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  1. “I can’t figure out how to play the game!! It’s too difficult and not hard enough at the same time!! Worst game ever!!! Even though I’m done playing im gonna continue to post about how bad this game is. It’s definitely the game and not me”.... Learn to play or gtfo. (Logs off and takes cover)
  2. I feel you brother. I also find Jason’s weapon range to be lacking a majority of the time. Hope they increase it slightly in the next patch.
  3. I know I’m late to the party but I found a tape and the host left. I still got the tape tho soooo idk maybe I’m lucky. 2 Pam tapes and 1 tommy at lvl 38 all found on different days of the week. The whole Friday spawn rate is bs imo
  4. Tbh SJ sucks lmao whenever I play against him he’s lucky to get 3 kills. My friend backed the game and he hates SJ. Sure he looks cool but can’t run so it’s easy to get away. He was meh ok before the grab nerf but now he’s almost unplayable. Ive even seen him get killed more than once. My only kill was a SJ. Just my opinion and experience of course.
  5. IMO his grab needs to be buffed slightly and so does his weapon swing radius. I’ve been right no top of people and somehow missed with a grab and my weapon. Being a counselor is supposed to be hard but I haven’t had much trouble at all lately. As far as Jason goes I’m pretty up and down some games I can’t get anybody and some I kill them all. Even though I play as a counselor 90% of the time I’d like to see Jason be stronger and more successful than he is. Surviving isn’t much of a challenge for me anymore ?
  6. The blue dot definitely represents the killer. Roy’s mask had blue on it so I’m sure that’s the reason for the blue dot. Other than that we’ll just have to wait and see. A lot of thought is put into game modes such as this so I’m sure when the day comes it’ll be worth the wait. I’m looking forward to the change of pace it’ll provide, including the mind games that will be implemented by the killer. Can’t wait.
  7. I hack and slash a lot as Jason. It seems to cause a lot of butthurt but isn’t that what Jason does? I’m sick of pocket knives being jammed into my throat so if you don’t wanna die don’t let me get on top of you. Works well for me... sometimes.
  8. I believe it. I played a lot of 360 COD in my day and that was some toxic stuff man haha people don’t act like that irl or at least if they did they would learn real fast. Playing behind a screen name miles apart turns pussies into bad asses.
  9. Welcome to online gaming. Lol but for real I totally agree ps4 community is trash. I stopped playing with a mic unless I’m grouped up with friends. Hoping single player is worth the wait. Hang in there brother Xbox 1 will be on sell next month. ?
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