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  1. That sounds fair but considering Jasons stun resistance depending on which Jason you pick of course :/ high level players would basically always win if they were grouped up together. I think killing Jason squads should come to an end. Sure try it...I mean it is a gold trophy after all but it should be balanced out to where escape is the best option if you can get away with it. This game can have a really good fear factor and I love that. But besides that low quality perks should suck and high quality perks should help you a lot more in some way I like that idea.
  2. Suckerpunch and Swift attacker are kinda nasty if people gang up on you.
  3. Hey @ShiftySamurai are we gonna get our disc version blood skins back? I miss mine. I loved rocking it even though you get the heavier ones at high level lol
  4. I never used to have so many problems blocking attacks until after the patch released. Is that a bug or was it just nerfed?
  5. Does he need it? I have some games where I have almost no issues being Jason, but then there are games with very experienced players that can easily destroy Jason it seems even if he blocks. If this have been talked about before I apologize. The Knife and med spray nerf was perfect but I do think we need a slight buff towards defense.
  6. I am hoping for that as well. I cannot wait for Paranoia!
  7. I feel like I could of worded this a little better lol I just think it would be neat to be jump scared by Jason out of no where and be afraid of him, in most of my matches I easily kill Jason :') I am aware that they are looking into the balance but just an interesting suggestion I had, I still love the game no matter what happens.
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