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  1. A demask mode would be a waste of time. Here is how every game will play out. 1. Call Tommy 2. You and a friend immediately suicides 3. Have other friend meet you at shack for sweater. 4. Kill Jason or fuck up Jason can be too easy to both kill and escape from. Just as sometimes it can be too easy for Jason. Why? RNG. RNG decides where the objectives are, who gets Tommy, who will wind up with pocket knives, etc.. Whether you are Jason or a counselor you are always at the mercy of RNG. The RNG in this game is terrible sometimes for both items and objectives. You can have games where the cops are called within the first 2 minutes or objectives are placed so close together that Jason doesn't even have to use morph to patrol them. The other problem is the player base. There are too many weak players that act as soloists and who don't come together in a strategic or competitive light. If this game had a 10,000 average player fanbase then 6 months from now you would have games that would be a nightmare to play as Jason. Even excellent F13 players have begun to lose their motivation to improve because of party system glitch never being resolved and the death of game support.
  2. You don't know who I am first of all and all you are trying to do is play up your ego for what you already know is a broken game. What is there to really "run" from? Let me reiterate something to you if you didn't catch it the first time. I AM one of the best on the PC format and have played with all the best. This goes for both counselor and Jason. After the new grab patch I had been killing Jasons 2-3 times a day without it even being a focal point of what I want to do. Everybody including the top Jason killers I know all agree that killing Jason is too easy and his only saving graces are glitches. Even the top Jason killer I knew admitted it's like a scam. There is nothing new you are telling me and all you did was garble up the things I said and threw it back up calling it your own while inserting all kinds of passive aggressive insults to make you feel good about yourself. It's kind of pathetic. Not to mention this is a dead game with a decreasing player base so it's even more pathetic. It's like saying you're a top player in a game like White Noise. I mean I feel a little bad having 1k hours in this game knowing the amount of players are shrinking, but damn even if that weren't the case it's pointless to brag because the game is broken. Look at Ahab's post, he said it himself: A full well coordinated team can kill almost any Jason easily, but hey you already know that don't you? Ahab is clearly more active than you on this forum so I can assume he has just as much knowledge about this game if not more than you. All I did was suggest a ways to make the game more exciting and interesting. If you think about there are what...? 5 ways to win a match? Two vehicles, Police, Let the time run out and of course Kill Jason. Are you too poor at doing objectives that having that latter option would just make it impossible or do you just enjoy torturing people who just bought the game on sale? Is it too overwhelming for you if the shack spawned somewhere else than the exact same two places? How about learning a new way to kill Jason, is it hard for you to learn? Speaking of a broken game and easy demasking, what are the chances you or someone in your little group used exploits for the demask? Do you stun after pocket knife? Hit Jason through doors (which is still possible)? Sweater cancel by dropping item since they patched the emote work around? How about this one: Stand next to a bear trap, let Jason grab you, Jason's new grab puts him on the trap unknowingly and letting you free, then uh-oh double tap with an axe! Don't grab in groups? Uh okay, slashing still leaves a window open for other players to hit you. Blocking still allows you to take damage. Speaking of blocking, the radius is all fucked up anyway. You would think it would be a half circle around Jason, but I know the angle where if Jason comes through a doorway, I can hit him and there is nothing he can do about it! How about projectile weapons, something Jason can't really fight against. Ever sneak up and shoot a Jason while he's putting a trap down. Oh damn, that's 20% mask damage isn't it?
  3. That was a big post, but I can tell just from this sentence I glanced at " Of course that's a drag, but what are you suggesting here? We should prevent people from cheating? O RLY? " None of it is worth reading.
  4. This is that good ol' toxic mentality I like to bring up. If something is brought up that doesn't 100% benefit somebody then they are going to complain and won't admit to all the strats he relies on that make could make it nigh impossible pending on the circumstances. I'm going to assume this guy didn't even read my first post entirely because I mention a lot of what he says in terms of strats. Too bad he doesn't address people often spawn near the Tommy house if not inside it. More so we have other issues that don't only make it too easy to kill Jason, but even just doing objectives. The medic perk for example. If two people equip it and just tank traps right away, Jason can't do anything about it. Let's also not forget it takes one discord call to say "Hey I am stepping on the car trap" while someone as the phone box has plenty of time to fix and call if it's a -Morph Jason. Also there are plenty of Jason killers that cheat! A pretty well known one was actually ban for it recently and is currently running around on an alt account. There is also a different Jason killer guy who uses all kinds of cheats such as duplicating firecrackers and despite video of him admitting he cheats he still taunts calling people pussies while running around with the infinite stamina glitch. This is SEVEN versus ONE if you haven't forgot. Even if Jason blocks, he is still screwed because he can still get demasked! In one game I was hit by Adam with a machete in combat stance before killing him, then said guy comes back as Tommy and goes to the shack with a girl already waiting for him. I block, he demasks me.. I got demasked from two hits including one I blocked! (potent ranger+thrasher).
