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  1. Welcome to the forums!
  2. So with this latest update, door combat has been fixed. Counselor's can no longer hit Jason through a door, but Jason can hit a counselor. Well it seems that people have found a way around that already, they can hit Jason through the window! What do you guys think? Do you think this should be changed? I don't personally have a problem with it, but so many people were happy about the door combat fix, I can't imagine they are too happy with the window combat.
  3. I love rabbits. All types of rabbits! ?
  4. This most recent has truly saved the game imo. The single player challenges are so much fun and I can't wait to complete them all. Online play hasn't really changed much, but I don't notice it's gotten any worse. This game has improved so much since the first time I played it back in September and I can't wait to see it improve even more. Can't wait for paranoia, and Jason X + Grendel, and whatever else is to come. Does anyone else agree?
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    okay I have one that I think is pretty weird. A slice of kraft cheese on a slice of apple pie. I think I saw it in a Shane Dawson video once lol
  6. justice4all


    I LOVE mayo on french fries! Thats the only thing I dip my fries in!
  7. I don't think it's really fair to do this. If someone has worked to unlock all of the counselors, they should be able to play as who ever they want. How is having two or more of one counselor really affecting gameplay?
  8. i think this is the best idea i've seen on the forums in a while!
  9. im so excited for this! my summer break is going to be filled with hours of single player challenges ☀️
  10. im so excited for this! it feels like we've been waiting forever and its finally here!!!
  11. I don't think you should just expect to get a certain rare perk just because you wasted 2 hours and a lot of CP. The whole thing with the perk system is that it's random. There are very low chances of you getting the exact perk that you want. If the game detected what perks you already have, you could get all of the rares in a small amount of time, which probably isn't how the devs or anyone else wants it.
  12. A few of my favorites are: -"what up, im jared, im 19, and i never fuckin' learned how to read" -"road work ahead? uhh yeah i sure hope it does!" -"i want a church girl, who go to church, and reeeaadd her bibleeeee" -"miss keisha? miss keisha? omfg she's fuckin' dead" leave your favorites below don't forget to like and subscribe
  13. Thanks for joining the forums! What platform do you play on?
  14. Part 4 always locks me in place and deactivates my abilities. He's still my main though.
  15. what if multiple people had this perk in a lobby? then everyone would have keys
  16. White, Black, and Hispanic ✌️
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