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  1. Early alpha looked much better than now. Do something with it already, Gun media and Ill Fonic... i never wanted to play very downgraded game.
  2. We are came to discuss what happened with animations, not about your stuff
  3. Maybe they need fix the optimization first, then try to make in-betweens smooth as possable. This will make game much better.
  4. It's actually sad how bad game looks like because of it. They still have the chance to back a little smoothness of animations, specially the walking and falling animations, not really anything else.
  5. Hello, i want to ask why you guys ruined the animations? You know walking animations or anything like this was soooooo smooth before! Or like water particles also get ruined, and many other visuals has broken. Also even weapon droping! like in beta. You downgrade it for some reason, and im sad about it. I'd like to see it back. Also would be cool if you add settings such as FoV slider. From your fan, bitsy, not a real surprice tho.
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