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  1. new song from my favorite band, couldn't be happier
  2. 8/10 probably one of my favorites in the series, my rankings Halloween 1978 Halloween 2 [1981] Halloween 2018 Halloween H20 Halloween 4 Halloween 2007 Theatrical Halloween 6 P Cut Halloween 6 Halloween 5 Halloween 2 [2009] Halloween Resurrection
  3. i don't have his model, i only have Vanessa , Tiffany and AJ
  4. i would have no idea how to put any of these mods in the game or if it's possible, for my xna lara mod i just used a transparent PNG image of the logo and placed it over the original shirt
  5. XNA Lara for model posing, Blender for rendering and Gimp for after touches
  6. something i do for fun some more here, not all horror related as alot are gaming related https://www.deviantart.com/jill-valentine666/gallery/
  7. 10/10 tv series based off of my favorite Novel. still not completely finished but i just finished Episode 77, Liu Bei goes full rage mode and executes a messenger which was not expected for him as he's an honorable and cared for the people but his enemy slaughtered his two adopted brothers, so now it's on and there's gonna be blood
  8. played the PS4 version and loved it, some of the jumping has changed and you really need to be perfect
  9. Hellraiser 10/10 Hellraiser 2 8/10 Hellraiser 3 7/10 probably one of my favorite series, so gory, so awesome, also read the novel of the first film Hellbound heart and it's amazing as well, all the changes to the story/characters are for the better too, just wish they kept some of the details in like how Frank reacted to the cenobites and so on
  10. yeah i understand that, i also hate how he gets his mask at the beginning of the film, he was more mysterious in the original, now he's a brute like jason, i liked the stalking and waiting over the bust a door and stab lots . not saying they are bad movies, but i think they would have been better as original films, not Halloween films
  11. 7/10 Theatrical version is way better than Uncut, also some great kills and gore, the one thing that bothers me is all the foul language, sure he's trying to keep a real take on it but sometimes its too much
  12. second and final trailer, MANY homages to the old films [mild spoilers]
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