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  1. I acutally think Jason is fun to play as... So what if i lose its a game for christ sake... Don't like that you're not Jason don't play it!
  2. Don't Shoot the Speculator yall... Now im not saying they will change it a little bit and balance it, but Roy is definitely the only killer in this game mode.
  3. What is Paranoia? Who is the antagonist? I'm here to explain to you. ***Keep in mind this is all speculation and not confirmed by the devs*** Okay so lets get started. Paranoia is gonna be the same exact thing as the normal gamemode but with a twist. The killer will only be Roy... how can i speculate this? How can i back this up? Well there are 2 things to back my theory. #1: In the trailer we see a glimpse of the Roy mask from part V accompanied by the famous black dots and one blue Dot. (Being that Roy's mask has blue on it.) #2: Also in the trailer we see a hashtag that says "#whoisfiVe" while the V being blue this points in the direction of Part V. (Roy's Mask has blue markings on it, as stated above.) So in theory that we are getting Roy but only in this gamemode. Also this gamemode will focus on more of a hard core style mode. No teleportation, No Sense and No Stalk! Classic Murder style gameplay. What are your thoughts? Let me know!
  4. As i said you can only do it in stalk mode... but it would be cool if it was a Environmental kill too, right? He grabs you and rips your face off!
  5. So idk why this wasn't added in the first place, but why not add Jason grabbing people through windows, but the cost of being in stalk mode! Jason has grabbed people through windows before in the movies but why not in the game? Also what about another way of making peoples fear higher? like dragging a body and placing it somewhere? Good ideas? Let me know.
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