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  1. For some reason my disc exclusive pack is glitched. It shows the name of the pack with an image of the Halloween costume pack. Can’t use any disc clothing but can use the costumes. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling
  2. Disc exclusive clothing pack is gone, even with disc inserted
  3. Nah she still will have no problem stunning Jason...currently even Deb can stun Jason pretty easily.
  4. I love the idea for this character. however I’m not sure how I feel about a runner/fixer combo. That could affect balance imo.
  5. I said temporary solution as in they could find a better solution that would fix the pitchfork. I like the pitchfork and would like to use it personally.
  6. Weapon swapping won’t fix the problem. It’ll just lead to everyone switching from his signature weapon; that’s surely not fixing the issue. It could be a temporary solution though
  7. I agree. Part 6 too, I think it’s because their weapons have range.
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