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  1. Late July though late October 2017 were the best months of Gen. 8 consoles for me. F13 was an absolute blast, then. Jason's grab felt right, counsellor play was tense. JV was no joke. Even women who typically don't play video games were excited about this game, due to how close it came to feeling like you were really matching wits with the fearsome JV. The game really captured what made F13 special back then. This game is/was the reason my PS4 backlog is out of control, right now. That late October 2017 patch killed ALL of what made this game work. I eventually gave up hope and uninstalled, but I will never forget how awesome F13: The Game used to be. Postscript: The upcoming NSW version is what brought me back to this forum, still sort of holding on to hoping the old game returns. However unlikely.
  2. The problem with your 1st point is that some ppl already know who Jason is before they start the game. The game straying this far from the source (Jason getting easily wrecked) is likely off putting for new ppl, which is what I think caused such an extreme response. The reason counselors seem easy for you to defeat is because the skilled players left. It's likely that even most of the skilled ppl who loved trolling Jason got bored and left. She hadn't played either game before they were released on PS Plus. Edit: @HuDawg Months back, I had suggested diminishing returns be added to med sprays, that is, their benefit is less effective after each use. ie 60%, 30%, 15%; or 50%, 25%, 13%.
  3. Ok, so I have a female gamer friend. Today I noticed she was streaming Dead by Daylight. I went to her stream and asked her if she had tried F13 yet. She said that she played a few games as counselor and one as Jason. She said that the counselors she played against had so ruthlessly trolled her as Jason that she deleted it right then and that she'd rather play DbD "all day, everyday." Interestingly, she also stated that everyone she knew said F13 used to be WAY better, but that it was ruined by nerf patches. ... It is what it is. For context, this chick WON a Solo H1Z1 battle royale. She's the real deal, folks. ... although she can't beat in Tekken! ; ^ P *Edit: I may not agree with some of Hudawg's ideas, but imo, he is right in saying that Jason isn't potent enough and that he is too easy to troll, beat on, kill. It really hurts the game.
  4. Agree to agree? ? ...and no, no sneak disses. ? ????? My bad Rust! ? OT: Im not sure about a disarm mechanic. Maybe after 2 consecutive hits? Ramdom like Jason stuns? I don't think I'd like it, tho. @ Everyone, don't take Hudawg's frustration too personally. He just want the game to be awesome again. He's passionate, like I think we all are.
  5. In response: A) I never said I was a "Jason Main." I said that's what whiners called us for complaining about Jason's super-nerf. The context is literally in my initial post. B.) Um... Jason's current grab length is EXACTLY the same as it was pre-nerf. The problem has always been latency based, or for those who don't know, LAG based. Most casuals don't know about this, but ALL non-dedicated server based games suffer from this. The only problems with Grab now is that the cone is too narrow and its too easy to punish. That's it. --- Dedicated servers should end the latecy issues (hopefully lol). Call of Duty players are keenly aware of it as, for example, most would narrowly escape gunfire behind cover only to be shot dead anyway, and see a different outcome on the other player's kill cam. We all said this back then, too. I know I brought it up several times, myself. C.) It absolutely was the super-nerf that killed the game. Almost everyone I had friended playing F13 stopped playing within 20-30 days of that Late Oct. nerf patch. Only Alien, Nuthn, and 1 other player on my friend list still play it. It ABSOLUTELY killed the game's popularity. *PS Plus has a lot of people on my friend list playing F13 now who never had before , I must add.
  6. I said that Jason was Super-nerfed. I never said anything about his grab specifically. Jason's super-nerf includes, but is not limited to, his grab mechanic. Jason's overall stun resistance was also nerfed, which is incidentally germane to the thread topic. I referred to him as "Force-grab Jason," because that what all the whiners called him at the time. The irony is that when the game was at its best, people complained incessantly to have Jason downgraded so that they'd seem to be better at it. Now, those same players are telling others to learn to play the game. A textbook definition of irony. My gripe is that the game was fine pre-Nov. 2017. The devs decided to make unnecessary changes anyway, resulting in a net negative effect to the game, which is the real reason we all complained about Jason being nerfed in the 1st place. People loved calling us "Jason mains," and didn't realize that some of us, like me, were complaining about Jason's nerf from a counselor's perspective as well. I loved the NES Friday the 13th game, so a challenge is the last thing I'm running from in a F13 game. lol Fast forward, and now there's constant rebalance suggestions flying around that, if acted upon (however unlikely), would change the game almost entirely from what it was early on. None of this would've seem necessary if the devs had just stuck to their guns and defended their vision instead of chasing extra sales, which is also ironic, in that they lost more sales than they gained by nerfing Jason, imho.
  7. The irony of this post is entirely lost on its author. You know what's funny? Seeing people claim to be experts in this forum on the game in its diminished state. Especially when they themselves complained incessantly instead of learning to play the game. You know who really was expert at this? I was. Against the so-called 'force-grab' Jason, I managed a 100% (thats right) escape frequency and was well versed in kiting Jason (much more impressive a feat, then), and removing his mask; all in quick play. Jason was properly terrifying and the game was populated by MANY casual F13 fans including women. Tons of women used to play f13, at least on PS4. In fact, the only reason I started fighting so-called 'force-grab' Jason was because it became boring to always escape. Jason being open to attack after rage crushing a door made sense because a face to face with him then was suicide (as it should be). Even so, I was wildly successful. Then the scrubs incessantly complained and Jason was Super-nerfed. Now people hang around to kill Jason when the cops have been waiting for half the match. The game used to feel like a horror game. You used to feel compelled to escape or fight based on necessity, not troll Jason while you can escape because he has become too weak to properly defend himself against skilled counselors.
