activate the barricade again. Always works second time round. It doesn't happen constantly but does typically happen every match. I'm not sure what's the cause exactly but it seems be the angle at which it's activated. Hope this helps!
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