  5. I have all the achievements for PC including Final Chapter (Play as Jason 1000 times). While I don't know the xbox player base too well, I can say if knowledgeable players coordinated enough then Jason would lose 90% of the time. The medic perk alone is broken as someone like Bubsy can equip it and intentionally step on traps over and over making Jason unable to retrap anything. The only things that can save Jason against a team of mostly 150's intent on killing him are 1) Glitches 2) Worst player is Tommy or sweater girl 3) Prevent Tommy from ever being called 4) Over confidence Just today on my first game since patch, we killed Jason.
  6. I would say I am a great Jason and a somewhat above average counselor. When I first got this game, I would see Jason die maybe once a week. Now as a counselor I see him die atleast 2-3 times a day. It would probably be a lot more if it was always my intention to kill him. New players also have a tendency to grab prematurely and is quickly countered by Axes, Machetes, etc. Lack of body block now doesn't help Jason either. It's pretty funny to watch, but I would hate to be a new player and constantly die as Jason on their first day of getting this game. Then there is also the issue as Jason where people want to kill me. I rarely die and have not died in a long time having wised up to a lot of these tactics. Hugging walls, targeting the worst, targeting females, slashing, trapping power boxes, etc.. Precautions can only goes so far and when projectile weapons such as the shotgun (which takes 20%!!), flare guns and even firecrackers can deal damage plus demask it's an issue. Then there is also the common scenario in which counselors will intentionally group around an objective with weapons as a means to lure you in to stop the objective while pummeling you with melees. It's frustrating because as Jason there is nothing you can do in these scenarios other than take the damage I will inevitably receive or just let them finish the objective. Then there is also the scenario where people will either group up in a small room or the shack and wait until the time runs out because as Jason you're pretty much asking to get your wig split if you go in. This focus on bullying Jason which the game now revolves around also adds a layer of toxicity to the game. Whenever I get into one of the above mentioned scenarios, I keep hearing things like "you pussy", "shitty Jason" and "Why is Jason running from counselors? lol!" as a means to rile me up when they know how easy it is to kill Jason. Then when I manage to oust them by either taking out Tommy or sweater girl, I realize they didn't even try to do any of the objectives. One time a streamer I use to be friends with just ran circles around the map as Vanessa with a Bubsy collecting sprays and knives. They actually had all the knives on the map, but neither of them even attempted to do any of the obejctives.. they didn't even tank the traps despite having the Medic perk. When I asked "What the hell were you guys doing" they responded "We were going to kill you, but Tommy was an idiot!", "Why would you want to kill me if I am on your friends list?", "Well I can just take you off!!!!". Last time I played against a group trying to kill me, I got so frustrated because the group got as far as getting the car started (with no traps on the door!) but once they realized they had a bad Tommy they didn't even try to escape. They just ran around still trying to hit me with melees until they all died. With that said, I would like to make a few suggestions that I think could go a long way. Make the sweater a random spawn Think about it. This game needs to get back on track by making experienced counselors do objectives. It would also force counselors to improve their game more productively rather than relying entirely on just one method. We need to bring the fear of Jason back in the game even if it's a new player. I'm not saying that the sweater spawning be extremely rare, but have it appear say 1 out of 5 games. This way when all the stars aligned it can feel more special and rewarding because it is no longer common. Add different shack locations This one might not be doable under the current circumstances, but one issue I take with is that everybody knows the shack locations. Let's change it up and instead of 2 predetermined spots for each map, how about 4.. or 6? Make new ways to kill Jason This one is definitely not doable, but it would be cool if there were more difficult and inventive ways to kill Jason. Say for example if there was a Forest Green map. Knock Jason's mask off, have a female counselor get the sweater in the shack without setting the alarm. Use it on the boat when you see Jason on the radar. Tommy and Sweater girl take the boat and re-enact the ending to Part 6.