  8. The game is super boring because Jason is a wimp. It would still be fun if Jason was still strong. For instance, I was playing NES Friday the 13th pretty heavy in 2015; nearly 3 decades after release. Lack of new content doesn't help this game though.
  9. There's no such thing as a Terrible Jason b/c Jason gameplay is handicapped. If you can kill even one counselor, I consider you an adept Jason. 3 - 4 You're an experienced Jason. 6+ Counselors and you are an expert Jason.
  10. Absolutely. This game had an absolutely winning formula before they nerfed Jason gameplay into the ground. I thought about this formula being used by different devs around that time as well. It could be applied to any game. For instance, Mortal Kombat. Imagine Scorpion stalking people using the spear. The Batman franchise as another example, using his various rogues gallery (with different gameplay styles) to kill (or attack) people similar to Jason. You could even call Batman in (a la Tommy Jarvis) or vice versa, Batman (or Nightwing, Robin, etc.) stalking petty crooks and can call a villain in to combat Batman et al. Apropos to the matter, Capcom could straight up rip this game off entirely should they decide to use Nemesis this way in the RE3 remake we all know is coming. Seriously, I don't know why Gun/illfonic catered to the counselors. It killed the game, imo. When people started punking the volatiles in Dying Light, Techland buffed them through the roof. Why? Without a suitable challenge, there is no tension, there is no terror.
  11. I told y'all this would happen. Most of the people who loved the pre-Jason nerf Original version of the game (Oct. 11 patch and earlier) never came back post-nerf and slight re-buff. I stopped recommending the game due to it being less fun and I know I wasn't the only one. The Jason nerf killed the word-of-mouth that the game was getting; it literally killed the hysteria around the game. The pro-counselor players who begged for the Jason nerf got bored of curb-stomping Jason and have moved on. I only boot the game every blue moon to see if I can get the 'Phd. in Murder' trophy I should've gotten last year. That's literally the only reason I still play this (however rarely) online. Same. Agree 100% On topic, I don't recommend the game unless you are unfamiliar with Jason, have lots of friends who own the game, and it's on sale for $10 or under. You can still have a decent time with friends as a counselor, so long as you never play as Jason. The thrill of the chase is long gone. As it has been for quite some time, Jason is now about as scary as a Scooby Doo villain. I'm being serious. It's been fun, though. I can say with 1000% certainty that I got my $40 worth. This game was the most fun I've had in video games in a VERY long time. Glitches and bugs aside, the Oct. 11 patch was Perfection in my book. The best Friday the 13th game ever. I am so grateful that I got to play this game in its best state. I feel bad for the people who bought the game post-nerf and never got to experience it.
  12. Just read more of this thread. As I said in the earlier post... These dudes are only here because I threatened to call them out here. They're new here, afraid they'd get banned. Fear not, cheaters. I couldn't care less.
  13. You're full of s**t, Truth. You're just mad that Jason's grab got buffed. The only time the game 'glitched' was when I was about to either grab or melee kill someone. Those players were clearly cheating. If playing fairly against exploiters cheating means 'I'm getting my ass kicked,' then you are clearly delusional. ...and did I accuse you of cheating? Get that broomstick out of your ass. Did you think I would see this post and not respond? Except @ 3:57, I couldn't get any kill prompt. The only reason I got that kill was because of luck, and mashing on all the buttons like a madman. For your reference, I was level 101 LONG before they upped the level cap. I just didn't feel like grinding back up to the new ceiling. I'm kind of done with the game, honestly. That Oct. grab nerf really took me out of this game. That said, you don't find it wierd that these Jason Hunters were so on top of things? They knew they were cheating. They knew what they were doing. I've dealt with Jason Hunters before. Check out my channel on YT. Like I've said before, I used to play this game EVERY DAY. I had gotten so good with Jason, that when people would see me enter a lobby, they'd leave. I stopped using J8, my old main, because of it. Unless someone was talking junk. lol I had the head punch kill active. Used it, too. If it wasn't seen in the video, then it was exploited out. This game has NEVER glitched on me to the degree of this video. EVER. Out of hundreds of hours of play. "Shortcoming in Jason ability." LOL! My channel is on YT. I still have the game on PS4. We can see for real. I'm rusty, but not THAT rusty. "Get better at the game...." We can play, for real. PSN Tag is similar to my name here. I still have friends right here in this forum, actually. To logical non-haters, the exploiting in that video is OBVIOUS. This guy sees it. Why don't you? You're a cheater. Accept it. The only reason you're here is because I told you I would call you all out on the forum. In reality, I didn't give a fuck. While you're rubbing one out in your mom's basement, I go "swimming" 3 or 4 times weekly. Here's an idea: go outside. There's more to life than cheating on the internet and video games. LMAO ...and I didn't hide in the lake, either. I denied you cheaters the satisfaction of cheating your way to a cheap win. If I was hiding, I would've morphed to the other side of the map, cheater. You self identified. I didn't name and shame you. Additionally, my download speed is 100 download/10 upload. I know what I pay for. Connection issues, if there were any, weren't on my part.
  14. Late night comedy hour! lol! Sorry I can't stay and chat. TTYL, chaps! LOL!
  15. The reach was never so far as to feel unfair unless people were cheating using either lag switches or some other device. I never felt cheated at anytime playing against "force-grab" Jason. It's ok to not be great at games. You have to pick the ones that best suit your skill level. ...and I saw your initial response. lol I ain't mad, tho.
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