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  1. Hi again, We have identified this issue to be caused by an incompatibility between the anti-cheat and AMD Raptr software. We've released an anti-cheat update that fixes the issue by temporarily blocking AMD Raptr's in-game FPS overlay while we resolve the compatibility issue. Could you see if you're now able to enter the game normally? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, Apologies for my initial post that was lacking the necessary context and credentials. We're currently investigating the issue of the game splash screen getting stuck, not allowing entering the game. To get more information about what exactly is happening when the problem occurs, we'd greatly appreciate if anyone experiencing the issue could create and send us a Process Monitor log of launching the game from Steam. This should allow us to pinpoint the cause of the error and deliver an update fix immediately. To send the Process Monitor log, you can upload it to https://uploadfiles.io and then send me a link to the download via a Private Message. Additionally, as a quick test, could you try starting the game from Steam, and then within ~20-30 seconds terminate the game process (SummerCamp.exe) in Task Manager. Do you get any error message pop-up after this? Please feel free to contact me directly via Private Message and we can troubleshoot it quickly further that way as well. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Could you screenshot the error or what happens? Do you only see the launcher splash screen and it never disappearing? Which Windows version do you have? Could you create a Process Monitor log and send it to us, by PM'ing to me? Here's quick instructions on how to do this: https://support.easyanticheat.net/kb/troubleshooting/procmon/?lr=en-us This should allow us to find out what's happening and hopefully providing a fix to the issue asap. Thanks!
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