  7. You can still knife stun by the way. I don't want to elaborate on this further, but there is a... signal that tells you when to hit. You can also still easily chain stun using the bear traps. It doesn't help that the bear traps, flare guns and even the firecrackers can now demask.
  8. I thought I would reflect on the could be and would be features in the game we were and still are wanting to happen one day. Some of these never made it past the kickstarter pitch, but I thought it'd be fun to spectate a little on how they could have worked. I will be adding things to this as they are brought up. Should Have Had Weekly Events This one is funny as nobody ever mentions it. On the front of the website it mentions Weekly Events with some place holder goals. Obviously this would have been similar to Dead By Daylight's feature. I am curious what the incentive would have been if there were any to do them. Pamela My personal most wanted addition to the game. Though it seems whenever she gets brought up, it's quickly shot down for some reason. I think this could have still been done, but instead of making her another Jason killer she should have her own mode. One idea I had was for it to take place in a modified version of the Crystal Lake map. No weapons or items and the only escape would be the boat. Maybe no music either until Pamela grabs and kills somebody? Pamela could still be killed however by a male counselor wearing the hockey mask and the female counselor grabbing the axe which would be placed in extremely hard to find areas. I'd also have this mode happen randomly so nobody expects it when Pamela comes out instead of Jason. Wheelchair Mark My second most wanted addition. Had many hilarious discussions on how to implement him in the game. Maybe give him infinite stamina, but he can't go up stairs or through windows? If he's grabbed while in a car, game over for him. Camp Blood, Manhattan, Grendel, SS Lazarus, Forest Green Grendel we knew for sure, but it sounds like Forest Green and SS Lazarus were in the works. Manhattan and Grendal would have awesome if anything just a map that isn't another forest. Then there are original maps that could have happened like Camp Blood. I pictured that one as a map with lots of fog, dilapidated cabins, no electricity and occasionally candles here and there. Maybe a map based on the NES Game? Additional Counselors I'm pretty sure there was more planned for this down the road. Maybe Alice, Ginny, Julius, Jimmy, Demon? Then of course hero characters Kay-Em, Creighton Duke and Tina for their respective maps. Additional Costumes/Colors Pajamas and Space Suits for Grendel. Not sure what else could have been added. Various Kills With three kill packs out, it seems that adding a kill pack for every Jason was the trajectory they were going with this. We're also still missing in kills in the pitch such as the Guitar Smash, Drill and Streamed Death. Retro Retaliation Maybe a new 8 Bit game similar to the recent Curse of the Moon? Paranoia Mode Who knows for sure what was in store for this one, but I would picture something similar to the Pamela mode I suggested. Car Customization? Heard this brought up a few times awhile back. Not sure if it was real or not. Retro Part 3 Seems there was talk of him being his own Jason. Give him glow in the dark green bloody skins. Could (Maybe Still) Have Had? Leader Boards This could technically be done whether or not there is official involvement. A list showing who broke the most doors and windows? Who killed the most Jasons? Which Jason's have killed the most counselors. I speculate there is a file in the PC version somewhere that stores all this information similar to the console version, but that remains to be seen. Although if that data is out there, I think any implemented leader boards should have a fresh start because so many people play carelessly sometimes. As far as the categories like Best Jason and Counselor is concerned, I would make it ratio based. For example in order to qualify in the "Best Jason" board you would have at least killed 1000 Counselors and have a higher ratio of kills over escapes. The "Best Counselor" would also have to have a higher escape ratio over death with at least 1000 escapes. Anybody can still be in the Most Kills/Escapes without the ratio stipulation though. Jason Edit Mode With all the crazy texture swapping glitches lately, it made me think how cool an official edit mode could be. Imagine being able to change the color of the mask, overalls and even the weapon. I'd set this as a level 150 unlock. Lobby Customization Lobby leader could pick options such as which Vehicles and more Traps turn Yellow when activated This still gets brought up. The objective is red, the trap is red, the previous trap I put there is red? Why not throw us a bone here? Splatter House Inspired Jason Maybe another original Jason design inspired by the Splatter House games? Part 3 Glow in the Dark Mask Imagine how scary and hilarious to see Jason's mask glowing in the dark. Various Bug Fixes Currently the party system is the biggest complaint. This is followed by the Suicide-Escape glitch and Random characters. Jason Perk System Had many discussions about this. Allow Jason to equip one perk. Some ideas I had were 50% Override a pocket knife, only works once Increased Stun Resistance in Rage Mode Increased Weapon Damage when mask is off
  9. Yes! I forgot to mention that and I have figured out what triggers it. If the Jason is in combat stance, sometimes he can get too close to the door while swinging which allows the counselor to do the stun. Alternatively you could avoid this by doing the normal animation. Only problem with that is once the door is broken the counselor can get a free hit. It is best to use the old method which is to use combat stance, but take a step back after every swing.
