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  1. Dear Forum Readers, I have a great idea to make this game reach its full potential! First, I’ve searched through forums on this site, and while there are forums on “make the spawn preference better”, there is nothing on this exact topic that I can find... So this is a no bitching zone. Now the idea. Gun media announced they intended to fix spawn preferences, here’s an idea how. Why don’t they, after adding dedicated servers, add a Dead by Daylight style spawn preference, where if you want to be Jason you host, and anyone else just joins the game. I think it’s an awesome idea to fix one of the most frustrating things about this game. What’s your opinion? Thank you!
  2. The thing that makes it different is me just coming up with ideas to change it instead of just complaining about it ?
  3. If not allowed admin please delete. Anyone else agrivated by spawn preference never working. I have Jason preferred and get him once every 10-12 games. My friends NEVER want to be Jason and select counselor. They get him like once in six or so games and I just don’t get it. Once we get dedicated servers could we have preference match where only one or two Jason preferds get in a game? And fix the counselor preference where they NEVER get Jason. Many people don’t like being Jason and quit as soon as they get picked. Thank you!
  4. I hope so! Many people hate the stock Jason’s. Savini Jason, and Jason part 2 are the only ones I use. Personally I think all the Jason’s are good in their own way. People need to try them all to decide what works for them. In the future I’ll be excited to see the new Jason’s anyway, and hopefully down the road you can customize Jason’s a tad. Try all the Jason’s you can and see what you like.
  5. I’m not to great at shift grabbing yet. Are you supposed To grab instead of ending shift? Any other tips? Thank you!
  6. Anyone else seen the super cool previous limited edition Jason and thought wow I wish I had that. That’s me. I missed the initial limited edition. I can’t complain, because it’s my fault I missed it, however I think it would be cool to have a new limited edition Jason at some point. What does everyone else think?
  7. I bought this game last week. I have had few games with good connections. I have high speed internet and struggle with no other game. I believe my issue is, the game connecting me with players across the world. It’s so frustrating to try to play with 400 ping. Please add regional connections, so I can connect to local hosts and get back down under 100 ping where I have played few games of Friday the 13th. Thank you!
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