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  1. I assume anything regarding Jasons traps would have been included in 'Jason changes'. Underneath all the other crap that happened last patch was that Jason traps were further nerfed so that now you can no longer replace traps. Plus the fact that its so hard to tell which taps have been triggered. The latter especially the fix is so simple but th ebenefit to the Jason player would be enormous. So many times I have morphed to the wrong place because I don't know which trap is triggered
  2. This has had happened a few times to me in online. I've found that spamming grab fixes it.
  3. @GunMedia_Ben Hi, can I ask did you want dedicated servers for console very shortly after release? If not, how did you envisage player's reactions to getting kicked if for example they were Jason and killed the host, bearing in mind you can go many games without being Jason? If you did want console to very quickly be on a par with PC, why is it over half a year still with no sign of them?
  4. The Dev's idea of communication is to give some brief vague nothing statement saying 'we're looking into it'. How about actually engaging & discussing the ideas and problems the experienced players have here. All that will happen is they will come back with some minor changes, probably breaking a few other things in the process, and people will again complain. The last 'bug fix' did not even solve the most common bugs, and added some new ones to boot.
  5. Yeah backers paid and got a character with unique and arguably the best combo of stats, so technically it is P2W. I'm not too bothered about it but certainly wouldn't want anything else like that.
  6. I said in another thread, the only reason for this kind of system is to cover for the fact that only a few of the perks are truly worthwhile, so if it wasn't randomised everyone would have very similar perk choices.
  7. I get weird sounds like that as well as when climbing through a window I hear a trap noise.
  8. What? The only thing XP is good for is the awful perk casino system. A system which invariably spends your hard earned xp on duplicates or the same trash perks over and over.
  9. lol people don't play games to get xp. Its a real bugbear of mine lately that people are regarding games like an 'unlocking items' simulator. Escaping (and helping others to) should be the sense of achievement. Often the Tommy player is a noob though, they don't know his function and understandably are just trying to survive. Others I agree are idiots repairing the car and then driving off solo.
  10. Yes but obviously so much easier for them if they could kill you with a weapon
  11. No. Every troll will get their kicks from using the (ample) shotguns to kill you. Already I have had enough of the trolls who follow and strike you. It would be utter bedlam with the amount of trolls and children this game for some reason attracts.
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