  10. I typically play as Retro Part 3, but sometimes as of late I have been getting random Jason's with the retro skin. So far I have played as every Jason with this skin except for part 2, which I had the pleasure of seeing someone else do. Weapon swap still applies but only for slashing and breaking doors.. In the intro the random Jason gives me will have his default weapon and then my axe will turn into a spear for their respective weapon kills. I've also spotted some other oddities which I am not sure if they modifications the player did or the game itself glitching out. Besides the retro skin being applied to other Jasons, I have never had these happen to me.. it kind of looks like counselor clothes are being applied to him. Some of these are actually pretty bad ass looking. Here are some examples https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1394358856 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1398362616 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1398362513 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1398362690 Also in PineHurst, in the middle south cabin there is a door that flickers when it is left open.
  11. Posts like this reflect on the core problem that it is the counselors not improving. Too many people play as soloists who only they, themselves want to escape. Only the more advanced people aim for "counselor wins" over "personal wins". Jason is suppose to kill people. One or two people are going to die even if the grab had 1/2 inch radius. He is suppose to be overpowered, that's the whole point. Yet with team work SOME people can escape and if Jason is really bad maybe everyone. The idea of games like this is to bring people together to overcome overwhelming odds. I could see your point if Jason could morph and shift at any given time.. but he can't! He can't be two places at once. Every morph leaves an objective unattended. Every shift allows somebody else to get away. Also there are no guarantees to any of Jason's grabs or abilities. Just because somebody trigger a trap, doesn't mean Jason can suction them 20ft away for instadeath. Jason grab too easy? Okay.. well it's real simple. Create a line of separation go into a cabin. That is what they are designed for and there are plenty of them! The problem with the 6-7 pocket knives we use to have and how that in itself made players worse. Multiple games would end with Jason chasing one or two Vanessas carrying 2-3 pocket knives. This was intentional as their goal wasn't actually to do any of the objectives, but just to let the time run out and have fun taunting Jason.
  12. Okay and since Jason has a delay between every strike, I can easily stun him right back and heal because I am not a noob that runs around empty handed. Sure it CAN work, but easily countered.
  13. Let me make some very clear. It IS still easy to kill noobs and the unfortunate one or two people who know what they are doing, but stuck with them. It can be EASY to get 8/8 in that scenario which can be quite common because there is now an influx of people who forgot they even own the game. My comments aren't about getting 8/8 by killing some randoms. It's about being evenly matched by legitimate full teams. What you say sounds fine on the surface, but underestimates that potential for advanced teams to exploit it. As I pointed out, even body blocking is gone which forces you to spam that choke kill oh people complain so much about... if you manage to pull it off. Plus I already covered slashing. it's can be overridden by Medic perk. Same with traps. Counselors can potentially have 12-15 medsprays with that perk. All these comments saying things like "welcome challenge" lack real substance to the problem. If you are so into welcoming challenge and difficulty, then what was wrong with the last grab? Not only could I get 8/8 multiple times, I have even escaped multiple times. Also just to bring the point home, that I I just didn't buy this game. Here is a screenshot of me getting max score even with the new grab https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1397382246
  14. One on going problem with combat stance is auto target which feels like the range for it has now been expanded. I had a Vanessa exploit this by getting just close enough to me so I would miss the door I was attempting to break. Then of course if I went into the normal animation they would have just ran up and hit me. I see no reason why auto target is even in this game and atleast not an option to turn it off.
  15. I make a whole explanation with examples and you are still not sure. Okay You sound like the guy who told me that people who solely try to kill Jason won't all be darting straight to the shack after demask.
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