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  1. Really? I can still crush a full lobby as Jason. It's a weak match for me if I'm Jason and kill only 4/8. I find too many people are REACTIVE. People playing as Jason hear gas going into a car and they immediately morph. I can easily do the same as a counselor, and I'll creep around inside a cabin for several minutes while Jason searches and searches while I'm on the other side of a wall. I think of what people EXPECT me to do as counselor/Jason, and use that against them. My beef has always been with how rudimentary the programming is. As an example, if you spectate 2 or more couneslors who are being chased, each time you switch cameras, the "scary" music starts playing from the beginning, instead of playing as one continuous track like any other proper game. When I noticed this it indicated how immature the devs are as programmers...
  2. @Sagremort Meh, I'm willing to throw them a bone and see if they come. Apparently there are non-disclosure agreements preventing them from discussing details. This kind of change involves working with Sony and Microsoft etc so it's not just the guys over at Gun involved. Every time they create a new patch, it has to get verified by Sony and MS before it's allowed to be uploaded. I'm as pissed off as other people at the high rate of rage-quitters but I'm not giving up. I think people saying "they're not coming" are a little mistaken if they think it's a quick fix. And every time you make a change you open the door to new bugs. So overhauling the way the game networks its users is opening a floodgate of potential problems they will address like any other developer. This is far from a quick patch like some people seem to think.
  3. I understand what @Gunmedia_Ben is saying but it's absolutely enraging that I rarely seem to finish more than 40% of the matches. Tonight I started 2 and both hosts dropped so I quit the game. I'm tired of sitting here for half an hour or more before I can actually enter a lobby that plays through. About 4 months ago there was a message here or a tweet that said you'd have dedicated servers coming and it takes "a couple of months" — but suddenly 4 months later you can't say anything because of NDAs? @thatdudescott — I don't want a gaming PC. I am an adult who understands the pros and cons and it is not what I want, so there.
  4. They said they were going to move to dedicated servers maybe 4 months ago but that was the last mention. And here I am like a fucking idiot trying to play and getting dropped by rage-quitting hosts. I refuse to buy any future titles by these people at this rate.
  5. You're almost completely on the other side of a window but if Jason tries to grab or swings at you, you're suddenly now back on the starting side, where Jason is. And as it has happened a few times, I will try to jump through (full health) but for some reason it doesn't happen. And now as Jason I've noticed you can be right beside someone and miss a grab. In fact I've missed 3 grabs in a row with the counselor right next to me. If my counselor has practically reached the other side of the window s/he shouldnt be placed back on the starting side by a missed swing/grab. Oh and do something about the damn rage-quitters.
  6. Well the devs announced a better fix would come in a couple of months, and that was ~5 months ago, but no update.... (the humor is not lost on me ;))
  7. The frequency it's discussed should make the devs realize how important it is to get a move on. People have asked for updates because the timeframe they gave has long since passed with no communication. They were communicating so much in the initial weeks that it seems like they've snuck away. I know it's not perfect but it's better to make 5% suffer here and there than what feels like almost a majority of players experiencing this on a regular basis. How often do you actually get dropped due to a bad connection? Not that often I bet.
  8. You just have to suck it up and deal with the ban. Very few people will suffer compared to the volume of complaints on a daily basis regarding rage quitters. If you've got a bad connection, either you need to fix it or it's temporary and you'll get banned for 15 minutes and be back in no time. Of course it wouldn't be popular, but I'd annoy a small percentage of users than, like I said, the volume of people who have to deal with many rage quitters daily. Even if it's not 15 minutes, it could be 10. Something to make it less enticing to just up and leave because they dont like wht's going on. The better suggestion is dedicated servers, but ... gee... that's SUPPOSED to be happening... *eyeroll*
  9. Ban hosts who rage-quit for at least 10 minutes, automatic, then get dedicated servers going. Or have they really stopped caring since they're in the black now?
  10. A player used the sweater to stun me (Jason) and I got out of it quickly, but I got stuck and couldn't move around. I pressed Shift right as I was coming out of stun so maybe pressing it a split-second too early overlapped with the stun and caused a conflict. I recall pressing it 2 or 3 times before it kicked in. However, the camera would 'float' around like when you shift but without moving forward. If I morphed, I would change locations but still not be able to walk. I tried shifting one more time and nothing. Then I pressed Grab and it released and I could walk. I only just noticed there's a bug thread but it appears to be hijacked by tangents so I'm posting this.
  11. Earlier today I killed 5 out of 7 but it said I killed 7 out of 7. Then a few minutes ago, I killed 9 out of 8 players. (in fact I killed 7 out of 8, so it seems like it adds two in both instances) It's correct in saying there were 7 or 8 people, respectively, in the match. But I know both total-killed #s were embellished.
  12. I'd rather not have posted anything but can't delete this so here you are....
  13. I don't see why they can't implement a temporary ban for rage-quitters of, say, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Similar to Rocket League. They can sort out long term bans for repeat offenders as they develop their system but if rage quitters actually got punished for rage-quitting, it wouldn't be so bad. The moment that 12 year old realizes "if I quit now, I can't just hop back on right away" they might reconsider.
  14. Yeah, communication is key to a healthy relationship. It's a part of good customer service and encourages me to support them further.
  15. I'm aware which is why I posted in the first place. Not to sound terse but TBH anytime I tried to seek out info it was really difficult getting past this in the discussion. The pattern didn't seem to fit that of slow download speed, mostly since my service is 18 megabits down, 1.4 megabit up, but also because of how badly the download speed could yo-yo for a couple of hours. With that, and a good ping, I suspected it was a hardware issue. What we determined through troubleshooting is I'm receiving the full 18 megabits/s download but my modem/router is failing. I'll know for sure when I install a new one. Right up to the line coming into my home I received the full down/up speed. The modem itself reported a signal-to-noise ratio of <10 dB, around 6.5 dB. This is way too much noise on the line and was causing my download speed to yo-yo between 18 megabit and zero. Usually not zero, but sometimes it would full-on disconnect. If you're having trouble like me, check your modem's SNR ratio. It should be a minimum of 10 dB for download. (this isn't speed — dB is decibels and represents a ratio) Part of the reason I wondered if it was the game itself is most other games don't have connection problems this bad. But F13 doesn't seem to manage connections as well as other games I play (I don't think I've ever seen a ping under 100 ms on F13).
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