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  1. I have found none since the "increased" chance to find them hell before I use to find a Pamela tapes every other game even though I had all 20
  2. I am always for everyone having there own opinion and being able to voice it but, I disagree with the thought that the developers are actively targeting a specific age demographic. Their job is to try and sell there product and make it appealing I feel the responsibility on the age of the players fall more on parents a 9 year old doesn't have the money or capability to just buy this game or games like it, also its a parents responsibility to manage the content there child is exposed to if a kids parent is fine with them playing a game like this then that is what it is and if somehow they are unaware of what type of game there kid is playing that's still on them I'm not sure how this can fall back to being bad practices by the developers.
  3. I use to main Chad and still go back to him every now and again but I've switched to maining Shelly since he was added I think he's fun to play as and a good all around character
  4. I respectfully disagree since the patch I still have had matches where I've gone 8/8 several matches not all the time but I still do decent as Jason
  5. My thoughts on pre Uber Jason and those upset he won't be in the game, no one ever said he won't be so instead of people being bummed just wait and see a confirmed Uber Jason is all we have for now guys
  6. So there is a thread that is locked to further comments I recently came across with people's opinions of the development team for the way in which they brought us the bots, a lot of complaints and slander towards the dev team one such thing I saw as calling them shady. I've had this game for awhile and been on the forums for a bit and have yet to see any shadiness, part of me wishes the devs would start doing like most big game companies and charge for every piece of content so the negative people can see what they actually do for the fans/consumers. Think of a game on launch you only have 1 Jason unlocked oh you want the other paid dlc, you want more maps paid dlc, characters from the movie like Fox,Mitch,Shelly and Tommy oh pay for them to, Virtual cabin paid dlc, single player mode pay for it, they keep adding more content and giving it away for free, yet so many still complain, at the end of the day game studios are a business they need to make a profit and in a society where most companies think we need as much profit as possible for me it's nice to see a Indy company giving fan service offering so much for free just to get kicked in the teeth for it. Sorry for this rant I know there are people on here who will wholeheartedly disagree with me I don't even mind if this thread gets deleted just wanted to say my piece because there is to much toxicness in our society today not just this forum we have a culture of give me give me everything exactly how want it now give me more with no appreciation and it's sad to me.
  7. I got so hyped when I completed VC the third time and got the Jason X tease I love all the films but this one has some fond school time memories for me, plus come on Uber Jason what's not to love
  8. I've heard of these self imposee rules as well and only use them in private matches with the regulars I play with, public matches however is anything goes the only rule I make for myself is to learn immediately which counselor is the host and unfortunately leave them to kill last to prevent host rage quitting
  9. @RAGEVIRUS we know you don't like the VC common sense would dictate that a thread talking about appreciating it isn't for you, that being said I agree with this thread being a fan of the series this was a very nice and entertaining additions not only pulling at your franchise knowledge but puzzle solving skills to. A nice little game mode addition to an already fun game.
  10. Okay so just I noticed Badges for Jason do not count in offline mode I understand and am totally cool with trophies not counting but, was really hoping badges would count
  11. I like it I find it fun, it's another way to get exp and you don't have to deal with people I know we all have experienced some rough public matches before so this is a nice way to keep playing and take a break from the occasional public match hell
  12. Hey any help with this several friends I play with have bought the new kills for part 7 Jason but Everytime I go to the PlayStation store to buy them all that is there are the previous 4 dlc, I want to buy these kills why aren't they showing up
  13. I agree, also trust ole combat stance and block. If he stuns you once with that little technique odds are he will try it Everytime you approach bait him into swinging combat stance real fast and block then he's yours to grab
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