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  1. reached level 100 this morning and feeling awesome about it :D


  2. XB1 - Moonchildx1975 add me if you like to play a full match!! I'm not one to leave once I die
  3. Thanks!! I was just searching for a thread like this!! that's awesome. thank you so much!!
  4. Thank you! This is the first game I've taken total interest in. I try to be the best host I can be until it kicks me off the game ?
  5. I see players leave during matches all the time so I tend to host my own games and I get multiple messages asking to stay in the game. I keep wondering why they leave and why they don't stick around to get the points? Do they still get points even if they leave?
  6. my name is Ashley! & I've been a fan of F13 since I was 16 (now 26) my brother got me the movies for Christmas. So Jason is hands down my favorite. I'm so happy about this game and I'm level 89! I wish I would have joined the forums sooner!!
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